Wizard 493

Chapter 493 Cuckold Report, Part One

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 The night Shinji went to work overnight in a village in the territory.

 Alvin and Milis were sitting side by side on the twin bed in the couple’s bedroom of Wolf’s house. In his hand was the recording crystal that Milis had given him, ready to be activated by Alvin’s magic power.

 ”Al-kun, are you sure you want to see…?”

 ”Yes. That’s why I asked you to record it.”

 Seeing Milis’ shy attitude, Alvin lightly hugs her shoulder. Milis is not without a sense of shame. She knows what she looks like in the mirror when she has s*x with Shinji. She is aroused only when she is in a trance of pleasure, but in her normal state of mind, she is more embarrassed to be seen by Alvin, and her face is red.

 Alvin’s p*nis was already erect, even though he had not yet activated the recording crystal. His heart was pounding with anticipation, and his whole body was hot. Now, with a gulp, he pours his magic power into the recording crystal in his hand.

 The bedroom is dimly lit, with measures taken to prevent sound and light from leaking outside. In front of Alvin and Milis, who are sitting huddled together, an image from the recording crystal is projected.

 [Hmm… ah, are we going to do this here, Shinji-san?]

 [Yes, we can’t do it in Milis’ room or my room. Besides, there’s a bed in here.]

 The voices coming from the recording crystal are those of Milis and Shinji. The room they are in is familiar to Alvin. It is one of the guest rooms in Wolf’s mansion, a place that is usually unoccupied.

 Shinji is shown in front of the bed, holding Milis from behind, as if the recording crystal is placed in a cupboard. His left hand is on her waist, and his right hand gently grips her breast, which does not fit in his hand.

 Milis, who has been staying at the mansion more and more since she stopped being an adventurer, started wearing dresses at the suggestion of Christina and the maids. The dress is less decorative than the ones she wears to parties, but her breasts are warped in the fine dress, and it is very attractive.


 This act may have served as a final confirmation. Alvin can see Shinji whispering in Milis’s ear as she meekly accepts his caresses on her breasts, but he can’t hear what he says because his voice is too quiet.

 ”Shinji-san said, let’s sit down…?”

 As if to confirm what he said, Milis, who was sitting next to Alvin and holding his arm, whispered so in his ear. Just as she said, the two men are sitting on the bed. Alvin looks next to Milis, who is blushing with shame, and their eyes meet.

 [I have to make Alvin happy, right?]

 [Yes… Ah…]

 Shinji puts his hand on the dress of Milis sitting next to him and reveals her upper body with a skilled move. Milis’s big, shapely, gravity-defying, and seductive breasts swayed softly. Alvin watches as Shinji’s hands distort her breasts, which should normally belong only to her husband (Alvin).

 Before, Alvin had seen Milis’s breasts being caressed by Shinji’s hands. There was no hesitation in Shinji’s hands, and his fingers were always crawling around her breasts, and he knew that he was making Milis’s body aroused precisely.

 Therefore, Alvin has also changed to caress Milis more carefully than before when he holds her, so as not to lose to Shinji. This change was also favorable to Milis, and she was pleased with Alvin’s foreplay.

 However, it was different. The caresses between Shinji and Alvin are decidedly more pleasurable. The proof is the image in front of their eyes.

 [Ah… Ah~♡ If you caress my nipple that much…ah~♡ My breasts feel too much… Ah~♡ Ah, I want it there, too…♡]

 In the video, Milis makes a lusty sound as soon as Shinji starts caressing her, and her skin becomes flushed with excitement. The finger that distorts her breast touches her strongly or softly. Milis’s face was changing into a woman’s one with a swoon just by playing with her s*xual zone, her breast.

 [Hahh…♡ Ah, ah…♡]

 [Lick… Come on, open your legs.]

 [Yes…♡ Ah…♡]

 Milis is gently pushed down on the bed on her side and Shinji covers her from above. He runs his tongue over her blushing nape and ears while standing in a way that shows Milis in an attractive way, with an eye on the recording crystal. The sensuality that was aroused by the caresses on her breasts spreads to her whole body, and even the slightest caress by Shinji makes her sensitive to his touch.

 While playing with her hardened nipples with her fingers and toes, he rolls up her skirt and moves one of Milis’ legs, revealing her panties to the recording crystal, and slowly descends to the secret part of her body, stroking her inner thighs and making her feel impatient.

 [Nnnh~♡ Your finger is in…♡ Ah~♡ Ah, don’t make that obscene sound, ahhh~♡]

 When Shinji’s hand reached her secret part and slipped into her panties, it was already too wet. Shinji’s long fingers slid in, and it started to make a slurping sound.

 (How can a finger penetrate so deep so easily?)

 (Shinji-san’s fingers… are so good… he makes me not think about anything immediately…♡)

 Milis’s vagina was developed by Shinji’s hand. It is natural that he knows the weak points and Milis’ voice becomes one octave higher when he focuses on them. This is a voice that Alvin’s foreplay has never heard before, a voice that he can’t afford to miss.

 [Ah~♡ Ah~♡ There~♡ That’s it~♡ Ah… it feels too good…♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Hahhh~♡]

 [Milis has a weak spot here, huh…? Let’s let Alvin see how you feel more.]

 [Fwehh~♡ Ah~♡ Seriously~♡ Ah, ah~♡ Don’t do that…♡ Ah~♡ I’m cumming…♡ I’m cummmmming…♡]

 Shinji’s face is not shown in the video as he speaks in a bland manner. Instead, what can be seen is Milis’ glamorous figure as she is being pleasured by Shinji’s handjob. She bends over and shakes her body, exposing her face to the recording crystal, which shows how good it feels from the bottom of her heart.

 The sight of Milis’s body tense and climaxing, the sight of his wife giving in to the pleasure Shinji gives her, Alvin feels irresistible arousal, and he gets an erection. Milis undoes his pants and exposes his p*nis, which looks like it is in agony, and holds it gently in his hand.

 ”Shinji-san’s fingers felt so good… He made me cum so easily…”


 Alvin’s p*nis reacts to the raw feedback, not only from the video. Milis gently rubbed his p*nis, which was already wet with pre-ejaculate, with her hand and continued to speak.

 [Mmm, hahh…♡ Amazing…♡ Shinji-san, your fingers…♡ hahh…♡ hahh…♡]

 ”My head is so fluffy that I can’t think about anything else… when Shinji-san plays with me, I get like that…”

 In the video, Milis seems to be gently being played with during her climax, and she is immersed in the afterglow of her climax. Alvin, seeing his wife’s face that not only is she satisfied with her climax but also wants more, watches the rest of the video with expectant eyes while trying not to be outburst by Milis’s hand job.

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