Wizard 494

Chapter 494 Cuckold Report, Part Two

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 Suddenly, the images of Shinji and Milis were cut off, but the images were replayed immediately. However, the image was not a continuation of the one that had just been cut off.

 In contrast to the previous video, which was recorded from the third-person’s viewpoint on the shelf, the current video shows Shinji’s well-trained abdomen and lower body, and the white sheet also appears, which indicates that the video was recorded from the viewpoint of Shinji sitting down.

 Compared to Alvin’s p*nis, Shinji’s p*nis, which is erected between his legs, is thicker, longer, and more robust and grotesque than Alvin’s. Although he has seen them up close, the difference between them is even more apparent from the same vantage point.

 Now, Milis is squeezing him and his p*nis is erect, but it’s no match for Shinji.

 [Now, Milis… can you prove to Alvin that you’re keeping your promise?]

 [Yes~♡ I’m wearing it properly, don’t worry, Al-kun…♡]

 Milis is seen prone, her face looking into Shinji’s crotch, smiling glamorously. Milis’ face is close to his p*nis as she puts the contraceptive on the glans of his unprotected raw p*nis.

 [Mmm, huff… Mmm… Hah…♡ I’ve put it on….♡]

 Her mouth sucked the big dick into her mouth. The use of her mouth instead of her hand was the most lascivious thing in Alvin’s eyes. It’s obvious that Shinji has been trained her, and this fact makes Alvin’s heart beat faster and his pre-cum increase.

 [Mmm, let’s do it like this. Milis on top?]

 [Yes~♡ Then I’m going to insert it… Mmm…♡]

 Milis’s movements show no hesitation or confusion. She straddles Shinji naturally, as if she had done the same thing many times before. It seems to Alvin as if Milis wants it, even though she is doing it at Alvin’s request.

 In fact, for Milis, Alvin’s request is only an excuse, and Milis wants to be embraced by Shinji.

 [Mmm… Ah…♡ It’s so big…♡ It’s deep too…♡]

 Her face has an intoxicated glaze, different from when Alvin was next to her. The voice that makes one understand that it feels really good. The woman’s s*xiness that comes out from inside of her, which is so obvious even through the video.

 This was the ideal Milis’s glamorous appearance that Alvin had hoped for. Any doubts he might have had about Milis are blown away without a trace, and his painfully erect p*nis jolts.

 In the video, Milis is fully lowering her hips, and has finished guiding Shinji’s big p*nis into her vagina. The viewer can see the blurred pubic hairs touching each other, and the genitals are in full contact with each other, and it is a sight to behold as the vagina sucks the p*nis.

 At the current situation, Milis blushed at the embarrassing sight and felt her crotch get wet as she remembered the pleasure of being penetrated by the rigidity. Milis removes her hand from her husband’s (Alvin) p*nis, which is about to reach its limit and spit up.

 [Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ It’s good~♡ Mmm~♡ So deep…♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡]

 Milis in the video wiggles her hips up and down lewdly on top of Shinji. Her breasts are shown swaying with a powerful motion along with the up-and-down movement of Milis, who shows a daring hip movement.

 Milis is bouncing her hips with a look of pleasure on her face. Tears were in her eyes, as if it felt good to drop her hips all the way down after just barely pulling out with a pound, pound and pound.

 Even though she knew that Alvin would see it later, Milis was able to show her true nature just by not having him around. She was exploding with the s*xual desire that lay dormant inside of her, and was using Shinji’s p*nis to release the frustration that Alvin could not.

 That is what was shown in the video. Now, Milis has no more reason to continue to show Alvin her innocent appearance. So, she she pushes him down on the bed and reveals her s*xual desire to him.


 Alvin is suddenly pushed down and looks up at Milis, whose eyes are moistened. She looks down at him in the same cowgirl position as the image on the recording crystal.

 The image continues to play until the magic is gone. Milis pulls down her panties and welcomes Alvin’s p*nis into her wet vagina at almost the same time as Milis in the video reaches the climax with an uncontrollable scream.

 [I’m cumming~♡ I’m cumming~♡ I’m cumming on Shinji-san’s dick~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Ahhhhhh~♡]

 ”I’m putting it in, Al-kun!”

 ”!! Aah! Aah! Sorry, Mil…♡”

 Alvin’s p*nis was inserted into her hot secret hole and the tightness of her vagina was so strong as if she wanted to cum. He was also already on the edge of his limit, and there was no way he could endure it.

 Then, with her eyes closed, Milis feels the warm sensation of Alvin’s semen being ejaculated into her vagina. Alvin’s hips quiver with the pleasure of his ejaculation, but he has no time to dwell on the afterglow of his ejaculation.

 [Ah~♡ Ah~♡ I’m cumming again~♡ Even though I’m still cumming…♡ Ah~♡ Ahh~♡ More, more~♡ It’s good~♡ Very good~♡]

 [Just a little more, come on, Milis.]

 [Yes~♡ Hahh~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Please ejaculate, or else~♡ I’ll… cum again~♡ Ah, I’m going to cum again~♡]

 As if to show the difference from Alvin, who ejaculated without a second thought, Shinji in the video continues to pound Milis from below. However, Shinji is not just one-sidedly torturing Milis, who is holding her slender hips with both hands. Milis, who is straddling him, is also shaking her hips at the same time, and it becomes clear that both of them are getting aroused together.

 (Such a pleasant face…!)

 A face that Alvin had never seen when he was having s*x with her, a face that was so slovenly, so lost in the pleasure of it. What Alvin knows well is the comforting look that he continues to see in her loving eyes from above him.

 And so it should be. For Milis, s*x with Alvin is a comforting experience of the heart. But the most comfortable s*x for Milis is with Shinji.

 ”Ah…♡ Al-kun’s, still hard…♡ You must be aroused by the sight of me in his arms…♡”

 ”Ah…♡ Kuh… Mil…♡”

 ”Mmm…♡ Mmm…♡ Ah…♡ Al-kun…♡”

 Milis’ smile is broken by the ease with which she rocks her hips lightly on Alvin’s, and Alvin begins to thrust his hips up and down, following Shinji’s example in the video. Milis also moves her hips to match Alvin’s timing.

 The intensity is different, but it is the same cowgirl position. Real and visual, the two Milis are rocking their hips.

 ”Haa, haa, haa…”

 ”Mmm♡ Al-kun, does it feel goo…♡”

 [Cumming~♡ Cumming, cumming, cumming~♡ I’m cumming again…♡ Ahhhhhh…♡ No more~♡ Shinji-san~♡ Quickly~♡]

 Milis’s frustrated and impatient face as she pouts and moans out in a pitiful manner is a sight to behold. Watching him get aroused by his own lasciviousness as he dances around in a lewd manner makes Milis love him even more, as if he recognizes her lewd nature awakened by her flirtatious s*x with Shinji.

 ”Al-kun~♡ I love you~♡ because you are my number one, Al-kun~♡ so don’t hold back… ejaculate anytime~♡”

 Yes, even if the child she conceives is with Shinji, the man she loves most is Alvin.

 ”Mil… Ah, it’s out…”

 ”Mmm…♡I know, Al-kun…”

 [Ah~♡ Ah, ah~♡ Amazing~♡ I can feel a lot of Shinji-san’s stuff is coming out…♡]

 Alvin ejaculates a second time as Milis’s hips slam against Alvin’s with a “snap~♡”. Milis’ vagina is filled with a large amount of semen for him, which is normal for Milis who is used to it with Shinji. Milis in the video seems to have finally been able to guide Shinji’s ejaculation, and his moaning voice reaches Alvin’s ears as he tries to catch his breath.

 ”Oh… that was so, so good…”

 It was the most exciting thing Alvin had ever done. The cuckold play was so intense that it can be said with certainty. Milis had climaxed three times, and Alvin was thinking that he should give something in return for the burden he had put on her.

 Just when Alvin was thinking so, the image of Milis in the aftermath of her climax changed.

 [Slurp….♡ Slurp…♡ Mmm…♡ Hahh…♡]

 The point of view from Shinji’s point of view remains the same, and Alvin is shown putting a contraceptive on his p*nis with her mouth, which makes him think that the image has been rewound. However, the presence of the semen-filled contraceptive in her hand is not a repetition, but a sign that she is preparing for the second time.

 ”Al-kun… Shinji-san, it’s too much… one time is not enough…”

 [Next time, let’s do it from behind. Can you turn your hips to me?]

 Milis’ submissive voice echoed in the room as if to affirm the words of Milis, who was pressing her secret groove against Alvin’s p*nis, which had slipped out of her with no effort.

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