Wizard 495

Chapter 495 Cuckold Report, Part Three

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 Milis puts her secret part against Alvin’s deflated p*nis, and Alvin looks up at her in amazement. The images of Shinji and Milis are playing next to Alvin and Milis without stopping.

 The line from the back of Milis’ head to her back and buttocks on all fours is fully visible. Shinji’s hands, which had been rubbing her rounded and plump buttocks, moved to her perky waist, and when he grabbed her and pulled her close, his erect p*nis entered Milis’ vagina.


 The tip of the p*nis poked the back of the vagina, and Milis’s hips trembled. The sensitivity of her vagina, which had been finished after three climaxes, was so good that Milis reached her climax just by being inserted in the doggy position, which she loves.

 (Did she cum again?…)

 Milis is easily climaxed by Shinji’s hand, and his p*nis, which had been deflated, reacts to the sight.

 [I think you shouldn’t cum that easily.]

 [Because Shinji-san’s cock… hits me in the right place…♡ Ah…♡ That’s right…♡ There…♡]

 When Shinji pulls his hips back, his p*nis covered with Milis’ love juice is in view, and when he pushes his hips forward, his thick p*nis is out of sight. Shinji’s hips and Milis’s buttocks slap against each other, and a pleasurable moan escapes from Milis’s mouth as her buttocks ripple.

 The gentle back-and-forth motion of his hips is not as intense as when he is mounted, and it seems as if he is carefully trying to make Milis’ body learn about Shinji’s p*nis.

 *Pound~♡ Pound~♡ Milis’s lasciviousness as she shakes her hips and pushes her hips against Shinji’s hips makes Alvin feel as if she wants to be fucked, and Alvin is tormented by the vision of his beloved wife (Milis) becoming Shinji’s property, and by the regret that he has overdone it.

 However, despite the pain in his heart, Alvin’s p*nis is as erect as it was before he ejaculated… or rather, more erect. It was so strong that he pushed Milis’s secretive part pressing against him from above.

 [Cumming…♡ Ah~♡ Ahh~♡]

 ”Mil… is Shinji’s so good…?”

 Milis in the video was climaxing again, pressing her ass against the screen. Her head hanging down and shaking seem to indicate that she has been defeated by Shinji’s p*nis.

 ”Yeah… It’s so great… I can’t think straight. Even at this time, right? It was hitting me right where I felt the best… I couldn’t move…♡”

 The image switches again. It is not from Shinji’s point of view, but from a third person’s point of view, showing the same two people as at the beginning. The angle is different, showing Shinji and Milis from the side, but Milis’ face, which is drooping, is not visible. Still, it is easy to imagine that Milis is sloppily distorted due to her loose mouth, even if it is difficult to see her eyes due to her long blonde hair.

 This is because Milis straddling Alvin has the same slack mouth as in the image, and has the face of a woman who remembers the pleasure of being held by Shinji.

 ”Shinji made me a lewd girl…♡”

 This was before she was married. She was a real actress as she said it as if it had been done to her during the filming. Now, Milis rocks her hips back and forth, her eyes wet as she rubs the underside of Alvin’s p*nis with her pussy.

 [Ah~♡ Ah~♡ So intense~♡ Hah~♡ Hah~♡ I can’t stop…♡ Hah~♡ Ahh~♡]

 [Even though I don’t want only one of us to feel good…‘ I really don’t…’

 [Hhhmm~♡ So intense~♡ Ah, ah~♡ This is no good~♡ It’s so deep~♡ It’s hitting me all over~♡ Ah~♡]

 The video seems to confirm Milis’ words. Shinji, whose voice sounded the same as usual, started a full-fledged piston movement, and he was unilaterally torturing Milis.

 With a “pound,” his hips slam into Milis’s ass, causing her breasts to sway wildly. Milis’s breasts shook widely, and then the p*nis was pulled out until it was almost ready to be pulled out, and then the p*nis was thrusting deep into her vagina again, making a squelch sound. Milis was left to Shinji’s will, as if she had no energy to raise her head anymore, and she continued to make a charming voice that seemed to be pleasurable.

 It is clear that Milis is completely defeated and surrendered to Shinji’s cock.

 ”But you know, I still love Al-kun. Shinji-sam keeps his promise, too. Besides, Shinji-san doesn’t love me.”

 In front of Alvin, who seems to be crushed by regret, the viewpoint of the image changes again. When the viewpoint changes from the side to the front, Shinji’s expression becomes clearer. His expression is a bitter smile, and although Alvin can feel his excitement, he can’t feel any affection for Milis.

 [Come on, we have to work hard for Alvin.]

 Milis’ face lifts up at Shinji’s words as he pokes her mercilessly. And in the current situation, Milis is straddling Alvin with a charming smile on her face, and her face is even more smitten with pleasure. Milis’s mouth opens, and her face is now filled with thoughts of pleasure.

 [Al-kun…♡ I love you…♡ Watch over me…♡ For Al-kun…♡ I’ll do my best…♡]

 She said hir feelings for Alvin firmly. Alvin’s p*nis is completely revived as his love for Milis, who tells him of her unchanging love even after being made to fall in love with him, is so hot. Her body is corrupted, but her heart remains the same. The way of being makes Alvin realize the stronger connection between their hearts.

 Alvin turns off the image of Shinji and Milis, who continue to engage each other intensely, and looks up at Milis, who is looking down at him. Milis also stops her bare thighs and meets Alvin’s eyes.

 ”I love you, Mil. I love you too. Even if you become a naughty girl, it is still the same. I can’t make Mil cum like Shinji, but I still love you. And that doesn’t change the fact that I love Mil.”

 ”I’ve become a naughty girl. Shinji-san’s cock may have beaten me but Al-kun will always be my number one.”

 ”I know. So, I asked him to do it. So Mil, it’s okay.”

 ”Yes… Thank you, Al-kun…♡”

 A husband gets off on the sight of his wife being held by a stranger, and a wife has a better favorite object than her husband. ‘The cuckold report‘ results in a further deepening of their love, and Alvin pushes her down to have intercourse with Milis once more.

 Alvin, who is a good person at heart, has no idea how fatal the physical corruption of his body is. Therefore, Alvin is unaware that after Milis finishes shooting on the recording camera, she has been drenched with Shinji’s semen.

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