Wizard 496

Chapter 496 Alvin’s Further Distorted Lordship Life

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 A few days have passed since Alvin played “cuckold report” with a recording crystal.

 Even after the most abnormal play, there is no apparent change in the relationship between Alvin, Milis, and Shinji. Alvin said that he loved Milis when they were having a great time, but after seeing such lascivious behavior. It is human nature to be concerned.

 However, despite Alvin’s concern, the distance between Shinji and Milis did not change. Seeing their attitude, which was unbelievable for a man and a woman who had had such an intense relationship, Alvin was relieved to know that they were no more than friends and that it was just a part of their play.

 With his worries gone, Alvin can now concentrate on making a baby with Milis. Thanks to the recording crystal, Alvin did not run out of power after a single ejaculation, and Milis was able to show her lewd nature that had been awakened by Shinji’s development.

 (Yesterday Mil was amazing… I wish I could make her out but… Hmm…)

 As Alvin walks down the corridor of the house, he is troubled by the memory of his wife’s (Milis) glamorous appearance last night. Milis is in such a good condition that Alvin runs out of energy before he can make her out. Although Milis happily accepts his load, Alvin realizes that she has not climaxed as shown in the movie.

 (It’s bad enough that I’m the only one satisfied… I’ll have to ask Shinji to do it again… no, I’ll try to do it… but…)

 He can’t satisfy Milis by himself. That is a fact that Alvin has no choice but to accept. After all, there was sufficient evidence in the crystal record to make him believe that. At least, Alvin had no idea how to satisfy Milis.

 In the meantime, Alvin arrives at his destination, the treasury. He opens the door without knocking because he was thinking.

 ”…Oh, Alvin. You startled me.”

 ”Wolf-sama. I think you should knock…”

 ”Ah, I’m sorry! I was thinking something…”

 Alvin looked around the room in a panic and saw Shinji sitting at the desk in the treasury, looking at Alvin with a stern look in his eyes. Not only him, but also Akane, the head maid, was looking at him. And then.

 ”Al-sama, are you all right? If you are tired, you should take a good rest…”

 Christina was standing next to Shinji with a worried look on her face.

 ”Chris was there too?”

 ”Yes. We had a meeting about the village Shinji had visited the other day. It seems that the influence of the monsters of Hateyama still lingers.”

 ”The blood of a strong monster has that much influence, Alvin. From the looks of it, there may be similar places here and there, far away from the village.”

 ”Just as Shinji-san said. If it has such a negative impact, should we treat it as a priority? We need to send soldiers to every corner of the territory.”

 ”And I’m in charge of first aid?”

 ”Of course. Because Freri-san’s power is really effective. Especially when it comes to restoring the current situation.”

 ”Okay, okay. I’ll run it again…”

 ”Oh… when did you two become friends?”

 While Akane is quietly doing her work at the table, Shinji and Christina are engaged in a fast-paced conversation that makes Alvin yell out. In response, Christina smiles at him.

 ”It comes naturally as we work together, doesn’t it? I have come to understand how to get along with Shinji-san as we have been working together. Now I can understand why Al-sama wants to entrust him with this work.”

 ”Isn’t that right? Well, I’m glad you two are getting along so well. Shinji, what’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?”

 In contrast to Christina’s beaming face, Shinji gives Alvin an indescribable look.

 ”No, I think Christina-san is really good… She is really relentless. She always keeps her schedule tight.”

 ”After all, Shinji-san’s schedule has a lot of leeways.”

 ”But I think it’s important to have a little leeway. Right, Alvin?”

 ”Al-sama, we should make sure we can squeeze in as much as we can, right?”

 ”What!? Uh, uh… it depends, maybe?”

 Suddenly asked for his opinion by both of them, Alvin, who was on Shinji’s side emotionally but on Christina’s side lord-wise, could only smile vaguely. However, Shinji and Christina knew each other’s point of view to some extent, so they were not looking for an answer. Therefore, they changed the subject as if nothing had happened.

 ”So, Alvin, what did you want to talk to me about?”

 ”Oh, yeah. Shinji. Do you have time for a drink sometime?”

 He had intended to talk about Milis, but Christina and Akane’s presence prevented him from doing so. So, he invites Shinji to have a drink with him again.

 ”Okay. Let’s have a drink in Alvin’s room after dinner.”

 ”Thank you. Chris, I’m sorry, but that’s why…”

 ”Don’t worry about it. I’ll try to get to Al-sama’s room a little later.”

 ”Thanks. I just wanted to have a man-to-man talk.”

 Christina giggles and looks at Alvin as he claps his hands together apologetically.

 ”Fufu, I see. My father and brother once said the same thing. Men say the same thing.”

 ”Haha, I guess so. Well, I’d better get back to work.”

 ”Yes, Al-sama. See you later.”

 ”Okay. I’m looking forward to the drinks.”

 Alvin’s eyes turn to Akane, and she thanks him. They smile at each other and Alvin leaves the room to return to his office. But he did not notice.

 He did not realize that Shinji and Christina were actually connected until just before Alvin came into the room. If he had looked at Christina a little more carefully, he might have noticed some discomfort, but it was over now.

 ”Well, that was a close call, Tina…”

 ”Mmm…♡ I didn’t have time to put on my underwear…♡”

 She had just put back her disordered dress when Alvin entered the room. If there was a knock at the door, Shinji thought that he would at least buy Christina time to put on her underwear, but it was an unexpected miscalculation.

 Anyway, after Alvin left, Shinji fondled Christina who was sitting next to him. Christina accepted his caresses without any resistance. The half-heartedness of the session left her body aching for Shinji’s thing.

 ”Hey, Jin… Continue, please…♡”

 ”Of course. I’ve been wanting to hold you still too. I’ll have to pay for all the running around with Tina’s body.”

 ”Kiss~♡ As much as you want, Jin…♡”

 Christina’s arms go around his neck and they kiss. Shinji pushes Christina down on the sofa and tastes her body.

 Alvin, who had no idea that the affair had started in the treasury, remembers the earlier exchange between Shinji and Christina in the office. At night, Alvin is about to tell Shinji about his cuckoldry with Milis, when a sudden thought occurs to him.

 (If they get along so well, Chris should too… Wait, what am I thinking!?)

 It’s too sudden an idea. There is no way that Christina, an aristocratic daughter, would accept it. In the first place, having a physical relationship before marriage is special in itself. Alvin tries to shake off this too-selfish idea.

 (…But I bet Chris would be like Mil if Shinji holds her…)

 Alvin’s head was too much experienced in getting excited by cuckolding to shake off this evil thought. But in the end, Alvin couldn’t shake off the thought and ended up working in agony.


 This is the end of Vol. 12.

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