Wizard 497

Chapter 497 Second Crossing of the World

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 A few days have passed since Shinji had a drinking party with Alvin.

 After receiving word from Freri that Kuroumaru and his men had arrived at the capital where the castle of Soukai Country stood, Shinji called Emily and the others together again later that day. They gathered in Miko’s room, and Shinji used the <World Gate> magic to open the <World of Conflict>.

 Ariel, or Miko Arian, is in charge of maintaining the Gate, and the destination is the same altar room in the abandoned village as before. Freri tells them that the soldiers have finished cleaning up the bodies of the dead villagers and that the area around the village has been closed off to visitors with stakes and ropes. It can be said that this is a very convenient place for <World Gate> and a relay point for the teleport magic.

 ”Now, as for the purpose of this visit. As I told you before, the first step is to prepare to find out if my parents are in Soukai Country.”

 ”For that purpose, we’re going to the royal capital where the castle is located first, right?”

 In the altar room of an abandoned village. Shinji and the others around a lantern, all holding glasses in one hand and eating sweets placed in the center of the lantern, talked. Shinji nodded to Emily, who followed the words of Shinji, the leader of the group.

 ”That’s right. Unfortunately, there was no response from my parents in the capital, so I thought I’d check out the next location in a populated town. I’m sure those two are based in a populated area.”

 Freri has already explored the area around the capital on her own, but there has been no response from Shinji’s parents, meaning that they are not in the vicinity of the capital.

 ”I guess we’ll just have to keep working at it! But then, why don’t you ask the Goddess to tell you where your parents are?”

 ”I’m afraid not. I can’t let the Goddess worry about my personal matters. That would be an apostle’s disqualification.”

 (I doubt it. I wonder if the Goddess would be willing to help…)

 Not only Emily but also Lila and Iris thought so. Looking at their faces, Shinji could understand what they were thinking.

 ”Well, to begin with. Do you know that you are receiving more than enough blessings from the Goddess even now?”

 ”That’s true. The Goddess has taught me a lot about the <World Gate> magic, about Time magic, and about this world…”

 ”That’s right. Iris has a point. Thanks to the Goddess, we now know where we are.”

 Shinji draws an oval in the air with his right index finger. The oval figure floating in the air, with the light of magic remaining in the trajectory of his finger, was modeled after the continents of the <World of Conflict>.

 Shinji’s finger moves within the oval, roughly dividing the interior of the continent. The most eye-catching of all is the largest country on the continent, located in the center of the oval, dividing the continent into left and right. Its name is Tenshou Country. It was a country that put human supremacy on top, driving the villages where Shinji and his people live into extinction.

 And located on the northeast of it, it was Soukai Country. It is a medium-sized country with about half the land area. When Shinji points to a point in the country, a light green glow appears at that point. It is the glow that indicates the current location of Shinji and the others and indicates that the medium-sized country is Soukai Country.

 Since Shinji shared this prior knowledge with all the members of the group, they knew exactly what he was drawing.

 The shape of the continent, the name of the country, and the characteristics of the country. This is information that would normally be impossible to know without going there. Although the <World Gate> magic and the time magic are justified rewards for Shinji’s work as an apostle, this information was given to him as a favor from the Goddess.

 From this, Shinji understands that Goddess Arian is looking out for him. Whether it is because of his good work as an apostle or because they have a male-female relationship, he does not know the exact reason. Whatever the reason, the important thing is that Goddess Arian favors Shinji.

 ”I was planning to make an exploratory trip, but thanks to Goddess Arian, I am now able to make a well-planned trip. Don’t you know what a blessing that is?”

 ”Yes. As an adventurer, the importance of advanced information is something crucial.”

 ”Onee-chan, when you say it like that, it carries a lot of weight…”

 ”Yes, yes. Though, when we were just starting out, you didn’t research very well…”

 ”Hey, wait! Don’t talk about it now!”

 Lila nodded her head deeply, but when she heard Lili and Lilu’s words, she hugged them in a panic and covered their mouths with her palms. Lila’s flushed face and panicked look made Shinji wonder what kind of mistake she had made, but he continued his talk.

 ”Well, that’s why it’s not good to wish for more. The blessings of the Goddess are only earned by doing the work of the Apostle and earning the right to be rewarded. So, it is not right that apostles who are supposed to serve should depend on the Lord Goddess for their personal affairs.”

 It is impossible that an apostle who is supposed to work for the goddess and relieve her of her burdens takes trouble for her. Apart from the extremely distorted nature of cuckolding, Shinji’s idea is legitimate, and it is an attitude that apostles should follow.

 ”I know what Shinji is thinking. I mean, you have been saying so for a while, I’ve been listening.”

 ”Then why did you ask me? …Anyway, I’m not going to change my policy of not relying on the Goddess at this moment. Unless something really bad happens.”


 Shinji smiles at Emily’s unconvincing reply and sends a thought to Freri, asking her to prepare for the teleport to the capital of Soukai Country. Shinji understands what Emily means, but he pretends not to notice.

 (Still, if Shinji asked for help, I’m sure the Goddess would be happy to lend a hand. After all, helping someone she loves makes her very happy)

 This is a sentiment that not only Emily, who serves the man she loves, but also Lila, who is willing to conceive Shinji’s child, can relate to. The heart of a maiden who is willing to do anything for the one she loves.

 Does Goddess Arian have such a heart? That is what Emily thought. From Shinji’s point of view, the favor of the Goddess is too much. Well, it is too frightening to have feelings for a being who can control him if she wants to, and therefore, he doesn’t want to make it clear.

 The Goddess and her servants. Shinji wants there to be a clear line. There is a sense of awe and respect. And because Goddess Arian likes this fine balance, she does not step in to help Shinji, but rather provides a minimum level of assistance and watchful waiting.

 ”Come on, let’s get moving, everyone.”

 Shinji says, to which each of their replies. Then, Freri activates teleport magic and Shinji and the others are enveloped in light, and they disappear from the altar room.

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