Wizard 498

Chapter 498 To the Capital of Soukai Country

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 Shinji and the others are teleported from the altar room to the area near the royal capital in Soukai Country by Freri’s teleport magic. When the magical light surrounding them disappears, Shinji and the others can see all around them.

 Their location is outside the capital. They are within sight of the gate to the capital and have moved into the trees off the main road. Since the capital is located in a valley between mountains, the area around the city is overgrown with trees, and there is no shortage of places to avoid being seen.

 ”Hey, can we just go to the city like this? Shouldn’t we go with the soldier we met before?”

 Not only Emily, but also Lila and the others remember the suspicious looks from the soldiers. Freri, who has been observing the capital for a while, says that both men and women wear trousers and skirts do not exist. The trousers are ankle-length and the sleeves of jackets are often half-length, and the group’s opinion is that there is no culture in which it is fashionable to show skin.

 ”No, it’s fine as it is. Because we need to stand out on purpose. What do you think the gatekeepers would do if someone as different from the rest of them appeared?”

 ”Of course, they will report to the castle. If we mention the name Kuroumaru at that time, I’m sure his people will hear about it.”

 ”That’s right. That’s the way it’s going to be. Let’s ask them to tell us about another populated town. In case of emergency, we can teleport to another place.”

 The knowledge given by Goddess Arian is only a rough outline and does not include detailed information such as the location of the town. So, Shinji intends to use the name Kuroumaru as a starting point to obtain more accurate information. Hearing Shinji talking to Lila, Lili and Lilu are standing next to him.

 ”So, it’s our job to stand out, right?”

 ”Not only us, but Shinji-san needs to stand out too. After all, he’s the leader of the group.”

 ”Ahhh! You two are cheating! !”

 Lila shouts as Lili hugs Shinji’s left arm and Lilu hugs his right arm. From the outside, it looks like Shinji is having twin sisters as his concubines, and it would be very conspicuous if they walk down the street in such a state.

 ”Then I’m over here.”

 ”Even Iris-chan! Ahh, there’s no room left!”

 With a squeeze, Iris walks behind Shinji and her hand grips his robe. It is very difficult to walk, but Iris is smiling behind him.

 And since Emily is walking in front of Shinji, Lila can only move around Shinji and the others from left to back and to the right. However, since Lila was smiling, it was clear that she was enjoying this flirtatious exchange as well.

 Anyway, as long as everyone is happy except for Shinji himself, he chooses to go along with what is going on. Now, Shinji walks through the center of the crowd of giggling women, his face turning into a happy expression, and continues walking toward the gates of the capital.

 (It seems that only the ruler of the country is a polygamist in this world, and the soldiers can’t imitate such a man who has so many women at his side. Since things like this, it would be best if they mistake us for a foreigner of high rank. Well, let’s see what will happen.)

 As Shinji takes advantage of the situation, the gate to the capital is getting bigger and bigger as he gets closer to the gate, and he can see the soldiers guarding the gate. The soldiers seem to recognize Shinji’s group, and the atmosphere is becoming flustered and hectic.

 However, the gate does not close, and Shinji’s smile deepens as he watches the empty-handed soldiers, who have left their weapons in the hands of their colleagues, rushing toward him.

* * *

 In the royal castle in Soukai Country. Iwao, who was working in the Lord’s office, received an urgent message.

 ”What? A foreign influential person is at the gate?”

 ”Yes, sir! A man with several women is visiting! Their attire and weapons are unfamiliar to me and appear to be of exceptional quality. I’m sure of it!”

 The kneeling soldier must have run as fast as he could. He is drenched in sweat and out of breath. However, he is trying hard to speak, not wanting to keep the foreign important person waiting.

 ”Based on his treatment of humans and female elves as equals, it is likely that he is not from Tenshou Country! He also knows the name Kuroumaru and requests an audience with you, sir!”

 ”Kurou… well, it was reported…”

 Kuroumaru is not in the capital at the moment. He has come back once but has left again and is traveling around the territory on Iwao’s orders. However, he had reported his encounter with Shinji and the others in the ruined village, so Iwao knew that Shinji and the others were foreigners who had been in the ruined village.

 (Kurou said he did not know which country they were from. He also mentioned that the escort is a woman and appears to be very skilled. These people must be special. But why did they come to visit me?)

 For a while, Iwao remains silent and thinks. But he had no idea what Shinji and the others wanted.

 Normally, an unknown group of people should not be allowed in the capital. But his intuition told him that he should not send them away.

 (Could this be the beginning of the way to turn the tide against the current situation? If we do nothing for fear of danger, we will perish… if that’s the case!)

 Iwao makes a decision. He invites Shinji and the others to meet him at the castle. But not just to meet them. He decides to treat them as his honored guests.

 ”Make preparations to receive them. They are my guests. Guide them to my presence with deference!”

 ”Y-yes, sir!”

 ”Inform the rest of the staff as well. We are expecting guests shortly! All of you, make ready at once! Remember to show them the proper respect t, as they are my guests!”

 ”Yes, sir!”

 Iwao shouts the order not only to the kneeling soldiers but also to his men in the room. The soldiers rush outside and inform Shinji and the others who are waiting at the gate.

 Shinji smiles when he hears this, almost as if he had expected it, and continues to keep Lila and the others company until the guide arrives.

 Shinji and the others visit the capital of Soukai Country.

 This is a world in which harems are limited to the rulers of the country. Since the basic rule is monogamy, Shinji is an odd man out.

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