Wizard 501

Chapter 501 A Conversation with Princess Tsubaki

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 Tsubaki, the princess of Soukai Country, was listening to the conversation between her father (Iwao) and Shinji in the next room. She was interested in the foreign travelers and hoped that she might be able to have a conversation with them.

 In reality, however, her father became angry and the foreign travelers suddenly disappeared. Tsubaki thinks that this is understandable. Her father loves her brother, the heir apparent of the family, very much and has high expectations for him.

 However, the foreign travelers did not really understand the reason for his anger, and their confusion could be felt even through the sliding doors. Iwao, who had lost himself in anger, did not notice it, but Tsubaki did.

 So she raised her voice as she thought that she could not remain at odds with those who had so easily defeated the soldiers of Tenshou Country. Her eyes met those of Shinji, who looked up at Tsubaki, and she was relieved that he wanted to come back inside the castle to talk with her.

 So Tsubaki asked her father (Iwao) to be present so that things would not go wrong this time. She said that they should have a good talk with them, explaining that they did not know what was going on.

 She believed that the interaction with them would surely be for the good of the country and the people. Tsubaki, who thought so, advised her father as a princess of a country, instead of taking a step back as a daughter as she usually does.

 As a result, at the second meeting, Tsubaki was next to Iwao. Dressed in a beautiful kimono with many layers of cloth and with long black hair and a hairpin, she bowed deeply with both hands to Shinji and Emily, who met her again, and Iwao followed her.

 Shinji and Emily are the only ones present because the others are taking the masked soldiers captured by Lila and others to the jail, and are investigating with Freri the cause of the blockage of the teleport magic.

 ”First of all, I would like to thank you. Thank you very much for defeating the Tenshou Country soldiers”

 Even Shinji could not be so impudent when he was bowed down by the ruler of a country and his daughter. While Shinji is distracted by Princess Tsubaki’s sincere and earnest words, she tells him the reason for Iwao’s anger. Once Shinji learns the reason, he has no choice but to apologize. He admits what she said was understandable that made the ruler of the country angry.

 ”Please forgive me, even though I didn’t know…”

 ”I didn’t listen to you. I’m sorry…”

 Apologies are exchanged and both parties are absolved of guilt, but Shinji and Iwao begin to think about how to take control of the conversation and close their mouths. But Princess Tsubaki was different.

 ”Traveller-sama (Tabibito-sama). Please help our Soukai Country…! We need your power to defeat the Tenshou Country’s vanguard…!”

 ”Tsubaki! What are you…!”

 When the apology is over, Tsubaki lifts her head, looks Shinji straight in the face, and says what she wants. There is no bargaining in this scene, and Shinji is taken aback by the seriousness of Princess Tsubaki, who holds him back when he tries to leave first, without calculation.

 The reason why Princess Tsubaki, the daughter of the ruler, makes such a poor move is because she, like Iwao, realizes that she will eventually be swallowed up by Tenshou Country if she does nothing. Princess Tsubaki is wiser than her father thinks she is.

 She has been quiet so far, following the custom that a woman is supposed to be a man’s woman, but she rightly recognized that this was the right moment to make her move. Therefore, she does not stop, even when her father, the ruler of the country, stops her.

 ”Please forgive me, but this time we fought only for the sake of self-defense. We do not intend to get involved in the conflict between countries. Please accept my apologies”

 Instead of throwing a few blunt words at the younger woman who is trying so hard, Shinji bows his head, saying what he had in mind at first.

 ”Is that so…”

 ”However, if it’s an exchange of information, I’d be happy to help. In the meantime, I could tell you about the teleport magic that we used to disappear. It seems Tenshou Country’s method is similar to ours. In return, we would like you to help us look for people”

 ”Ah…yes! How is it, Father?”

 ”Yeah… it’s okay…”

 The shadowed expression on her face at the refusal is replaced by a brighter one at Shinji’s next suggestion. Princess Tsubaki turns to Iwao who is sitting next to her, her long shiny black hair swinging, and he nods his head in a relaxed manner. Iwao’s face is that of a father, not a lord, as he smiles tenderly at the daughter who has brought together a relationship that had once nearly broken down.

 ”So now, let me introduce myself. My name is Shinji, and I am from a country far across the sea. I came to this continent to look for someone, but in my home country, I am a wizard in the service of the Lord. I look forward to working with you”

 Shinji’s attitude is not suspicious, as he blends truth and falsehood, although he has crossed not only the sea but also the world. Princess Tsubaki and the others believe him without a doubt, as he introduces himself with an exquisite lie that they have no way of confirming, mixed with the truth that he is a wizard in the service of the Lord (Alvin).

 ”My name is Tsubaki, daughter of Iwao, Ruler of Soukai Country. I thank you for the great fortune of meeting a wizard in the service of the king of another land”

 He is a lord, not a king, but there is no need to correct her. If she thinks Shinji’s of high rank, he’ll take advantage of it.

 ”It’s a pleasure to meet you, Princess. This is Emily, a warrior in the service of our lord. On our continent, many women train themselves. She is so skilled that she’s been appointed head of a warrior’s unit”

 ”Well… is that so…? I guess the clothes and the culture are also different in different countries…”

 Emily, who bows in a sitting position, reads Shinji’s intention and plays innocent. She sits with her back straight without opening her mouth, which is very picturesque, partly because of her cute face.

 Her behavior is admirable, but Tsubaki’s eyes are drawn to her stomach and her bare legs peeking out from her skirt. Emily’s attire is very provocative for her, as she has never shown her skin to the opposite s*x before. Shinji smiles at Tsubaki’s blush and agrees with her.

 ”I also feel that there are more differences than I expected. I guess it’s important to have a united country or not”

 ”…! The continent across the sea is united…”

 ”Yes. Because there is less conflict, various fields of study are being pursued. The teleport magic is one of them”

 ”The teleport magic… So magic can do such things! I didn’t know that magic is not only used for battles, but also for people’s lives!”

 Magic is the art of strengthening oneself and defeating one’s enemies. In this ‘World of Conflict’, magic is only a means of fighting. In a world where people with strong magical power are conscripted and sent to the battlefield, this is a world where magic is a means of warfare.

 Therefore, for Tsubaki, the value of magic that can be used in the daily lives of the people is new and deeply impressed her, who will be the next mother of the nation. On the other hand, Iwao, who knows about the wars with other countries, knows that they cannot afford to send people with strong magic power to help their people. The first priority is the defense of the nation. The reality of Soukai Country is that the improvement of people’s lives is secondary.

 Nevertheless, knowledge is power. So, he will not prevent Tsubaki from knowing, even if one day she will be struck down by reality. Iwao quietly listens to the conversation between Shinji and Tsubaki.

 Princess Tsubaki’s straight gaze, which she tries not to miss Shinji’s words, overlaps with Iris’s, who is asking her to teach her the lesson she has just met. Shinji’s mouth becomes talkative to those who try to know the magic.

 (I think I’ll give a little lecture on magic until I get a report from Freri.)

 Until Freri gets information from the masked soldier. Shinji decides to spend some time giving a lecture on magic to Princess Tsubaki.

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