Wizard 502

Chapter 502 Freri’s Tentacle Blame

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 The basement of the royal castle in Soukai Country. There is an underground cell whose only source of light is a candle hanging on the wall. Behind the sturdy iron grating that blocks the gloomy room and the passage, the only survivor of the masked soldiers of Tenshou Country is kept in chains.

 She is unconscious because she is under the influence of sleep magic. Lili and Lilu, the two members of Lila’s group who brought her here, are blocking the country’s soldiers from seeing or hearing the interrogation that is about to take place.

 Meanwhile, Lila creates a ball of light in the palm of her hand to illuminate the inside of the cell, and Iris uses soundproofing magic to prevent voices and sounds from escaping the cell. Out of nowhere, Freri appeared, looking down at the masked soldier with golden eyes.

 ”Hey, Iris-chan, what do you think? The people we beat up there, all had the same face…”

 ”…I don’t know, desu. No sign of magic changes their faces. No illusion too. I’m sure it’s their real faces, desu”

 As the older sister of twins Lili and Lilu, Lila is accustomed to distinguishing the slightest difference. She has seen the faces of many masked soldiers who have fallen and says they are the same. Everyone knew that this was unusual.

 After examining the faces of the dead, Iris concludes that they were not changed by magic. But they had no idea how this was possible.

 Freri is the only one who has noticed the reason for the masked soldiers’ strangeness. She can notice this because she has half of the blood of a succubus, who has many techniques to interfere with the body. That is why Shinji wanted her to interrogate the masked soldier herself.

 (Everything in their bodies is exactly the same. That’s weird. That’s impossible. But there are actually several identical entities in front of us. So I will examine them)

 Freri sees that they are identical, not only in appearance but also inside. To her, the masked soldier is a completely unknown entity. They looked like something in human form.

 Now, the light green-skinned Freri drops several plant seeds. The fist-sized seeds, specially made, germinated without taking root, and tentacle ivy grew out of them. The tentacle ivy crawls through the hem of the sleeping masked soldier’s hakama, the breast, and cuffs of her kimono, and flips off her mask in the process.

 ”Mmm… Ggh!?”

 The woman who was a masked soldier regains consciousness at the uncomfortable sensation of slimy tentacles crawling on her skin. She instantly tries to resist, but her hands are chained and her legs are entangled in the tentacles, so she is unable to move.

 She tries to bite her back teeth hard to commit suicide and a life-destroying poison sloshes into her mouth. But just as she is about to swallow it, a tentacle pries open her tiny mouth and enters. The mucus entangles the poison, preventing her from swallowing, and the tentacles prevent her from biting her tongue. When she realizes that self-determination is impossible, the white-haired girl weakens and stops resisting.

 (Really strange. She doesn’t seem to give up. She seems to be ready to die as soon as the tentacles are gone. But there’s no sign of anything strange interfering with the teleportation. What’s going on…?)

 This is the first time Freri has seen a person react as if she had no will. Not a single reaction when the tentacles crawled on her skin.

 ”Wow, it’s like that time…”

 ”Lila-san, have you ever been tangled up with one of those things?”

 ”Not me, but Lili and Lilu, when we were being manipulated by you-know-who”

 ”I see, desu”

 Lila backs away with a tight smile, referring to herself, and Iris, who is slightly taken aback by her imagining the situation as her own, usually expresses her disgust, especially for women. The white-haired girl, however, was completely unresponsive.

 Unbeknownst to Freri and the others, the white-haired girls are subjected to harsh treatment in case they are taken captive. No matter how much pain they are subjected to, they are told not to open their mouths until they die.

 However, they were not designed to be tortured with pleasure. No, the white-haired girl, who has no feelings, does not know what pleasure is. Even if she had been raped forcibly, she would not have felt pleasure. Yes, if she had not been raped by Freri, the half-succubus.


 The relentless caress of the tentacles crawling on her breast, which has only a slight bulge, gives the white-haired girl a pleasant sensation called “discomfort”. The mucus, which is the source of the tentacles’ wetness, acts as an aphrodisiac, permeating the white-haired girl’s skin all over her body and having an effect on her. As she expresses her confusion at feeling “good” for the first time in her life, Freri’s smile deepens inwardly as she finally gets a human-like reaction from the white-haired girl.

 ”…? Ngh mmm… Mmm…?”

 Freri feels the white-haired girl’s breasts rubbing against the tentacles filled with heat, and the white-haired girl shakes her body. But she can’t break the restraints, and her nipples rub against the tentacles as she moves, causing her eyes to go black and white. Gradually, her pink nipples swell up and give the white-haired girl strong pleasure every time the tentacles rub against them.

 Before long, the white-haired girl realizes that the “good feeling” is spreading all over her body. Not only her breasts, but also her stomach, back, neck, thighs, and soles of her feet, her skin rubs against the tentacles crawling in various places, and the “pleasant sensations” accumulate.

 ”Nnnn! Mmm, mmm~♡”

 In front of the erect nipple, the tip of the flower’s bud opens like a mouth. The white-haired girl, who has been in a daze of pleasure, instinctively turns her head back to look at the organ dripping mucus, but she can’t resist. The nipples swallowed by the buds are flooded with the fine tentacles inside the buds, and the kneading of the sensitive nipples causes the white-haired girl to arch her back in an amusing manner.

 The buds made a sucking sound like a person sucking a nipple, and the caresses that squeezed the entire breast made the white-haired girl’s cheeks flush and her eyes were writhing with tears of pleasure.

 ”Mgh~♡ Mmm~♡ Mm~♡ Mm, mmm~♡”

 ”It…feels so good…?”

 Freri’s expression as she looked into the girl’s writhing, which was unbelievable for a girl who was no more than a raw tuna girl, was joyful and truly devilish-like. The white-haired girl feels a sense of shame without knowing why, because she is clearly enjoying herself. “Shame” is also a new emotion for the white-haired girl, and her mind becomes even more confused.

 (Freri, who rarely speaks, speaks!)

 Iris and Lila observe without turning their gazes away, and this is Freri’s exclusive space. Freri does not miss the flames of lust as well as the confusion that is beginning to light up in the white-haired girl’s eyes. As if to push her over the edge, a new tentacle approaches her secret parts, which have never been touched before.

 ”~♡ Mm~♡ Mmm…♡”

 The white-haired girl’s reaction was dramatic. Her underwear, which was only wrapped with a simple cloth, was soaked with her love juices and was not doing its job, and the tentacle easily reached her secret area directly.

 Now, the tentacle attached to the secret part caresses the whole area with fine vibrations. Not only that, the tentacles, which were on the inside of the vagina, carefully rub the shallow vaginal wall. So much so that the white-haired girl bends over with her whole body tense from the pleasure.

 And then, with a squirt~♡, the white-haired girl has her first climax. At the same time, she understands. The woman in front of her says that this is what “feels good”.

 Now, she can’t control her trembling body. This is also a first for the white-haired girl. After the climax is over, her whole body feels sluggish, but she tries to catch her breath when the movement of the tentacles finally stops.

 ”Mmmm~♡ Mmm~♡ Mmm~♡ Mmm, ghh~♡”

 However, the tentacles start moving again, and she is forced to bend her body backward. Freri continues to manipulate the tentacles to teach her body, which has become even more sensitive due to her climax, and even more pleasure.

 For the note, this is not a hobby of Freri. It is necessary to deprive the subject of normal thinking by immersing her in pleasure and encouraging her to confess through hypnosis. Yes, it is necessary, even if Freri seems to be enjoying it.

 ”Mm~♡ Mgh~♡ Gh~♡ Mmm~♡ Mm~♡”

 In no time at all, the white-haired girl reaches her second climax. It will be a while before she is free from Freri’s blame.

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