Wizard 503

Chapter 503 Freri Reads Memories

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 After a while, the cell was filled with an obscene smell. It was the smell of the love juice overflowing from the private parts of the white-haired girl who had been pleasured by Freri many times. She was bound by tentacle vines and stunned by the exhaustion of having come too much.

 (I should be able to see it now)

 The absent-minded state is the time when the mind is most open, and Freri looks into the eyes of the white-haired girl and performs a lewd technique on her. By reproducing her unconscious memory as a dream, she intends to extract information from her.

 And as she planned, the gray-haired girl falls asleep easily, allowing Freri to share the dream with her.

 (Is this a basement? It looks like a cell we are in now)

 A stone room similar to the one in the cell. There are many girls in the room who have the same face and clothes as the white-haired girl. Despite the dimly lit room, they are fighting one-on-one in pairs.

 On and on the battle training continues. The women are always expressionless, never opening their mouths to speak, as they continue to learn to fight, with no breaks in between. The only sound was the clash of blades against blades.

 Unexpectedly, the image switches to another.

 The next location is also a place similar to the castle in Soukai Country. It is a room surrounded by tatami mat floors and sliding wooden doors in which Shinji talked with Iwao. Freri understands that this is the castle of Tenshou Country because of the difference in details such as the patterns and colors of the sliding doors.

 In front of the white-haired girl stands an elderly woman. Her appearance is what one would expect a white-haired girl to look like when she gets old and grows up in a proper way. But the woman’s eyes are so clouded that it disgusts her even though she knows that she is not the one who is staring at.

 [Go and kidnap someone with a lot of magic. The more magical power an elemental has, the better the clone will be. If there are more children like you who don’t break even if entrusted with a lot of power, the collection will be more efficient. Collect as many as you can]


 In front of the white-haired girl, a strange woman takes out a piece of paper, and an enormous amount of magic power is put into it. The paper burns from the edge, and she puts it on the back of the white-haired girl, who turns her back and loosens her kimono.

 In front of the white-haired girl who turned her back, eleven white-haired girls stood with masks in their hands. When each of them puts on a mask, the mouth of the white-haired girl moves.

 [Open the gate]

 The oval-shaped black hole that Shinji and the others saw appears before the white-haired girls. The white-haired girl and the masked soldiers jump into the hole, which is on the outskirts of a village. It is the village where the altar room where the <World Gate> was constructed by Freri and the others is located.

 [Scatter. Capture target]

 From there, it’s terrible. Villagers who have a lot of magic are captured unconscious, and those who don’t are cut down. Among them were the Miko who had been purifying the altar.

 But Freri continues to watch as the scene changes from one to the next. From the brainwashing-like education that did not nurture individual feelings to the treatment of those who could not create well, such as those who were loyal to the orders and those who were willing to devote their lives to the Tenshou Country. Freri watches and examines the information without hesitation, a scene that would make a normal person feel nauseous with horror.

 (The masked soldiers are the Reapers Corps. The purpose is to gather people with high magic power and create masked soldiers. The method is unknown. But I have memorized the face of the creator of the masked soldiers. The quality of the masked soldiers is proportional to the amount of magic. The reason I couldn’t use the teleport is because of the piece of paper that was attached to her back. But it has a time limit. That’s why I can’t feel anything from this girl now. The magic power leaked from the paper (札) is the cause of the spatial distortion…)

 After extracting all the information, Freri gets out of the dream of the white-haired girl. She has no more use for the white-haired girl. However, the white-haired girl was an object of interest for Freri.

 A person made by a person. A human being created by a method never heard of: cloning. The meaning of the word “clone” could be deduced from the information she had obtained. Such a valuable existence should not be discarded as useless. That is what Freri thought.

 After that, while the white-haired girl, who lives not by human ethics but by the ethics of a succubus, falls asleep, Freri sends her thoughts to Shinji with the information she has learned.

* * *

 After lecturing about magic to Princess Tsubaki, Shinji is in the middle of a chat when he hears a report from Freri. The fact that there are far more extraordinary magic users than he had expected makes Shinji want to hold his head in his hands.

 (No, no, this is insane. Making a duplicate of yourself? What kind of a person would have that kind of an idea? And then to make it happen…)

 Iwao had gone off to receive a report from his subordinate a short while ago. Instead, Princess Tsubaki’s caretaker was standing by, keeping an eye on Shinji and Princess Tsubaki.

 ”Shinji-sama? Is something wrong?”

 ”No, I got a message from my friend who was interrogating them. The contents of the message got me thinking a little. I’m sorry to interrupt this conversation”

 ”Message…? Is there a magic that allows you to talk to someone far away from you…?”

 Princess Tsubaki’s speed of understanding and flexibility of thought is remarkable, as she did not miss the slightest change in Shinji. During the conversation, he learns that Princess Tsubaki has a future husband and will give birth to the next king. He felt that Tsubakihime was so talented that if she had a suitable position and supported the king as a mother, she would have been able to build a good country.

 However, it is easy to imagine that such a future will never come. Shinji hears that Tenshou Country is expanding its territory even though it is at war with all the neighboring countries. It is obvious that Soukai Country is doomed to destruction unless something extraordinary happens.

 ”Yes. I would like to report to the Lord of the country”

 ”I know where he is. Let’s go there now!”

 ”Thank you very much”

 Princess Tsubaki and the maid lead the way in high spirits, with Shinji and Emily following behind them. Shinji and the others were led down the levels to a meeting hall where the soldiers held a strategy meeting. In a simple room, there was Iwao and a big man in armor with a wild look on his face.

 ”Father… and… Garoumaru”

 ”Princess. Why are you here? This is no place for a princess like you”

 The look in the eyes of the armored warrior called Garoumaru was not only sharp but also lustful. He is approximately in his late twenties, and his fine armor indicates his status as a man of importance.

 Shinji, standing behind Princess Tsubaki, meets Garoumaru’s gaze. While Shinji bows his head, Garoumaru remains standing, looking very important. Not surprisingly, Shinji finds Garoumaru to be an irritating person.

 But there is a reason for Garoumaru’s rude attitude.

 Currently, Kuroumaru and Garoumaru are the two most likely candidates to become Princess Tsubaki’s husband. They are rivals competing with each other for the honor.

 And before come here, Garoumaru goes to the source of a sudden explosion in the town, and leads two of his men to suppress the masked soldiers who were on the rampage. But as he returns to the castle in high spirits and reports his achievement to Iwao, he was told that the castle had been attacked by ten masked soldiers, who were repulsed by a foreigner who was an acquaintance of Kuroumaru’s.

 It is said that Kuroumaru took credit for having made a connection with the foreigners, even though Iwao had told Garoumaru that he had no intention of marrying Tsubakihime to Kuroumaru, no matter how strong the foreigners might be. Still, to Garoumaru, Shinji and the others are in Kuroumaru’s camp… in other words, they are his enemies.

 Now, Princess Tsubaki is resolute in her response to Garoumaru. He is stunned by her strong attitude, as she has often stayed behind Iwao.

 ”This is very important. Garoumaru, you have no right to admonish me for my behavior. Then, father, Shinji-sama has been able to extract information from her”

 ”What…! Shinji-sama! I’d like to know more about that!”

 ”Yes, that’s why I’m here”

 Although the presence of Garoumaru is a concern, Iwao does not ask him to leave the room, so Shinji continues to talk. He gives only two pieces of information: that the masked soldiers were Reapers Corps, and that they were artificially created.

 This information is given in response to an agreement to tell Shinji the most populated towns, because he judges that he is not paid enough to tell all of the information. However, these two points alone are a big gain for Iwao.

 ”That is all. Until the masked soldiers are replenished, the Reapers Corps will not appear. But I don’t know how long that will be”

 ”…no, that’s more than enough news. I thank you”

 ”No way… that masked soldier is a created entity…? How many of my men did it take to defeat two of them?”

 When Shinji finished, Princess Tsubaki was speechless at the inhumanity of the story, Iwao’s expression was hard, and Garoumaru looked at Shinji with a disturbed look on his face.

 ”Iwao-sama. I trust you won’t call this another of Kuro’s achievements”

 ”No. I asked them for this myself. Kuro’s credit only goes so far as bringing them to me”

 ”I understand. But Iwao-sama, I don’t think we have much time. The vassals will not be united if a successor is not chosen”

 ”…I agree. I was thinking the same thing”

 ”Well, I’ll leave you now… Princess”

 ”Thank you, Garoumaru”

 After licking Princess Tsubaki’s whole body with his eyes, Garoumaru leaves the room. But Princess Tsubaki’s expression is not as cheerful as when she was listening to the magic talk, and she seems to be trying hard to hold something back.

 Seeing their interaction, Shinji guessed that Kuroumaru and Garoumaru were the candidates for the groom. He also guessed that Garoumaru was closer to become the groom than Kuroumaru. At the same time, he understood that Princess Tsubaki had the power to tolerate such an irreverence.

 (Tsubakihime is really unlucky…)

 Garoumaru does not like that Princess Tsubaki tries to be public. So, with him as her future husband, it would be difficult for Princess Tsubaki to support the king. Shinji sympathizes with her, but there is nothing he can do, and he does not intend to do anything about it.

 Later, Shinji and the others decide to stay at Iwao’s suggestion. They are shown to a guest house next to the castle, where Shinji and the others relax and unwind after a hard day’s fighting.

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