Wizard 507

Chapter 507 Captive Adoptive Parent

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 How did Freri know that Shinji’s stepfamily could be captive in the Tenshou Country? It was because Freri and Iris had checked the white-haired girl’s memory.

 They replayed every detail of the white-haired girl’s memories in the form of dreams, hoping to find some clues. In the middle of this process, the earliest memory she had also was shown.

 The room is a place that one refuses to describe in words. Seeing the room filled with so many “materials” for human replication, Iris is filled with disgust. This is what it is like, even from a distance, with a cushion in the form of a dream. If she were to actually see this scene, she is not sure she would be able to resist the feeling of vomiting.

 Among them, there is a device that stands out. A square box made of a transparent glass-like membrane emits a pale blue light. The boxes are slightly bigger than an adult human being and there were several of these boxes. Although the boxes are always emitting light so that it is impossible to see what is inside, the newborn white-haired girl, who feels the light is beautiful, stares at the boxes intently.

 [This time it worked. Come on, you, over here]

 Turning toward the voice, a strange woman with a kind smile is staring at the white-haired girl. She nods her head slowly and starts walking with her hand in front of her.

 After a few steps, the white-haired girl notices that the light has gone out and looks back behind her. Inside the box in which the blue light has disappeared, there is a person trapped inside with his/her eyelids closed. There are various people in every box. Everyone looks forward with their eyes closed as if they were asleep. Then the image is cut off.

 [The blue light is the light of magic, desu. Are they collecting magic power from the people they’ve captured? Freri, what do you think… Hmm, Freri?]

 Iris’s attempts to discuss what she saw do not receive an answer. Instead, she felt a sense of agitation and confusion from her.

 […No way. Uncle?]

 [Huh? What?!]

 The image in front of them is played back in reverse, and they are fixed in a situation where they can see the contents of the box. Iris, who does not understand what is going on, is completely left out, and a part of the fixed image is enlarged. Although his face is blurred through the membrane, the general shape of his body can be recognized.

 The captured person had twisted horns and a pair of wings, which are the characteristics of the demon tribe. The spade-shaped tail, which only the succubus (incubus) of the demon tribe have, indicates that this person is a succubus (incubus). Most conspicuous is the presence of an old scar running in a straight line from the mouth of the right shoulder to the left hip. The scar closely resembles the one Freri remembers from Shinji’s stepfather.

 (…No other demon would leave a scar like this. Normally, they would erase it)

 When Shinji and Freri were playing together as children, she asked him about the scar.

 [The scar? It’s the one I got when I slept with the girlfriend of someone called “hero” once upon a time. I thought it was a mistake at the time, but it was a lot of fun. That’s why I left the scar]

 I remember the way he answered while brushing his hair up with a smug look on his face. Ordinary succubus (incubus) would not leave scars because they would think that scars are just ugly. Therefore, it is very likely that the one trapped in this membrane is Shinji’s father who raised the strange Shinji.

 […this man may be Shinji’s father]

 […! Are you sure about that, desu?]

 [Yes. It’s highly possible]

 When Freri gives the evidence, Iris confirms her opinion. Immediately Freri sends a thought to Shinji to tell him this, and coincidentally Shinji is being solicited by Tsubaki.

 […I see]

 After saying no to Tsubaki because it is necessary to get an answer back, Shinji hears from Freri about what has happened. There is no reason to deny Freri’s judgment, knowing the story of his adoptive father.

 [So there’s a good chance that my mother is one of them]

 [Hmm. There’s no way she’d stay put after Uncle was caught]

 [Well, they’re close for some reason]

 Shinji’s step-parents’ sensibilities are far from the norm. Because they both have a hobby of sleeping with other people’s partners, they spend more time outside seducing other people than spending time together. It may sound good that they respect each other’s hobbies, but it is hard to nod in agreement because of the nature of their hobbies.

 However, the trust between them is very strong, and when either of them has a problem, they work together to solve it, and the young Shinji has never once seen them fighting with each other hatefully. Shinji was very happy with that life, and it is not surprising that he was greatly influenced by their ability to sleep with various partners.

 [They are found in unexpected places, huh? I had planned to stay out of Tenshou Country, but I can’t say the same thing now. I’ll have to ask Iris, Lila, and the others for help]

 Shinji’s goal is to meet his adoptive parents. It is the role of a son to go for help if help is needed. Freri and Emily are definite candidates, but Iris and Lila need to be compensated well.

 [Hmm. Flair, Sylphy and Marie also need to be called upon. We need to keep as much strength as possible]

 [Yeah, that’s right. They’re the kind of people who’d capture my parents. I think it’s probably best to go overboard… in terms of reward]

 [Fufufu, I have an idea. I’ve come up with a way to make everyone happy. And for that we need to defeat the leader]

 Shinji is a bit uneasy at this happy thought that has just sparked a good idea, but he has decided on a direction for the future. After breaking off his thought with Freri, Shinji straightened his posture and faced Tsubaki again, who had been quietly waiting for him.

 ”Please accept my sincere apologies for keeping you waiting so abruptly. Thanks to you, we have decided on a plan for the future”

 ”It’s okay. So, Shinji-sama. May I ask for your answer once again?”

 Shinji stares back at Tsubaki’s face, not with a weak look as if she is clinging to him, but with a strong look as if she is the leader of the group.

 (Still, the timing is miraculous. I had only intended to refuse until Freri’s thought reached me. Is this luck or fate…? Well, it doesn’t matter which)

 Shinji turns to Tsubaki, who is trembling with extreme tension in her heart.

 ”We will cooperate with you, depending on the conditions”

 Shinji shows his willingness to listen to Tsubaki’s request, not showing that he had only intended to continue refusing until just before the meeting.

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