Wizard 508

Chapter 508 Contract with Princess Tsubaki

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 When Shinji answered, Tsubaki’s face was tinged with joy, but she quickly regained her composure and tightened her expression. Tsubaki sat back down in her seat in front of him.

 ”What are your conditions?”

 ”First of all, I apologize in advance for the many outlandish things I am going to say. The conditions I am going to talk about are necessary for us to cooperate with each other”

 ”Yes… let me hear them first”

 Shinji bowed his head firmly, and Tsubaki nodded quietly. Then the sliding door connecting this room to the next room opened and Lila appeared. She was called by Shinji’s thought and stood diagonally behind Shinji, bowed, and suddenly pulled up her mini-skirt.

 Tsubaki’s face immediately turns red at the sudden action, but her face tightens up when she sees the pale pink glow of Lila’s stomach.

 ”This is called a lewd crest that connects me and her. By creating a magical connection through this crest, I can communicate with her even when we are far apart. You can understand the convenience of this, but it requires a relationship between a man and a woman… Specifically, intravaginal copulation is required”

 There are other functions, but Shinji just said so. It is obvious that Tsubaki would not accept it if he explain the effect of binding her body. However, since the transmission of information utilizing the lewd crest is indispensable, Shinji omits the explanation.

 ”If it is necessary, it can’t be helped. But how can I hide it if it is always glowing?”

 ”Oh, I’m just making it shine to explain now, but usually I can turn it off like this”

 Tsubaki is shaken by the suggestion of a s*xual relationship, but she swallows it down, determined to stand up for herself. She lets out a relieved breath as Lila’s lewd crest disappears in front of her, leaving only her beautiful white skin behind. She can’t let the people who take care of her around her see the crest. So, her concern was natural.

 Now, with the consent of the lewd crest, Lila gets dressed and leaves the room. By this time, Iris and Freri had informed others that Shinji’s adoptive parents were being held captive in the Tenshou Country. And since no one objected to Shinji’s policy of siding with Soukai Country and rescuing them, Shinji continued to talk to Tsubaki about the conditions of their rescue.

 ”If that is the case, there is no problem. I think it is essential for us to be able to communicate with each other at a distance”

 ”Thank you for your understanding. Then, the next question I would like to ask is how exactly. How did you plan to become queen? Please tell me”

 ”Only by achieving something that everyone would agree on… but not yet. I think we must prepare for Tenshou Country first. Masked soldiers and black holes. If we don’t deal with these two, our country will only perish”

 Tsubaki, who has just made up her mind, only has a strong will to save her country from destruction. Even she knows that she must take action now. Not only Tsubaki, but also Iwao, Garoumaru, and others in the upper echelons understand this. However, no one, including Tsubaki, can come up with a good plan. Tsubaki believes that it would be meaningless if the country is destroyed before she becomes the queen.

 ”You are right that we need to take immediate measures. But even if I cooperate with you and take these measures, you will not be able to become the queen. Do you know why?”

 Tsubaki has the answer to Shinji’s question. She opens her mouth with a somber look of frustration.

 ”It is because no one in this country agrees with me. Calling myself queen means nothing if my subjects do not follow me. A ruler without his subjects is no ruler at all, I think…”

 Even if her father, Iwao, were to give up the throne to Tsubaki, if his subjects do not agree, it would only disturb the country. Even if she has a track record of defeating Tenshou Country and saving the country, once the threat of an enemy country is eliminated, the next power struggle could occur within the country.

 ”Yes. So I think that we should create a situation where the princess can act like a queen, not that she becomes a queen. As you said, if you as a princess save the country from disaster, you will have the right to choose your husband. Your partner should be a person who respects you, and who has a certain faction in Soukai Country. These are the conditions for cooperation”

 That is a request tantamount to withdrawing the oath she had just sworn. It is unusual for a person to advise a royal to retract a word they have just uttered. It is a request that is sure to provoke their anger, and even cause the other party to be beaten. But Tsubaki did not lose her temper.

 She does not want to be a queen. But she wants to save her country, and so, she swore an oath to become the queen to show that she is serious about it. Still, as long as the country and the people are saved, it does not matter if she does not become the queen. Tsubaki nodded her head in agreement.

 ”I understand. I will keep your promise”

 ”Then I will help you in my own small way. I’m counting on you for the time being, Your Highness”

 ”Y-yes! Thank you, Shinji-sama… No, Shinji!”

 Tsubaki’s face broke with happiness as Shinji bowed his head to her. Tsubaki asked for Shinji’s help, and Shinji responded to her request, and he was treated as a guest of the princess, and the princess changed the way she called him. Although not officially employed, Shinji is now employed by Tsubaki.

 ”Well, Princess, let’s start with finding a supporter for you, shall we? After that, the lewd crest. Without a supporter, there’s nothing we can do”

 ”Y-yes, that’s right…”

 Shinji’s words bring a sense of relief to her heart. Even though she has made up her mind, she still needs time to prepare herself. On the other hand, although it is possible to hold her immediately, Shinji wanted to confirm something before he did so.

 ”Garoumaru should not be chosen. If you take him as your husband, the princess will only be used as a bearer of children. On the other hand, Kuroumaru will be fine. Thanks to his youth, he is flexible in his thinking”

 Above all, he is in love with Tsubaki. Although he doesn’t say it out loud, Shinji could guess that if Tsubaki told Kuroumaru what he wanted, he would do whatever it takes to make it happen.

 ”Yes, I don’t intend to choose Garoumaru either because he has a typical man’s mindset. He doesn’t think well of stopping at the barracks, let alone politics”

 Tsubaki is not happy when he talks about Garoumaru. However, her face turns calm when she talks about Kuroumaru.

 ”But Kuroumaru is different. He is pleased with my effort. Being from a commoner’s background, he is tolerant of those of lower status. He… would be a suitable husband for me”

 Tsubaki’s feelings for Kuroumaru are affectionate. He works hard for the country, and Tsubaki looks favorably at him. If this is the case, there is a possibility that love will grow between them. For now, it is a one-way street from Kuroumaru.

 Still, their feelings for each other are real. This was what Shinji wanted to confirm.

 ”Well, I’ll talk to Kuroumaru tomorrow. If I can convince him, the princess’s wish will become a realistic one. If that happens, I would like to put a lewd’s crest on you…”

 ”…yes. I will do so”

 That means Shinji will embrace her. Suddenly, Tsubaki remembers the shadow picture reflected on the paper shoji, and her face turns red.

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