Wizard 510

Chapter 510 Freri and the White-Haired Girl

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 Kuroumaru, who has pledged to cooperate with Tsubaki, understands Shinji’s opinion that Tsubaki’s ideas should not be made known just yet. Even though Tsubaki is a princess, there are those who would not be comfortable with her joining politics simply because she is a woman. Kuroumaru agrees to do so, saying that it is necessary for the future of the country, though it is painful to deceive his comrades, because he does not want to cause any opposition from Kuroumaru’s faction to flow to Garoumaru’s faction by adopting such a policy now.

 Now, Shinji and the others decided to disband for the time being, leaving the details of how to take Kuroumaru as a husband (son-in-law) to be discussed later. Not only Kuroumaru, but also Tsubaki left Shinji’s guest house.

 (Well, then. I will put the lewd crest on the princess at night… So, let’s do what I have to do…)

 Shinji returns to the house and goes to his room. His companions are doing their roles. Emily, Lila, and the other sisters are guarding the house. Iris analyses and researches the magic used in Tenshou Country, such as the black hole and the charms. And all Shinji has to do is…

 He enters the last room at the end of the corridor and finds Freri. And one more person. It was the white-haired girl, who had been bound with ivy and unable to move before. Now, she was sitting on a cushion, stuffing her mouth full of the food served on the desk.

 ”Munch, munch, munch, munch…”

 Her facial expression was expressionless, as if her facial muscles were not functioning, and she was holding a fork awkwardly. but it was clear that she was engrossed in her meal because she moved the food into her mouth with great vigor. Freri, who has been silently watching the white-haired girl, turns to Shinji who has just visited the room.

 [Hmm, it’s good to see that we’ve come to an agreement‘.

 ”Yeah, now we can count on some of Soukai Country’s strength. But even so, she’s eating a lot”

 [That’s what happens when I teach her the feeling of deliciousness]

 Although she eats like a mess, Shinji knows that she hasn’t been taught even that. In fact, he had seen the same thing that Freri had seen last night. How the white-haired girl had been treated since she was born, what she had been doing, Shinji understood it all in the form of a dream.

 In short, she is a replaceable pawn, that is how the white-haired girl is treated. All she knows how to do is fight, and her meals are hard, portable meals. For a girl who has always eaten tasteless food, ordinary food is very tasty, and the white-haired girl has never known the feeling of “deliciousness” before.

 But the white-haired girl is treated by Freri overnight. Or rather Freri showed her a dream, which make the white-haired girl experience Freri’s childhood experiences.

 The dream made the white-haired girl experience various emotions. The love of her succubus mother and spirit father. The joy of reading books with a dark-haired child. Sadness and tears when her treasure is destroyed. The harshness and tenderness of being scolded for being naughty. The warmth of holding hands with a dark-haired child and the comfort of a hug. The white-haired girl has found a peaceful life that a normal child would experience.

 Given all at once information that was the complete opposite of the bleak life she had known, Freri whispered to the white-haired girl who had passed through confusion and was now stunned.

 [These are the feelings you should have. But this is just a small part of it. There’s so much more to the world. Don’t you want to know that?]

 The white-haired girl, who had discovered feelings and desires she had never known due to her brainwashing education, could not refuse the hand offered to her, and she chose Freri instead of Tenshou Country. Now, without restraints, she does not commit suicide or run away, but obeys Freri’s instructions.

 Therefore, just as Freri was providing such a white-haired girl with delicious meals and teaching her the senses that are natural for a human being, such as “delicious” and “fullness”, Shinji arrived.

 ”Munch, munch. Mmm…! Gulp. Apology”

 The white-haired girl was absorbed in eating, but when she realized that Shinji was watching her, she threw her fork on the table, swallowed the food in her mouth, and got down on her knees with her forehead on the floor. She was so quick that Shinji had no time to stop her.

 ”No need to bow. Rather, I want you to finish your meal first. We’ll talk afterwards, okay?”


 The white-haired girl nodded her head expressionlessly, picked up the fork she had thrown, and resumed eating. Shinji lets out a small sigh as he looks at her immature spirit.

 (I can’t believe what I saw in my dream and seeing it moving in front of my eyes. After all, it’s only been half a year since this girl was born.)

 It’s been six months since the white-haired girls were born, and it is known that they have been educated thoroughly for half a year before being deployed to the front lines. Although Shinji doesn’t know the principle of the magic, they are stimulated to grow their bodies rapidly at the birth stage until they look like adult women even if they are small in stature. This should not be easy burden.

 In fact, in Freri’s study of the body of a sleeping white-haired girl, some parts of her body have already begun to deteriorate. She says she looks like a young woman, but inside she is in her fifties.

 (A life that was created, but will run out in a year. I’m not in a position to say what other people do, but I don’t feel good about it.)

 What does a man who cuckolds other people’s women say, Shinji thinks to himself. Still, for Shinji who is a child of a succubus, it is not good for him to see women die for nothing without knowing “happiness”. In the end, Shinji’s feeling toward Tenshou Country is self-centered anger.

 (They motivate me. So much for doing this. But of course, they’re prepared to do so. I’m looking forward to it.)

 Shinji’s purpose to save his parents, and to make his opponents suffer, are added in Shinji’s mind, and Shinji becomes more and more eager to destroy Tenshou Country.

 Meanwhile, the white-haired girl finishes her meal and puts her fork on the table. She looks like a little child, not caring about the rice drops on her mouth, and Shinji smiles at her. Shinji’s eyes are level with the white-haired girl who does not move while sitting on the floor.

 ”Freri told you about your body, didn’t she?”

 ”Affirmative. Short life, regrettable”

 Her expression does not change, but it is clear that she feels regret that she has only a short time left. This means that she has developed a desire to live. Then, it is up to him to stimulate that desire.

 ”Your creator… shall we say? If we can get her, we can extend your life. How about you help us?”

 Shinji suggested to the white-haired girl with a laugh.

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