Wizard 511

Chapter 511 The Value of a Too Innocent Soul

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 The white-haired girl looked back at Shinji with a puzzled expression, not understanding what he said. On the other hand, Shinji smiled at her and continued to speak.

 ”Your life span is not long. It’s because your body is deteriorating fast. Do you understand me so far?”

 She nodded her head in silence, but Shinji kept his eyes on her as he continued.

 ”Then your life will be prolonged if you solve your physical problems. However, it is impossible to do it properly. We have to do something like remaking your entire body.”

 Freri stands behind Shinji as he speaks, and the white-haired girl looks up. She sees the long, thin, spade-shaped tail that extends from Freri’s lower back, usually hidden, swaying from side to side, but all she knows is that it is another race that must be defeated. So the white-haired girl just nods her head.

 (She really only knows the bare minimum of what she needs to know. Even if I told her I would change her body, she wouldn’t understand.)

 Her true feelings are easily seen in her emotionally aware and overly honest eyes. She didn’t understand what it meant to remake her body, and her eyes were saying “What’s that?” To the people who are willing to cooperate with him, Shinji, who usually gives polite explanations, changes his direction to a simple one.

 ”If you cooperate with us, we will help you. What I want you to do is to make a black hole again. Then I’ll make sure you don’t die. How’s that sound?”

 ”Accepted. Happiness.”

 The white-haired girl nods her head in response to Shinji’s question, her face expressionless and the only emotion in her eyes is joy. She does not understand what is involved in helping Shinji. But because she does not want to die, she cooperates. That was all.

 Now, all Shinji wants from the white-haired girl is to make a way to the base in Tenshou Country. And at this rate, she cannot be expected to be an asset from the other side. So, he would rather take her with him, in case he is attacked from behind when he defeats the other clones or the original. Leaving her behind might be safer for Shinji and the others.

 [Freri. All we need for “Corruption” is the original of this child, right?]

 [Hmm. As long as her head’s intact, nothing else matters]

 Freri can turn humans into succubus just like the succubus of the other world turned people like Eve and Clara into a succubus. This is the succubus method called <Corruption>. By transforming the white-haired girl into a succubus, Shinji and Freri intend to avert her death.

 The reason is not so much motivated by good intentions as it is by a desire to save the white-haired girl and saving her life is the bonus.

 Rather, because the original white-haired girl is no doubt a very powerful person. There is no way they can take it easy on an opponent who uses unknown magic, and without hesitation, they intend to strike the original down. Still, it would be a pity to destroy all the unknown magic and techniques that she uses.

 Therefore, when the white-haired girl was transformed into a succubus by <Corruption> magic, her soul would remain the same as the white-haired girl, but her original body would be used as her body so that the knowledge would be inherited by the newly reborn whore’s body. By sealing the inherited knowledge in the depths of her mind, she can slowly learn the magic and techniques of the original body after the battle with Tenshou Country. This is a feat made possible by the fact that the white-haired girl is a duplicate of the original.

 In addition, Freri has promised to take care of the white-haired girl who has turned into a succubus. Freri says that there are not many souls so innocent and worthy of being dyed.

 [I’ll try, but I can’t promise you that. It’s not going to be a situation where we should take it easy on them.]

 [Safety is our priority. If not, we’ll make do with what we have. Our main goal is to save Uncle and Auntie.]

 Corruption is possible right now. But, not everyone can be demonized by the magic of <Corruption>. There are various conditions, such as the amount of magic power, the quality of the soul, and so on, but the white-haired girl meets the minimum requirements. In that case, it will only result in the birth of an innocent succubus, and Freri’s favorites will only increase.

 [Yes, I know that. That’s why we’re going into the dangerous Tenshou Country. The question of why they got caught still remains…]

 [Hmm. I agree. It’s not easy to catch Uncle]

 Shinji’s foster father was famous for running away from the hero and Shinji remembers that he was the fastest in escaping by using an entangling move. The same is true for his foster mother. They were a good couple in terms of magic, though not so good in terms of physical skills.

 If Shinji wanted to capture his foster parents, he would have to avoid a situation in which they would compete with each other in magic, and he would have to create an advantageous situation by using his subordinates who are good at physical skills such as Emily’s.

 [Since we don’t know how the enemy captured him, we have no choice but to be flexible. I’m counting on you, Freri]

 [I’ll take care of her first. We’ll find a way to go directly to Tenshou Country with Iris. Shinji takes care of the other things]

 Shinji stands up in front of the white-haired girl, who stares back at him with innocent eyes. Freri squats down to replace Shinji and wipes the white-haired girl’s mouth clean with a handkerchief. The white-haired girl is quiet and does as she is told, and looks as if Freri is taking care of a big child who needs a lot of help.

 [You look like a parent and child…]

 [I’m just educating her. I don’t treat her like a child]

 [I know. I’m just making a joke. If you’re going to educate her, you’re going to have to teach her how to talk to me. It’s hard for me to talk to you the way I do now]

 […this is good enough]

 The reason why the white-haired girl seems to be attached to Freri is because she was suddenly released from the brainwashing-like education and has no one else to rely on. Freri takes care of the white-haired girl because she is of use to her. Shinji’s jokes are also made because he understands this relationship.

 [I’ll leave the detailed education to you so you can do whatever you want]


 After hearing the brief understanding, Shinji leaves the room. There are still countless things to consider. Shinji’s mind is occupied with thoughts to increase the success rate of rescuing his foster parent as much as possible.

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