Wizard 513

Chapter 513 Tsubaki’s First Experience, Part One

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 ”Well then, I’ll put a crest on you right away, Princess. Is that all right?”

 ”Yes, please. But… what should I do?”

 After Tsubaki takes a deep breath, Shinji gets down on one knee in front of her and nods her head when she asks him. Her knowledge of s*xual intercourse is for her future husband, but at the same time she doesn’t know what to do because she has only heard that the only way to get a lewd crest is to ejaculate inside her, so she waits for Shinji’s reaction.

 ”As I told you yesterday, it is necessary to ejaculate inside you. It is a path for me to put my magical energy into you and for us to exchange our thoughts… in other words, to make a connection. So we will not do anything special. We will just have normal s*xual intercourse”

 Shinji’s words are true. His explanation is not enough, though. In the first place, a lewd crest is a sign that one has given in to pleasure. It is necessary to ejaculate the magic sperm into the vagina, but what is more important is to subvert the body to the point that it cannot resist the pleasure given to it, no matter what the mind or heart is telling them.

 If the relationship is only for a one-night stand, it can be done in a flash by using hypnotic magic without making Tsubaki feel carefully. From Shinji’s point of view, Tsubaki is an otherworldly being just like Hayate, and he is holding her in order to capture her magic power.

 Besides, although she is Kuroumaru’s love interest, Tsubaki does not have any feelings of love for Kuroumaru yet. If Tsubaki has feelings for Koumaru, Shinji would like to imprint her body with unquenchable pleasure, but he is reluctant to do so because she is not Koumaru’s lover. But being beautiful is not enough to make Shinji’s heart beat faster.

 Moreover, Soukai Country is a country in a different world from Shinji’s own. Considering the fact that the <World Gate> is very tiring and requires a lot of magical power, Shinji had no intention to continue the relationship with a nobleman whom he did not like that much and whom he had turned into a friend of his. If he continued to have a relationship with Tsubaki, Soukai Country would follow, so he did not want to risk any unnecessary trouble.

 However, if Tsubaki has a nice body that Shinji likes, it would be a different story. He cannot call himself the son of a succubus without teaching her the pleasures of a woman. In short, he is prepared to suffer some disadvantages if he has to live like a son of a succubus.

 ”I know you’re new to this, princess, so I was hoping you’d leave it to me”

 ”…Then, I’ll leave it to you”

 Shinji smiles at her with the same gentle smile he had when he and Tsubaki were discussing magic. Tsubaki is relieved to see him behave like a gentleman even right before intercourse.

* * *

 After that, Shinji sits on the futon on which Tsubaki sits, behind her. Tsubaki is completely wrapped in Shinji’s arms, and his arms are wrapped around her stomach. Tsubaki, who had expected to be stripped out of her yukata first, was a little disappointed.

 Still. Shinji’s hands touched Tsubaki’s breasts, not missing the momentary tension. His hands touch her breasts as if supporting them from below, and she feels the weight of his hands on her breasts.

 ”Mmm… Um, Shinji…?”

 ”What is it? Princess”

 Shinji’s caresses are weak, as if he were wrapping her in his arms after touching her breasts, which are bouncing and jiggling against each other. His touch, as if he was caressing her skin through her yukata, was only slightly distorted by her large breasts, which did not fit in the palm of his hand.

 ”…No, it’s nothing. Please continue”

 ”I will”

 The kind of intercourse that Tsubaki knows is for procreation. Both the way she serves her husband and the way she accepts the p*nis are knowledge to produce a child.

 After all, in this male-dominated world, s*xual intercourse is a practice in which the man behaves as he desires and the woman accepts him without saying a word. The lady-in-waiting who gave Tsubaki s*xual knowledge also once told her that s*xual intercourse was difficult to get used to. Tsubaki, who had been preparing herself for what she was about to be subjected to, was relieved to hear Shinji’s gentle touch on her breast.

 ”Mmm… hmm… Haa~… Mmm…. Haa~…”

 But that was only the beginning. Shinji casts a spell to increase the sensitivity of her body by touching her breasts, and just his fingers crawling on her yukata make her feel comfortable. When he gently grabs her breasts with both hands, her shoulders jump, but she blushes with pleasure as he plays with her breasts, and she sits quietly.

 ”Mmmm♡~~ Mm, mmm….”

 When Shinji drops his lips on the white nape of her neck, the sensitive skin is stimulated, and for the first time, a sweet voice comes out from Tsubaki’s mouth. Her ears instantly turn red, and she shrinks back, but as Shinji carefully squeezes her breasts, her body slowly relaxes again.

 ”Princess. You can lean your back against me. It would be easier”

 ”That’s… Y-yes…”

 Leaning back means stretching out the back. This means that the breasts being squeezed by Shinji become more vulnerable. Despite her embarrassment, Tsubaki obeys Shinji’s advice.

 ”Mm, mmm… Ah~♡ Mm, mmm… Ah~♡”

 The warmth of Shinji’s body against her back is comforting, but her mouth is still tightly closed. Shinji tries to kiss Tsubaki’s shoulders and earlobes, but they remain closed, but not when he touches the tips of her breasts through her yukata.

 (D-don’t do it on the nipples… My voice will come out…)

 The undeveloped breast has been rubbed for a long time with increasing sensitivity, and as a result, the nipples have become hard and erect. Even through her thin yukata, her swollen nipples become visible, and Tsubaki turns redder and redder with shame.

 Shinji’s hand slipped into the gap between her yukata. He grabbed her breast directly, and when his hand started to caress her more forcefully, Tsubaki felt a strong pleasure and choked out a moan.

 ”Your voice, I don’t think you have to hold it… Isn’t it painful?”


 Shinji’s voice sounds concerned, but Tsubaki can only express her feelings by shaking her head from side to side. If she tried to respond with her mouth, she was not sure she could hold in her charming voice. After all, she does not want to be lewd in this act that she is obliged to do, because she thinks it is immoral to make a charming sound.

 However, Shinji, who had made many women squeal, was the other party. Taking advantage of Tsubaki’s inability to speak in order to keep from screaming, Shinji begins to caress her breasts more and more.

 While playing with her breasts with one hand and tweaking her nipples with the other, he dexterously pulls off her yukata, exposes her shoulders, and half undresses, then grabs her exposed breasts with both hands. One breast alone felt so good, but when she was caressed on both of them at the same time, Tsubaki became more and more unable to move.

 (I didn’t know that breasts could feel so good…♡)

 Tsubaki’s face is changing into a fascinated look as she is now completely resting her back on Shinji’s chest. Her breath is hot from Shinji’s caresses, as he rubs her breasts, grabs her breasts again, and changes the place of touch, occasionally touching her nipples.

 ”Huff… Huff~♡ Mmm~♡ Haa~, mmm…♡”

 ”It seems that your breasts are your erogenous zone, Princess. I’d like to touch them too”

 ”A-are you still touching… Ahh~♡ Mmm, mm…”

 When Shinji squeezes Tsubaki’s breast hard enough to make her open her mouth, she immediately shuts up. But then Shinji whispers in her ear. Shinji’s breath on her ear is enough to give her a slight pleasure, and her body is completely aroused.

 ”Yes. If you don’t get me wet enough, it will hurt. I’ve rubbed your breasts a lot… how do you feel, princess? Aren’t you wet already?”

 (~~~♡ This much…♡ Me…♡)

 At Shinji’s words, Tsubaki notices for the first time that the underwear she is wearing is wet. She turns bright red, and her reaction is the best proof of this. Shinji smiles faintly, but he just turns his head forward and doesn’t notice.

 ”…Uh, that’s enough, ahhh~♡”

 Shinji’s words of admonishment are interrupted by Shinji’s squeezing both nipples. Tsubaki’s body shudders from the sudden, powerful pleasure.

 ”Princess, the first time is painful if not wet carefully. There is plenty of time. There’s no need to be in a hurry”

 ”Ahh~♡ Haa~, haa…♡ Haa~, haah~♡”

 Shinji gently rubs her nipples with his fingers, and she can’t help but make sweet noises as he continues.

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