Wizard 514

Chapter 514 Tsubaki’s First Experience, Part Two

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 (It’s totally different from what I heard…♡ My chest, my body, it’s hot…♡)

 Tsubaki, who was trying her best to keep her mouth shut, was losing her concentration on her thoughts due to the relentless breast massage. The experiences of the lady-in-waiting who was in charge of teaching her to be patient until she got used to the pain were not at all reliable.

 She has to endure the pleasure instead of the pain, but her breasts, transformed by Shinji’s hands into a magnificent s*xual zone, are so sensitive that no matter how he touches them, they make Tsubaki feel good. In fact, she had already climaxed twice.

 (Oh~♡ Ah…♡ There’s something coming again…♡)

 Shinji rubs her breasts, sliding his hands from the base to the tips, and for the third time she feels a climax coming, but once again she can’t come and can only breathe heavily.

 (Why…♡ I was so close to climaxing…♡)

 On the other hand, Shinji looks down at Tsubaki, who involuntarily wriggles to put her nipple against Shinji’s finger, and Shinji finally proceeds to the next stage of the action.

 ”Ah…♡ Ah…♡”

 ”Let’s get you plenty wet and make you loose, princess.”

 His right hand goes down through the gap in her yukata. His fingers caress her breasts, stomach, and navel, and then slip inside her underwear. Her unconscious desire for pleasure makes no sign of resistance, and she allows his fingers to touch her open crotch.

 Shinji’s fingers touch her secret part, and rubs it first to see her reaction. Naturally, this is the first time for Tsubaki to be touched by the opposite s*x. And under normal circumstances, it would not be pleasant for her to be touched on her undeveloped secret part, but her body is already prepared for it by the pleasure Shinji’s hands spread from her breasts to her whole body.

 ”Mm, mmm…♡ Mm, mmm…♡”

 As soon as she could, Tsubaki covered her mouth with her hand. If she didn’t, she wouldn’t be able to hold back her charming voice. That’s what she thought. And she was right. Under the caress of Shinji’s fingers, a lewd sound begins to emanate from Tsubaki’s secret parts. When he caresses her breasts at the same time, Tsubaki is at the mercy of the pleasure he is giving her.

 ”It’s loosening little by little, princess. I’m going to give you a good massage.”

 ”Mm, mmm…♡ Huff, huff~♡ Mm, mmmmm~♡”

 ”Don’t do that. I can’t let you writhe in pain…”

 Tsubaki shakes her head helplessly as if she has had enough, but Shinji’s hand does not stop moving. On the contrary, his fingers slowly entered her vagina, rubbing up and down the inside. And an unknown pleasure rushes through her, causing Tsubaki’s hips to quiver and she lets out the loudest muffled cry.

 (No… why does it feel so good…♡ Although what everyone says, nothing happened…♡)

 Tsubaki’s expression changed to one of enchantment as she felt even better than when he tweaked her nipples. Every time his fingers rubbed her vaginal wall, she felt a numbing pleasure and increased the amount of her love juice dripping down her vagina. At the same time, his fingers also continued to caress her breasts, and his tongue crawled on her neck, raising the pleasure and blurring Tsubaki’s thoughts as she felt the pleasure in her whole body.

 Tsubaki, who is about to climax for the fourth time, keeps her mouth covered with her hands, but Shinji does not like it. He whispers into Tsubaki’s ear, whose face is now completely that of a woman.

 ”There is no need to hold back your voice just because it is a ceremony. Please do as you please, princess…”

 (As my please…♡)

 The hand that had been forcibly holding her mouth loosens its grip, and her arm hangs down lazily. It was a proof that the expectation of pleasure exceeded the sense of duty and shame to carve a lewd crest. The body, which has lost unnecessary strength, feels the pleasure more directly, and Tsubaki bends her body back.

 ”Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Ahhh~♡”

 Every part of Shinji’s touch feels good. And having been stopped three times, Tsubaki is completely at his mercy, her thoughts filled with the anticipation of climax. In response to her expectation, Shinji’s finger touched her clitoris, the most sensitive part of her body. The pleasure of his gentle stroking made Tsubaki release all the pleasure that had built up in her body, and the feeling of euphoria burned her mind blank.


 Tsubaki’s body is shaken by the violent climax she has finally achieved, but she does not fall down thanks to Shinji’s embrace. As she feels secure in his strong arms, Shinji continues to gently caress her secret parts. Tsubaki’s secret parts began to make a squelching sound even after she climaxed, and she was completely relaxed.

 Now, Shinji gently turned Tsubaki, who was still in a daze, on her back, and moved her. She finally comes back to herself when she sees Shinji sitting between her legs in a normal position.

 ”Haaa~, haaa~… ahh…♡”

 Shinji takes off his yukata, and reveals a well-trained body, not unlike a wizard’s. His body is a gap between the body of a toned warrior and the body of a man who does not need to be a wizard. Feeling the gap between the tight warrior’s body and the rest of his body, Tsubaki’s face blushes.

 In this world, slender and stylish women are looked upon favorably. That is the reason why Tsubaki was wearing a kimono, a sarashi or a stuffed kimono. On the other hand, men. In this world, a well-trained and well-damaged body is a major factor. They want to heal their bodies and hearts from the war. There are many women who want to do so, and Tsubaki is no exception.

 (I wonder what kind of battles Shinji has experienced…)

 Tsubaki is more concerned with Shinji’s past than with her sense of duty for the ritual, but as her gaze moves down along his body, it comes to his cock, which is erect and big. The sight of a much bigger p*nis than she had imagined takes Tsubaki’s breath away.

 ”It’s all right. I’ve loosened you up so well that I don’t think it will hurt that much.”

 Reflexively, Tsubaki’s hips lift up to escape, but Shinji grabs her hips and she falls back down on the futon again. When the tip of his p*nis is pressed against her private parts, there is a Squelch~♡ sound.

 ”Are you afraid?”


 Tsubaki, before she had lost her ability to think, would never have said a weak word. But now, her mind has been stripped bare by pleasure. Temporarily forgetting her position as the princess of Soukai Country, Tsubaki nods her head.

 ”Now, here’s what we’re going to do. Please grab my shoulders. It doesn’t matter how much force you put into it.”


 With his cock still in place, Shinji leaned down and covered Tsubaki, making her put her arms on his shoulders. Feeling the reassurance and comfort of Shinji’s gentle smile on her face and his grip on her shoulders, Tsubaki slowly nodded her head.

 Shinji’s hips are slowly thrust forward, and his p*nis pries open her vaginal walls. As Tsubaki raises her eyebrows at the pain of having her virgin membrane breached, Shinji slowly inserts his p*nis into her.

 (It hurts, but… it doesn’t hurt anymore…?)

 The pain of losing her virginity is so small that she is even confused. Unaware of the effect of Shinji’s hypnotic magic, Tsubaki concentrates on the sensation of his penetration and grips his shoulders tightly.

 (It’s really coming in… The pressure is really, really strong…)

 The pressure of the p*nis, which she was even afraid of, was an unknown sensation, but she was able to accept it immediately because there was no pain. Still, it was thanks to Tsubaki’s talent that Shinji’s big cock could be inserted smoothly all the way to the base.

 In his life, Shinji has held many women, but he has never held a princess of a country. In addition to the pleasure that can only be obtained by holding a noble woman, Shinji realizes his good fortune that Tsubaki has the ability to suck a p*nis to the deepest part of the vagina at the first time of insertion. With a gentle expression on his face, he smiles inwardly at the fact that this is a woman who not only has good breasts, but also a good vagina.

 ”I’ve inserted it. Are you okay? Does it hurt?”

 ”Yes. …But it feels strange…♡”

 Shinji removes his hands from her waist, supports her body with his right hand on the bed, and rubs her breast with his left hand. Tsubaki feels shy to be stared at up close, which made her looks away from him. Still, his fingertips play with her erect nipples, and her vagina tightens up.

 (Not only my breasts, but also my vagina feels good…♡)

 The pleasure she feels from her nipples being teased is also felt from her vagina where the cock is inserted, making Tsubaki’s eyes wander around. The first time is painful and hard. She was aware of this and couldn’t believe that her first time with Shinji was not only painful but also pleasant.

 She looked down and saw Shinji’s big cock was fully inserted into her. Then he slowly pulled his hips back and pushed his hips forward again, and the head of his cock thrust deep into my vagina with a thud.


 A little cry escapes from Tsubaki’s mouth. Shinji hears her voice and starts a gentle piston movement. Tsubaki’s hands are tightened as she feels a clear pleasure from the act of his hot cock rubbing up and down her vaginal wall.

 ”Haa…♡ Ah…♡ Nn, haa…♡”

 Now, tsubaki’s panting sound and the sound of the cock stirring her secret parts echoes in the room.

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