Wizard 515

Chapter 515 Tsubaki’s First Experience, Part Three

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 Shinji’s long and thick cock is slowly pulled out from Tsubaki’s vagina, as she tries to keep her voice down, though she can no longer hide her moaning. At the same time, her vagina tightens up, sending strong pleasure to Tsubaki’s head, causing her to clench both of her hands.

 The p*nis stops just before it is pulled out, and when it comes back in again, the walls of the vagina wriggle, begging the p*nis to come in. At the beginning, she was puzzled by the pressure, but after experiencing the piston movement several times, Tsubaki clearly felt the pleasure of the cock rubbing inside her vagina. Especially, the pleasure of the cock gently touching the back of her vagina was so intense that Tsubaki was confused by the pleasure echoing in the core of her body.

 (I can’t… do this…. Although this is a necessary ritual… if it’s like this, if it’s like this…♡)

 Shinji’s hips are gentle and soft, even caring about Tsubaki’s first time. With each thrust, Tsubaki felt the heat of pleasure building up in her body. As the heat builds up, the sensitivity of the body increases, and the heat builds up further. Tsubaki somehow guessed that this buildup is called climax.

 (I was told that climax can only be experienced if I get used to intercourse…and that intercourse will be easier if I can climax…♡ So I’m going to climax for the first time….♡)

 Tsubaki remembers her teacher’s words. Her eyebrows are furrowed, her mouth is half-open, and her cheeks are stained red. She doesn’t realize that the way she is trying hard to hold it in only makes Shinji more tense, because she thinks it’s not good to be lewd.

 She wants him to ejaculate and be done with it. It is natural for Tsubaki to feel this way, since she can’t go lecherous. If it were an ordinary man, he would not be able to insert his cock into Tsubaki a long time, but his partner is Shinji who can make even a succubus squeal.

 And because he is a man with a great cock, Tsubaki is able to receive Shinji’s woman-killing p*nis, and she is able to take all the pleasure that he is giving her. As Shinji continues his piston movement, Tsubaki’s vagina becomes accustomed to the best in the world.

 Now, Tsubaki, who understands that she is in a position to ask for help, and that she is in the middle of a ritual for that purpose, can’t possibly ask for an early end to this. She tried to endure until Shinji ejaculated, endured… and soon reached her limit.

 ”Mm~♡ ~~…♡”

 She clawed at his shoulders, forcibly closed her lips to muffle her voice, and her vagina clamped down hard and tight on his cock. As the thought of her first vaginal orgasm fades from her mind, she stops moving and feels more vividly the sensation of the hard cock that continues to occupy her vagina. Strong and strong, Tsubaki felt so.

 ”Huff~♡ Huff~♡ Nn, haa…♡”

 ”Did you come? Are you all right? Princess.”

 ”Huff…♡ Huff~♡ I’m sorry, it’s just me…♡ during the ritual…♡”

 Shinji smiles with a smile that suggests he can relax, and Tsubaki blushes and averts her gaze. It is shameful to climax without waiting for a man’s ejaculation. Still, Shinji keeps smiling as he speaks to Tsubaki, who is caught up in the common sense of this world, which is male-dominated.

 ”It’s all right. I know it’s different in your country, but in my country, men are happy when a woman feels something. So…”

 Shinji moves his hips again, sensing that the vaginal groaning has calmed down. Shinji poked and prodded at the back of Tsubaki’s vagina, which was now secreting more love juice due to her climax.


 ”You can cum as many times as you want until I cum. Making noises and being lewd are normal for me. Even though it is a ritual, it is still intercourse.”

 A sensual moan escapes from Tsubaki’s mouth as her vagina, which is steadily being developed, is penetrated. Tsubaki hastily closes her mouth and turns her face away from him, looking up at Shinji’s face with a sideways glance, which has not changed from a smile.

 Tsubaki knows that Shinji’s words are not false. The night before, Tsubaki had heard the shadows and voices of the women who had been mingling with Shinji. She only saw shadows, but the sight was so lewd that it made her nose bleed. The shadows and voices remain in her mind. She could be just like them, and Shinji would accept it.

 Now, she was conflicted. She knows it is wrong to be a slut as a princess. Her heart tells her no, but the sweet experience of her first vaginal intercourse makes her hesitate to make a decision. Seeing this, Shinji is not so naive as to overlook the slightest hesitation.

 ”Ahh…♡ Ah…♡ S-Shin, ji…♡ Wait… Mm, mmm~♡ Mmm~♡ Haa~♡ Haaa~♡”

 The vagina, which had become accustomed to Shinji’s cock while they were talking, tightened happily when the piston movement started. The use of his hips was not as gentle as before, but more forceful, and Tsubaki wondered with a white head if there was more to the pleasure.

 She also could no longer hold back her moaning. After all, the pleasure burns her brain with each thrust, depriving her of the ability to think. The pretense that she is a princess, that it is a ritual, is also eroded along with her ability to think.

 ”Again, something…♡ is coming… Ahhh~♡”

 Tsubaki climaxed for the second time as she was penetrated deep inside her vagina. Tsubaki’s second climax is much more pleasant than the first one, which she had been desperately trying to hold back, and her back is lifted up, and a muffled cry escapes from her mouth.

 ”Haa~♡ haa~♡ amazing…♡ so fluffy…♡”

 She murmurs in a daze, her expression of debauchery and dreaminess. While she climaxes, Shinji rubs her breast and continues to pleasure her so that she does not come back to herself. Only he can make her feel comfortable with her vagina sucking on his cock.

 (The words are starting to come out of her mouth more honestly now, aren’t they?)

 ”Ah~♡ I can’t believe you’re doing this together~♡ Haa, haaa~♡”

 Tsubaki’s jaw dropped as she was tortured on her breasts and vagina at the same time. Tsubaki’s lasciviousness is being taught by Shinji one after another. On the other hand, satisfied that he has been able to teach the pleasure to someone who is not easily fucked, Shinji smiles.

 The torture immediately after the climax was not strong. However, if he continued to torture her sensitive body, she would climax a third time in a short period of time. Tsubaki experienced for the first time a vaginal come, even a series of climaxes in which she was made to cum in succession.

 (Already, everything feels so good…♡ And, it feels warm in the pit of my stomach…♡)

 Shinji climaxes twice in a short time and ejaculates into the slumbering Tsubaki’s vagina. Tsubaki realizes that she has been vaginally ejaculated by Shinji, when she regains consciousness from the afterglow and looks down to see a pale pinkish glow on her vagina.

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