Wizard 516

Chapter 516 Tsubaki Learns How to Exchange Thoughts

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 Tsubaki looks down and sees a pale pink glow on top of her vagina, and feels relieved that the ritual has been successful. Shinji’s caresses have stopped, and her thinking ability, which had been affected by the pleasure, is beginning to return to normal. But things are not back to normal.

 Shinji’s lower body still between her legs spread wide open. His cock, still erect after ejaculation, is still in Tsubaki’s vagina. At the sight of the thick p*nis halfway in the vagina, which had frightened her before intercourse, makes her turn her eyes away from the scene. But since the intercourse felt so good, the fear of the cock was gone from Tsubaki.

 (It’s still big… I heard that men get smaller once they take it out… but… it hasn’t changed at all…)

 Tsubaki was just continuing to feel the heat and firmness of the cock that was still in her vagina, and the heat in her body that she had once felt was returning. Shinji’s hands on her breasts were also warm and comfortable. Therefore, the words “please pull out” did not come out of her mouth immediately.


 ”The lewd crest is properly attached. Princess, do you feel any discomfort in your body?”

 ”No… I’m fine…”

 Shinji’s hands left her breasts and with his right hand he touched her vagina, which was covered with the crest. This makes her even more aware of the p*nis in her vagina, which makes her blush more and more.

 (She got used to it so quickly. Princess has an excellent vagina, too. Like Tina, it’s easy for a strong-minded woman to dye her vagina if I give them a reason to accept it)

 On the other hand, it is also said that it is impossible to corrupt a woman’s heart if there is no convincing reason. If it were not for the fact that Shinji = Jin, Christina would not have fallen into the trap and would have resisted.

 In the case of Tsubaki, it is significant that she had agreed to have s*xual intercourse in the first place. Although she was confused about pleasure, she did not reject it, and what she endured was only the way of expressing pleasure, but she accepted the pleasure itself as “pleasant”. Therefore, it was easy to carve the lewd crest on them.

 In addition, Tsubaki was aware that Shinji was the lifeline of the nation, and because of his status as a guest whom she had invited, she had to some extent allowed him to befriend her. Moreover, since Tsubaki’s body is suitable for Shinji’s thing, she is at the peak of her physical and mental performance, and she is feeling pleasantly fatigued. The experience of sharing the joint work of intercourse, which is usually done by a married couple, has made Tsubaki more open to Shinji, even if she is unaware of it. In fact, she only hides her breasts with her arms and does not ask Shinji to pull out his cock, which is a proof of this.

 ”Let’s hide the crests first”

 When the pink glow disappeared, there was only clean skin, and Tsubaki breathed a sigh of relief. She doesn’t understand the logic behind this, but she has no other choice but to let it go, knowing that this is just another one of Shinji’s magic tricks.

 ”Next, how to use it… it’s quite simple. Think of the person you want to talk to, apply the magic power, and think of the words you want to say. Then you can send a thought like this”

 [Then you can send a thought like this. Let’s practice]

 Shinji’s voice echoed directly in Tsubaki’s head as he continued to speak without pulling out his thing, and Tsubaki’s eyes widened. Tsubaki, who has never heard a thought before, does as he is told and gazes into Shinji’s face. Having only spent a few days together, Tsubaki is unable to picture his face clearly with her eyes closed. So, she naturally gazes at him.

 [It’s embarrassing… that Shinji is watching me… and the fact that it’s in there makes me jump… Ahhh~♡]

 Unaccustomed to magic, Tsubaki’s thoughts were leaking out in her thoughts. Shinji notices this and makes his cock jiggle, which conveys her state of mind. Shinji returns the thought while enjoying Tsubaki’s still novice reaction.

 [It is a success. The condition has now been fulfilled.]

 [Did you, by any chance, receive my thoughts?! Please pretend you didn’t hear that…]

 Tsubaki is so embarrassed that she covers her face with her hands that were covering her breasts. But her behavior makes Shinji want to grab her hands and pull them away from her face, and make her moan by shaking his hips while watching her shy face.

 Nevertheless, his cock becomes more energetic with excitement, and Tsubaki, who senses Shinji’s arousal from the increased pressure, looks at Shinji through the gap between her fingers. Shinji notices a hint of expectation in her eyes.

 (I’d like to go on like this again, but… I have to hold back for now. If Tsubaki doesn’t ask me out, she might think I’m the guy who forced her into a relationship after the ritual. That would be a problem for the future. In order to help my foster parents.)

 He is depressed by the sadness of having not continued, but it would be a bad idea to let his temporary feelings affect him when he thinks of the time when Tsubaki will be calm. He needs to make sure that Tsubaki knows that she can rely on him to keep the contract. Although Tsubaki’s invitation was more challenging to his reason than he had imagined, Shinji pulls back his hips and pulls out his p*nis as planned, and a regretful breath escapes from Tsubaki’s mouth.

 [I understand. But it’s not right to let your thoughts come across as you think. Shall we clean ourselves up and practice a little?]

 [L-Let’s do that!]

 Tsubaki notices the sensation of semen dripping from her vagina and starts to move to grab the cloth in a hurry. With her back turned to Shinji who is adjusting his clothes, or more precisely, glancing at his erect cock with a sideways glance, she deals with the dripping semen.

 The heat left in her body halfway through the session makes her body restless. Even if Shinji had started to buck his hips without removing his cock, Tsubaki would not have been able to stop him. The s*xual intercourse with Shinji was a series of unknown pleasures, the most intense and sweetest experience she had ever had.

 (I still have a tingle in the back of my body…♡)

 Tsubaki, still hot from the heat in her vagina, wriggles her legs and adjusts her clothes. Tsubaki doesn’t know yet how the lingering scent of the pleasure that has been instilled in her body will affect her tomorrow and beyond.

 (I have to concentrate… my thoughts (this) is an important means of communication…)

 While Tsubaki is calming down, Shinji cleans and arranges the bedding, which is soiled with love juice and semen, with his magic. After she had calmed down, Tsubaki practiced the exchange of thoughts with Shinji and learned how to do it.

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