Wizard 517

Chapter 517 Shinji Assumes a Force to Gather

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 Shinji, who has carved a lewd crest on Tsubaki so that they can communicate with each other, tells her that he will return to his home country for a day. He also tells her that she can communicate with his contracted spirit, Freri, on Shinji’s behalf, because of the distance between them.

 On the other hand, Iris and the other <Green Traveler> are to remain in Soukai Country while continuing their research on Tenshou Country magic in their remote residence. Fortunately, Emily has to go back with Shinji because she has to work at the Wolf house. The purpose was to gather help in venturing into Tenshou Country, but Shinji told Tsubaki that he had to go back to his home country to do his work.

 Then, early in the morning of the next day, Shinji and Emily pass through the <World Gate> and return to their original world. They had stayed in the world of conflict until just two days before the time limit, but less than two hours had passed in the original world. The sky outside, which can be seen from the Miko’s room, is bright with the moon and stars.

 ”Welcome home… Danna-sama… where is everyone else?”

 Miko Arian, who had been maintaining the <World Gate>, looks doubtful, but Shinji and Emily are behaving as usual, so she guesses there must be a reason. Shinji smiled at her when she asked him about it without hesitation.

 ”I’ve asked them to stay over there for some reasons. I’ll explain why now, okay?”

 ”Yes… I understand… I still have some magic power left…”

 ”Then I’ll go back first, it will take some time!”

 ”Flair will take care of it. Thank you again, Emily”

 Emily said with a smile and disappeared in a flash of light, to be replaced by Flair. She was holding a tray with both hands, on which was a tea set.

 ”I sent her to your room-noja. Let’s talk over a cup of tea-noja”

 ”Yes, of course. I’d like to ask Flair to help me with something…”

 ”Arian is fine as well…”

 Shinji looks sideways at Miko Arian’s reaction and she smiles and nods. Shinji and the others sit around a table in the round chairs set up in the Miko’s room. As the aroma of Flair’s tea wafts through the air, Shinji takes turns recounting the events of the two days he spent in the world of conflict. By the time Shinji finishes, Flair takes her seat, and the three of them sip their tea as they talk.

 ”I’m glad father-in law and mother-in-law were found… but I never thought they would be in such a state…”

 ”To be honest, I was surprised. They were both so fast on the run that it never occurred to me that they were being held captive by someone”

 ”Aren’t you worried?”

 Miko Arian looked at Shinji with concern. But Shinji shakes his head because he is not worried about his parents-in-law.

 He and Freri review the white-haired girl’s memory several times and confirm that there is no change in them or the other people trapped. Although they are treated like a magic tank, they seem to be taken good care of, and it is very unlikely that they will be harmed. When Shinji told them this, Flair looked satisfied.

 ”I see. So you want to ask for my help! If it’s for the sake of helping your parents, I’m sure the Goddess won’t say no, but I just want to make sure-noja”

 ”Thank you, Flair. If you are going to talk to the Goddess, I would like to ask for Sylphy’s help if possible”

 Flair’s eyes were serious as she looked at Shinji, who was thinking of Sylphy, a high-ranking spirit of the wind who had not appeared since the contract with Hayate was terminated.

 ”What is it? Aren’t I and Freri enough? Are you going to gather a force like you did when you slayed the dragon?”

 ”Yes. I can’t call Alvin and the others this time… So, I’m going to ask Marie, Shizuku, and Eve to join us. I’m going to call in Clara (The succubus besides Eve) to watch over us, and Sylphy and Flair too. We may be overpowered, but we’re dealing with a wizard who can make copies of himself. I have to be careful”

 Shinji’s approach to everyone he can reach who knows he is an apostle of the Goddess is even better than Hateyama’s slaying of the dragon. Shinji, who wanted to settle the matter once and for all, was going to take all possible measures.

 ”I wish I could have helped you, Danna-sama…”

 ”I’m sorry. Arian has to keep the <World Gate> open. Will you protect the place I’m going back to?”

 ”Yes, Danna-sama. Arian believes that you can help father-in-law and mother-in-law safely…”

 ”But you know what? I’m worried that Shinji will wither away-noja. Two more succubus, even if they’re apprentices… noja? No matter how good Shinji is…”

 He can’t take Miko Arian there. She is the one who maintains the <World Gate> so that Shinji and the others can travel around the world of conflict without any worries. So, now, Miko Arian lays her hand on Shinji’s hand on the round table. Shinji moves his fingers to squeeze her hand back, and Flair murmurs.

 On the other hand, Flair’s concern is valid. Even if Shizuku does not ask for intercourse, there are twelve of them left. Marie and Sylphy are the only two high ranking spirits who have a rare opportunity to do it, and since they can devour pleasure without any hesitation, it can be imagined that they will do it all night long. The same would be true for Eve and Clara. And then there are the <Green Traveler>, Emily, Flair, Miko Arian and Freri.

 But Shinji does not intend to make a random move when it comes to women. He is a son of a succubus who must satisfy each and every one of them and make them enjoy the pleasure. No matter how long it took, he was going to pay them their just reward for their work.

 ”I hope the Goddess will let me use that room again. Well, we’ll make it work. We can’t cut corners in the preparations, so I’m sure it’s necessary”

 ”…She can do it later. You can do it whenever you want”

 ”Arian, too… I’d like to take my time with Danna-sama…♡”

 Shinji feels the warmth of Miko Arian’s hand on his cheek, and he looks back at the concerned Flair with a wry smile as he contemplates his move for tomorrow.

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