Wizard 518

Chapter 518 Renka’s Worries, The Decision to Follow

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 The morning after asking Miko Arian for a favor.

 Shinji was working in the vault of the Wolf family. He had to know who, when, and where to spend the money. What to buy, whether the price is right or not, his work is detailed, and it is tedious but necessary to keep track of the numbers and the documents.

 ”Shinji, why don’t you take a break? I’ve brought snacks”

 ”Is it that late already…? Thank you, Renka”

 Time passed as Shinji worked in silence, and when he felt thirsty, Renka visited him in the vault. Shinji puts down his pen and stands up. He moves to the sofa and sits down, stretching his shoulders and neck. Renka, on the other hand, sits next to Shinji as she places coffee and tea in front of him, rubbing his hardened muscles.

 She is dressed in the same servant’s clothes as Shinji since she works at the office on a day off. She is dressed in a simple white shirt and long pants, which suits her slender figure very well.

 ”Shinji, I know you are working as an apostle for about two hours this evening. Is there anything I can do?”

 Renka asked as she sipped her coffee and took a sip, and Shinji blinked. When he looks next to her, he sees her staring at him, and he can see the concern in her eyes.

 He had not told Renka that he was in another world, and had told her that he would go out at night to do his work as an apostle. Of course, there is no way he could tell her that his foster parents are being held captive. Although Shinji was acting as usual, Renka had noticed subtle changes in him. Since the changes have occurred since Shinji’s return from the apostle’s work, Renka believes that the apostle’s work is the cause of the changes.

 ”I don’t have anything to ask you at the moment, but… what’s going on all of a sudden?”

 ”Shinji, you’ve been a little tense since you came back yesterday. Something happened with the apostle’s work, didn’t it?”

 ”…You’re very perceptive. I’m not as sharp as Renka”

 ”I can tell. It’s Shinji I’m talking about”

 Shinji is surprised but does not want to tell Renka what happened. He decides to tell Renka only after he has rescued his foster parents and is able to meet with them. However, he is glad of Renka’s concern, though he does not feel good about just saying no. So, he says to her.

 ”I’m sorry, but I can’t talk to Renka either. I’ll tell you when I’m done, so please wait for now”

 ”Hmm, geez… I get it. But you’ll tell me when you’re ready, okay?”

 ”Yeah, I know”

 After giving her an answer, Shinji puts his coffee cup on the table. He slowly leans his body against hers, and Renka takes the weight of his body and wraps her arms around him to hug him. She is not happy about not being able to know the reason, but thinking that the Goddess has forbidden him to tell anyone, she cannot force him to tell her, so Renka relents.

 Now, Shinji’s hand touched Renka’s chin, and when she turned her head slightly upward, his face came closer. The kiss was gentle, just a touch, different from when they had shared the bed, and her lips quirked up.

 ”I’ll be fooled by this for today. I don’t know what you’re doing, but please come back safely”

 ”Of course, I will. I don’t want to die either. No way I’m leaving Renka behind. More importantly…”

 With a gentle touch, Shinji’s hand caresses the top of Renka’s womb. Shinji smiles at her as she blushes, remembering the hot seed that poured into her last night.

 ”I’m going to make sure Renka has my baby. So, I’ll come back no matter what”

 ”…Yeah. I believe you, Shinji~♡”

 For now, Renka and Milis are still contracepted by Shinji to prevent pregnancy, but once his foster parents are rescued, they can finally begin conceiving. Shinji kisses Renka again, kissing her lips as she smiles happily. For a while, they continue to cuddle and play on the same sofa.

* * *

 Renka returns to work, and Shinji is once again facing his desk when suddenly Flair’s thought reaches him.

 [Good news, Shinji. The Goddess says she will leave it up to me to decide. So, Sylphy and I decide to cooperate-noja]

 [Thank goodness. Flair, thank you for confirming]

 [Hmph! Marie is with Shizuku-noja, so if you want to take Marie with you, you should check with Shizuku, Shinji]

 [Okay. I’ll check with Sylphy. So that means Sylphy doesn’t have a contractor]

 [Of course, it’s not easy to find someone who can make a contract with Sylphy-noja, since the Goddess went to the trouble of bringing someone from another world]

 Shinji nods at Flair’s answer and closes the ledger. Having thanked her with a thought, he next sends a thought to Eve. At present, Shinji’s relationship with Shizuku is the most clerical and thinnest of all those he has corrupted. Rather than asking her, he is going to ask Eve, who is considered to be her disciple.

 For note, after changing his mind and becoming an apostle, Shizuku has been working with Eve as an adventurer and honing her skills. Shinji receives regular reports from Eve about Shizuku’s activities, and he is told that Shizuku’s magic skills are improving rapidly now that she is no longer the indolent person she used to be when they first met. Not only magic, but also alchemy to make explosives has been improved in a wide variety of ways, and it is said that Shizuku is now able to blow up monsters in the dungeon.

 However, Shizuku is still very sweet to Eve. Thinking to use Eve as a stepping stone to catch Shizuku for a reward, Shinji sends a thought to Eve.

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