Wizard 519

Chapter 519 Request for Help with Shizuku and Eve

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 [It’s been a while since you contacted me, but I’m honestly surprised at your story, which is quite amazing. I never thought that after being reincarnated into another world, I would be asked to cooperate in a battle in another world]

 [Shizuku-san, you’re cold to Master… are you saying you don’t like him?]

 [It’s not that I hate him… I just don’t like him. Eve, Shinji-san knows I feel that way and I’m sure he’s asking you to do this for him]

 Shinji in the vault exchanged a thought with Eve, and Eve conveyed his request to Shizuku who was with her. When Shinji’s name was mentioned, Shizuku made a face as if to say, “Seriously, a jerk contacted me!” However, she could not ignore the call from her lover’s teacher, so she listened to him until the end of the conversation.

 Shinji and Shizuku are both apostles and are on equal footing under Goddess Arian. Shinji is a her senpai, but he has no authority to give orders to Shizuku, who has finished monitoring him, and can refuse to listen to him if she does not want to. Therefore, Shinji went out of his way to make her listen to him through Eve.

 [If you don’t listen to me, I can’t start. So, it’s faster to ask Eve than to persuade Shizuku]

 [Well, I would do the same. If I were to ask you for a favor, I’d have Eve talk to you]

 Shinji can’t see her face, but he can see Shizuku’s sullen face, and he smiles in a hushed voice. Shinji is not averse to the way Shizuku speaks to him, but he is annoyed by the distance, which is unusually comforting for him.

 [So what do you think? Do you want to help me? The role I want to ask you to take on will be to clear out the enemy’s strongholds. I’m asking because I think Shizuku and the others who have reached a higher level will be a great asset]

 [So why don’t you tell me if you want Marie? I guess you have no choice but to ask me since she’s with me]

 Shizuku’s stinging language is probably because Shinji’s aim is clear and understandable even to her, although only this time. Flair and Sylphy are also going to participate, it’s only natural for Shizuku to understand.

 [The high spirits are very reliable. Marie is what I want. But it is also true that I am relying on Shizuku too. Marie tells me you’re growing up fast]

 […I see]

 Shinji affirms without any deception. He then tells her that he wants not only Marie’s help but also Shizuku’s help, and she becomes silent. She is reluctant to say so, but she is glad for Shinji’s recognition.

 Shizuku also recognizes Shinji’s excellence as an apostle. When she leaves Under his guidance, she is not recognized as a full-fledged apostle. Although she had gained experience in battle with Eve, had received praise from her and Marie, and had completed her assignments with success, there was a feeling of not being able fully satisfied. However, neing recognized by Shinji, made Shizuku feel as if she had finally become a full-fledged person.

 [Master, me too, right?]

 [Yes. I have high expectations for Eve too. I’ll reward you if you help me. Of course, within the limits of what I can accomplish. What do you think, both of you?]

 [Of course, I’ll cooperate. I’m your apprentice, after all. So, I’ll do my best for Master]

 Eve answers Shinji’s question immediately. She plays the role of an apprentice who loves her master, though she is an apprentice succubus under Freri and has no choice but to cooperate with Shinji.

 And she wants Shinji’s magical power as her reward. Shinji’s magical power, which is a good match for Freri, is a treat for Eve and Clara. Moreover, after having held many women since she was held, Shinji’s magical power has deepened, and is a favorite of these succubus.

 […Okay, I’ll help you. I can’t let Eve go to Shinji alone. Besides, there’s a reason for that. It’s no different than being an adventurer who gets paid for helping people]

 Knowing the reason, Shizuku, following Eve, expressed her cooperation. She was killed in a car accident and reincarnated, never to see her parents again, and unable to return to her original world. If he was playing a trick on her, she would never have cooperated with him.

 [Thank you both for your time. And please think about what my story. Well, I also have a plan to get into the enemy’s stronghold, so I’ll contact you when I have worked out the details]

 Shinji slowly rests his back against the back of the chair, raises his arms above his head, stretches his muscles, and lets out a deep breath.

 (Okay, the force is now secured. With three high-ranking spirits, it is not impossible to deal with them unless there is a problem. If there is a problem, it is the difference in quantity)

 Shinji draws out a plan of the building of the stronghold from the memory of the white-haired girl. The building itself is big, and Shinji’s forces are not enough to occupy it temporarily. Rather, ordinary soldiers are likely to be taken advantage of by the white-haired girl, so Shinji and the others are going to fight the battle and leave the soldiers to maintain the occupied area.

 If the battle goes on for a long time, Tenshou Country soldiers may appear as reinforcements in addition to the clones. And Since Shinji would not want to regain the stronghold before he could save his foster parents, he was going to take further steps.

 ”…She’s doing a great job, isn’t she?”

 Shinji took a letter from his desk drawer. The sender’s name was Hiyuri (The fox). In the letter to the Wolf family, there are words of congratulations to Alvin for becoming a nobleman, the settlement is recovering well, and they thank Alvin for saving them in the past.

 (I should ask Hiyuri to work for me as well as I call Clara back. Maybe I should ask her how much Durin’s workshop can supply)

 From Shinji’s point of view, the quality of the equipment of the soldiers in Soukai Country is not so good. However, if these are of normal quality in the world of conflict, then the higher quality equipment would give the soldiers an advantage in a battle.

 Shinji thinks that it would be a good idea to prepare new armor for the Soukai Country soldiers who will march into the stronghold with him.

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