Wizard 520

Chapter 520 Third Crossing to the Another World

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 After finishing his work at the Wolf family, Shinji informs Renka that he will return in two hours and uses Flair to make his way to the Miko’s room. Having done this two times before, he leaves Miko Arian in charge of the <World Gate> and crosses over to the “World of Conflict” with Emily. Upon their arrival, Shinji communicates with Freri and they proceed to the garden of the guest house that they have rented as their base.

 ”Mmm~, it was night in our original world, so it feels strange when we come here and the sky is bright…!”

 ”Emily, you’ve been working outside for a long time, haven’t you? Why don’t you go take a nap?”

 Emily squinted her eyes dazzlingly as she looked up at the sky while walking in the garden, and raised her hand toward the brilliant sun. Despite it being nighttime in their original world, the sun had already risen in this another world, leaving even Emily feeling tired. Shinji noticed that Emily appeared tired as well.

 ”I guess I should do that. Then why don’t you sleep with m…♡”

 ”I don’t need to, I work inside the office and I don’t feel tired. So I’ll go see the princess”

 ”Geez, okay…”

 Shinji turned her down nonchalantly, but Emily didn’t seem to mind as she walked to the guest room. Shinji then watched her go, knowing she wouldn’t take no for an answer, and decided to give up and head to the royal castle in Soukai Country.

 On the way to the royal castle in Soukai Country, he exchanges thoughts with Iris and the others, but no one stops him as he walks. After confirming that there is no problem, he walks through the castle, exchanging greetings with the soldiers guarding the castle, and arrives at the parlor.

 ”Excuse me”

 ”Please, come in”

 Before he pulled back the sliding door, he heard Tsubaki’s voice coming from inside the room. Shinji, with her permission, enters the room, where he finds Tsubaki and her lady-in-waiting, dressed in a kimono of a different pattern from the one she had worn the other day.

 When Shinji returned to this world, he immediately communicated with Tsubaki using his thoughts. He informed her of his return and ability to use telepathy, and even though only a day had passed, she expressed a desire to meet with him and talk.

 ”I’m back, Princess”

 ”Welcome back, Shinji… You came without problems, didn’t you?”

 ”Yes, Princess was right”

 ”Then, let me get you a drink”

 Tsubaki turned around and smiled at the lady-in-waiting standing behind her. The lady-in-waiting bowed deeply and left the room. She knows Tsubaki’s schedule in advance because she stays with Tsubaki all day long. Originally, Tsubaki had not planned to meet Shinji this morning, but suddenly she insists on meeting him.

 The lady-in-waiting also knows that Tsubaki has not exchanged any letters or messages with Shinji. Despite this, she obediently arranged the use of a parlor for their meeting, but she did not expect that he would really come. She had no idea how the meeting was arranged, as she was unaware of the existence of the lewd crest. Nonetheless, she prepared a drink for them.

 And thanks to Shinji’s normal smile, which did not change his attitude even when they lay on each other’s skin, Tsubaki was able to maintain a nonchalant demeanor without embarrassment. Tsubaki wasn’t worried about Shinji’s return, as she knew he wouldn’t leave his talented companions behind. However, she was concerned about Emily’s absence, as she usually accompanied Shinji.

 ”Are you alone today? You don’t have an escort”

 ”No. She just hasn’t shown herself. Besides, I don’t think Princess would understand if I told you…”

 ”I see… a spirit, huh?”

 Tsubaki’s expression is appropriate for her age, and her attitude is not that of a public figure. Her attitude toward Shinji is more relaxed when she is in front of him, because she has been with him once, and the experience has taught her the euphoric feeling that fills her body and soul. Unaware of it yet, Tsubaki immediately tightened her expression so that her lady-in-waiting, who was preparing the drinks, did not see her.

 Shinji thinks that one of the reasons for the underdeveloped magic in the “World of Conflict” is that spirits are not involved with people.

 If people can make a contract with spirits, they can learn advanced magic from them, study it, improve it, and adjust it to make it easier for people to use. Nevertheless, in this world, there are few cases in which spirits make a contract with people. Freri and Flair say that this is because there is too much conflict between people.

 Spirits do not have the concept of “nation”. However, they have a strong sense of companionship, and tend to dislike conflict among spirits. They do not want to fight each other for their lives, even if it is only for battle training or playful games.

 In Shinji’s world, the contracted spirits fight against powerful monsters and rarely against people. Even if there is a quarrel, it is not likely to lead to a fight for life, and the spirits are more likely to lend their power to their contractors.

 In this world, however, wars in which people fight each other for their lives occur frequently. In other words, it is very likely that the same will happen to the contractor and the contracted. Therefore, spirits do not make contracts and live in seclusion. Because of this, many people are unaware of the existence of spirits. Tsubaki is one of them.

 ”You can think of them as a rare race on this continent. Freri, who met the princess, is also a spirit, but you wouldn’t have known it if you hadn’t been told”

 ”Yes. She had pointed ears, but so do the elves so I assumed she was one of them”

 ”Elves are also good at magic, but you can think of spirits as being more specialized in magic. …Flair, why don’t you come and meet her?”

 Since the spirit did not want to have anything to do with the others, Shinji called Flair over to him with a thought casually. A magic circle appeared on the floor next to Shinji, and in the next instant, Flair in a red dress landed on the floor.

 Unlike Freri’s simple white dress, the red dress was meant to show off Flair’s body. The dress with a clear cleavage design is out of the ordinary for Tsubaki, but perhaps because of Flair’s imposing behavior, it makes her feel that she is beautiful rather than vulgar.

 ”I’m Flair. Let me say at the beginning that I will only bow down to a certain person. I will help Shinji, but that is all. Don’t you ever forget it!?”

 Shinji slaps Flair on the butts, stopping her as she ruffles her beautiful wavy black hair and makes a proud face. He remembered that Flair had said something condescending about humans when they had first met.

 ”Ouch-noja! My butt…!”

 ”I’m sorry, princess. I’ll remind her later”

 Shinji apologized to Tsubaki without responding to Flair who looked up at Shinji with tears in her eyes holding her butts. The coercive atmosphere is gone as Shinji slaps her butts, and Tsubaki and the others realize that she is the one who is being disciplined by Shinji.

 ”It is fine. Rather, let’s think about the future. How can we make Kuroumaru take the credit?”

 Shinji has a meeting with Tsubaki, thanking her for forgiving Flair’s disrespect and smiling at him.

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