Wizard 521

Chapter 521 At the Guest House where Shinji returned

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 After the meeting with Tsubaki, Shinji returns to the rented guest house with Flair. He chats with Lila and the others who are waiting for him at the house, and gives them the food he bought in Wolf territory, much to their delight.

 The food in Soukai Country is delicious, but it is the taste of home that soothes the palate the most. Lila and the girls, who have been eating the food of this country for several days, are very happy to receive the foodstuffs from Shinji.

 After leaving the girls to discuss what to have for lunch, Shinji went to the room where Iris, Freri, and the white-haired girl were, and found Iris in a quiet room sorting through the papers with notes on them that were scattered on the desk.

 Freri and the white-haired girl are lying on the tatami mats with their eyes closed. Freri uses dreams to educate the white-haired girl because it is easy to reproduce materials and events in dreams. Shinji was wondering what kind of material she was teaching her, but he had something to say before that.

 ”I’m back, Iris. Are you sleeping well?”

 ”Welcome back, desu. Not so much, actually, desu”

 ”Surely. I can tell by the look on your face you’re tired. I know I’m asking you to do a lot of hard work, but I think you should get a good night’s rest”

 Iris turns around when she hears Shinji’s voice, and her cute face shows obvious signs of fatigue. However, the passion in her eyes has not waned, and it is clear that she is finding the study of magic rewarding and enjoyable. Seeing this, Shinji realize once again that Iris is a magic lover at heart, but not sleeping properly is another matter.

 ”Mmm… I’ll rest once I’ve sorted this out”

 ”That’s good, I gave Lila Iris’s favorite food, so you can get it later”

 ”What! I will, desu. Thank you, senpai”

 The food he bought includes not only Iris’s favorite foods, but also all of Lila’s. Shinji knew the tastes of each one of them and had prepared the food as a thank-you for their help in staying at home. Now, after waving to Iris, Shinji returns to his room, sits down on the cushion, and exhales heavily, while Flair appears next to him.

 ”I see you are finally back in your room. While Shinji was talking, I took a look around a bit and found that it is a lonelier place than our world”

 While Shinji was talking with Lila and Iris, she was looking around the capital, and Shinji could not help but laugh at her frank impression. Shinji looks up at Flair, who is standing next to him.

 ”Well, that may be true for this country, but there are formidable wizard/witch in hostile nations. And I wouldn’t call Flair if there is no decent opponent”

 ”I-I understand-noja. This is the first time Shinji has called on me for personal business. I can think of it as a big boat ride-noja”

 Shinji’s eyes narrowed as he looked up at Flair, who was smiling confidently and puffing out her chest, as if she could not be trusted.

 ”No, you were wrong before, you know. I don’t think that’s the way to treat a princess of a country. It would be fine in our world, but in this world, there is no belief in spirits”

 In this world, there is no common sense that spirits are the dependents of the goddess. Then, in a world where most people do not even know the existence of spirits, Flair’s attitude, which shows her high self-esteem, can only be seen as arrogance.

 However, although she is arrogant, she has no malice in her heart and recognizes people as objects of mercy. It is like an accident that happens to someone who is used to being respected by others. Shinji does not really pay attention to it because he is aware of this. Besides, Flair is here because Shinji asked her to be here to helps his foster parents.


 ”You’ve already shown your face, just be careful next time. Flair won’t make the same mistake, will she?”

 ”Of course not. …and just to say thank you-noja. I’ll repay her for this in battle-noja”

 Although she did not mean to offend, it is true that she made Shinji clean up the mess. Flair, who was standing next to Shinji, sat down and expressed her gratitude with an embarrassed look on her face, which was unusually gentle for a girl whose behavior was characterized by arrogance. This arouses Shinji’s mischievous spirit so much that he is tempted to reach out and touch her.

 ”That’s because I’m relying on you from the start. But do you think it’s okay if I do it another way, Flair?”

 ”Hmm, that might be a good way…♡”

 Shinji pulls his hand from around Flair’s waist and pulls her into his arms, and she comes closer to him without any resistance. When she looked down from Shinji’s face, she saw that the crotch of his pants was rising. Flair has no choice but to accept Shinji’s invitation. Besides, the lustful look in Shinji’s eyes is enough to turn her on.

 Now, Flair’s hand reaches for Shinji’s crotch. She has not made contact with Shinji since the Hateyama incident. Even though she had been corrupted, she had never asked Shinji to bed with her, and it was a give-and-take relationship. This time, she accepted the invitation because she wanted to apologize to Shinji.

 ”This is an apology…♡ I’ve already made you so hard…♡”

 As she undoes the front button of his pants, Flair’s supple hand slips inside and touches his already hard cock. Flair, who is staring at the crotch feverishly, dexterously moves her hand and pulls the cock out. Flair lets out a sigh of ecstasy in front of the object that has made her squeal many times before.


 Shinji is about to let Flair serve him, when suddenly a thought from Freri reaches him. Slowly Flair bends down and moves his mouth closer to the glans, and the thought continues to reach him.

 [I’m coming over there with Sophira]

 [Sophira… oh, that’s her name. Can’t I just have a thought? I’m about to be served by Flair]

 Shinji has heard that Freri has named the white-haired girl. Shinji thinks that if there has been any progress, she will respond with a thought, even if he doesn’t see her in person.

 [Well, that’s just fine then. I’d like to have Sophira do some service too]


 Flair takes Shinji’s cock into her mouth as Shinji looks up at the ceiling, thinking that Freri has thought of something strange and has done it again.

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