Wizard 522

Chapter 522 Flair’s Mouth, Sophira’s Mouth

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 While unaware that Shinji is having telepathy with Freri, Flair buries her face in his crotch. Her big breasts press against Shinji’s legs as she sucks his thick, muscular cock into her mouth, and Shinji feels the softness and warmth of Flair’s wavy, shiny black hair.

 ”Nfu~♡ Mmm, mmm~♡ Mm~♡”

 Her fingers made a circle, and moved up and down from the base to the middle of the rod. Flair’s moist tongue also licks the glans, which leaks pre-cum from the tip.

 On the other hand, Shinji strokes Flair’s back and her fleshy buttocks over her red dress, making a lewd sound as she sucks his cock. He rubbed her buttocks so hard that his fingers buried themselves in the flesh, causing Flair to squirm between her legs.

 ”Puha~♡ Shinji, I can’t serve you if you touch me too much, noja…♡ Haa…♡”

 ”That’s where, you know, I want you to do your best. It’s so lonely here with nothing to do”

 ”My ass is not a toy to pass the time-noja, Mmm, don’t hit me”

 Shinji pulls up her skirt and slaps Flair’s ass with a loud thump. The reason why Flair does not feel much pain in spite of the loud sound is because of the way Shinji slaps her. Besides, she could not continue to speak once the p*nis was thrust into her mouth, which made her cheeks blush with humiliation and shame.

 ”It’s because you said you couldn’t do it, even though it’s a service to apologize. See, Flair, continue”

 ”Mmm, okay, but don’t hit me again… Mmm, mm~♡ Ngh, mm~♡ Chu, slurp~♡”

 After Shinji slaps her again, Flair resumes her blowjob. Shinji then gently strokes her ass as she moves her head up and down. Shinji’s hands seem to be caressing the spot where he has struck her, and Flair feels as if she is being praised, so her blowjob naturally becomes more vigorous.

 (I can’t believe my butt was spanked… if it wasn’t Shinji, I would have put them out of his misery-noja…♡)

 Flair allowed Shinji to beat her ass because she has already been corrupted and humiliated by Shinji. Normally, Flair has a high pride, so spanking makes her feel humiliated.

 Now, Flair’s sense of submission is strengthened and she continues to serve Shinji enthusiastically, unaware of the sound of footsteps walking down the hallway. She is concentrating on the last spurt of her sucking with a furious watering sound, sensing the prelude to her ejaculation.

 Shinji’s hand, on the other hand, which had been caressing her ass, goes around the back of Flair’s head and pulls her back just in time to ejaculate, spraying hot sperm into the back of her throat. At the same time, the sliding door opened and Freri and a white-haired girl named Sophira entered Shinji’s room. Flair is seen giving a blow job to Shinji.

 ”Mmm! Mm, mmm… Mm, mmm~♡”

 Flair’s eyes widen and she tries to look up, but she can’t move much because her head is held down. She blushes in shame as the two people stare at her as she swallows the large amount of cum pouring down her throat.

 For Flair, it is too embarrassing to be watched by someone she has never met before, even if it is the same gender as her. And until she had finished all of her drink, Shinji did not let go of her head, and she was observed by a white-haired girl (Sophira) who was staring at her.

 ”Puha…♡ Freri, why did you come in here when you knew I was here-noja? You should be considerate”

 Flair, who wants to distract herself from the fact that she’s getting aroused by the subjugation she’s being subjected to by Shinji, is the first to bite Freri when she removes her mouth from his p*nis. But Freri, who was not at all afraid of being stared at with her flushed face and slackening mouth, lightly pushed the white-haired girl (Sophira) from the back and she walked toward Shinji and the others with a steady pace.

 [Rather, it was convenient]

 [Hmm? What do you mean-noja? I mean, this girl has a strange presence. Is this the girl you were talking about? What do you want to do?]

 [I’ve come to show you the results of my education]

 [Education? That can wait. I’m going to continue with Shinji now]

 Flair, who has heard from Shinji about what has been going on so far, guesses that the person in front of her is a being created by the magic of cloning. While Flair and Freri are exchanging thoughts, Sophira arrives in front of Shinji, suddenly sits down on both knees on the floor, and bows her head vigorously.

 ”Declaration. I pledge loyalty to Shinji-sama. Permission”

 ”Oh, okay.. Freri, how did you educate her?”

 Her speech has become smoother, but her peculiar way of speaking is still there. In addition, Shinji had not been able to easily accept Sophira’s words, since he had only left it to Freri to make an oath of loyalty to her.

 [Hmm, Shinji will be her head and educate her. It was easy because she was originally trained to obey her superiors. The rest is just talk. You should be more responsive to her]

 [You’re not wrong, but you’re going to turn her into a succubus in the future, aren’t you? I think Freri is better than me]

 [Don’t worry. I’m also Shinji’s partner]

 The idea of “working for the country” has turned into “working for Shinji” Freri says that it was easy to replace the principle of working under the direction of a strange woman with one of working under the direction of Freri.

 Shinji is convinced that this would be less of a burden on him, and opens his mouth to Sophira, who remains seated on the floor and continues to stare at him intently.

 ”I allow it. Please continue to follow Freri’s instructions”

 ”Accept. After the loyalty ceremony, I’ll follow your orders”

 What is a loyalty ceremony? Shinji is about to ask when Sophira, with her head bowed, puts her hands on the tatami mat. Her white hair, which has been groomed by Freri and is no longer tarnished, is shaking gently.

 On all fours, she leans forward toward Shinji’s crotch, which is still semi-erect and stained with saliva and semen, just as it was after Flair gave her a blowjob. She sticks her lips out as she should with a flat, expressionless face without shame.


 Then, she kissed the tip of his p*nis.

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