Wizard 523

Chapter 523 Sophira and the Loyalty Ceremony

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 The movement of the white-haired girl (Sophira) whose face comes close to the p*nis is so natural and smooth that there is no negative emotion such as shyness, hesitation, or shame, or even positive emotion such as pleasure, expectation, or fondness.

 While Sophira kissed the tip of his p*nis without any time to stop, and repeated the kiss with her lips that were pouting, Shinji sent a thought to Freri.

 [So, what is the loyalty ceremony? It looks to me like it’s just a blow job]

 [Hmm, it’s a result of my education. There’s so much that Sophira doesn’t know that it was easy to teach her]

 Freri smiles with accomplishment and a thumbs up as if to says, “I did a good job!” which is very unusual for her says, and she feels satisfied with the success of her succubus-like trickery. Then, not caring that Shinji and Flair are staring at her with half-lidded eyes, Freri continues her explanation.

 Sophira, who is generally lacking in knowledge due to her specialized education for fighting, is particularly lacking in s*xual knowledge, not knowing how to have s*x, how to make a child, or even the names of s*xual organs. She did not even know that the male and female bodies are made differently, and she was so ignorant that she learned the existence of the p*nis from Freri. Even if her clones could be used as war dolls, they could not be used as s*x workers for the soldiers.

 [The tentacles made her feel that genital organs are the place where she feels good. Both men and women’s genitals are the most pleasurable part of the body, but they are also the weakest and most important. I taught her that serving an unprotected cock is a sign that there is no harm intended to her and that she can give her heart away‘.

 At the same time, Sophira also has been told that there is a method of corrupting a man called “squeezing” in anticipation of what happens after Sophira becomes a succubus. After all, s*xual intercourse is a natural part of being a succubus. Therefore, Sophira is performing blow-job without recognizing that s*xual intercourse is a s*xual act and that she is making a child.

 In normal life, it is impossible for people not to hear about s*xual knowledge at all, so Sophira is a very rare person.

 [I’m not saying you’re wrong, but did you really go through all that trouble?]

 [Doing naughty and pleasurable things without being aware of it. I thought it would feel fresh]

 [Well, if you put it that way… it’s true]

 Shinji sits cross-legged and Sophira buries her face between Shinji’s legs. If he rakes up her bangs with his hand, he can see her face as she continues to suck his cock with a very serious face. Her pure and innocent eyes, which were sucking his cock with her cheeks pursed, made his cock jump involuntarily.

 If someone ask him, it is rare for Shinji to have s*x with someone as clueless as Sophira. After all, Shinji’s only target is a woman with whom he has a particular love, and not a s*xually ignorant one.

 ”Question. Shinji-sama, is something?”

 ”No, I just thought you were pretty good at it. Did Freri teach you that?”

 ”Affirmative. I’ve learned how to swear. Ready on demand”

 Sophira pulls her mouth off his cock and tilts her head back as she squeezes it up and down with her small white hand to keep it from deflating. The hand job is a lewd one, but she gives Shinji a puppy-dog look as she waits for his command.

 Now, Shinji’s gaze shifts to Sophira’s slightly swollen breasts, and a thought occurs to him.

 ”Then can you do it on your breasts?”

 ”Acknowledged. Use my breasts to continue the ceremony”

 In a matter-of-fact tone of voice, she removed her top without hesitation. But the slight bulge in her breasts would not be enough to hold a cock. Still, she held the root of the erect cock and began to serve Shinji with a nipple job, rubbing the nipple against the hardened cock that unconsciously reacted to the blow job.

 She rubbed the nipple on both sides of the nipple without changing her expression, and occasionally rubbed the nipple on the soft skin around the nipple areola as if she was trying to hurry the process. Even though she pulled the slight bulge of the nipple with one hand, she could not pinch the rod between the nipple, but still she rubbed the glans against the slight valley of the nipple, which made Shinji feels teasingly.

 [Shinji… if it’s breastjob, I’ll be the one doing it-noja. It’s not proper to make a girl with small breasts use her breasts]

 [Shinji used to make me do it before mine got big. He likes both big-breasted and small-breasted girls]

 [What a surprise. I wonder why Freri didn’t get angry, but it’s like that, huh…]

 [Hmm, if it feels good to Shinji, it’s worth it]

 Flair has a good point. Even if Shinji asks for it, it is obvious that Emily, who is concerned about the size of her breasts, would be angry, and Lili, Lilu, and Iris, who are familiar with big-breasted sisters, would not like it either.

 As a man who believes in giving pleasure to women, he could not demand a woman to serve him with her breasts if she did not want to. Apart from Freri, Sophira was the only one who could give him a breast job even if her breasts were small.

 Now, for the first time in a long time, Shinji feels the excitement that he can only get from breastjob, as Sophira rubs his glans hard against her breasts with both hands, and he enjoys her service, while quieting the others down as they exchange their thoughts as they please.

 [Next time I’m going to ask both of you to give me a breastjob. In the meantime, I have to finish the ceremony with Sophira, huh?]

 [Geez, even though I want to be put in-noja]

 ”Although I can endure it for a while longer if I want to, it will never be over.” Shinji, listening to Flair’s frustrated voice, rocked his hips in time with Sophira’s movements and pressed his glans against her breasts. Then, he shoot his cum onto her breasts without holding back the feeling of ejaculation that had been generated.

 On the other side, Sophira’s hand, which was on his p*nis, was stained with a white cloud of semen. She stared intently at the viscous semen sticking to her breasts.

 ”Mmm, Shinji-sama’s ejaculation is confirmed…. Slurppp~♡”

 She licks off the white semen still on his ejaculated p*nis, and scoops up the white semen dripping from her chest with her fingertips and brings it to her mouth. As she licks off the white semen from her finger with her tongue, Sophira’s expression does not change, but the slight flush on her cheeks indicates that she is still aware a little.

 The reason why Sophira’s body is in heat without her awareness is that her body knows the pleasure of being penetrated by Freri’s tentacles from her experience of tentacle rape. Her body is so thoroughly raped that it blows away the results of her brainwashing education, and her crotch becomes wet in response to the scent of a male.

 Something is wrong with her body. Sophira looks at Shinji and bows her head, even though she thinks so. But she is now in the middle of the loyalty ceremony, which is her first and foremost priority.

 ”Done. Pledge loyalty to Shinji-sama and dedicate myself to you. From now on, I will be under the command of Freri-sama”

 ”I’m counting on you. Sophira’s cooperation is indispensable if we are to move to Tenshou Country”


 Sophira replies without fixing her revealing top, and Shinji has no intention of making any further moves on her. Besides, Freri’s request has been fulfilled by her participation in the loyalty ceremony. Seeing Shinji’s obvious lack of interest in her, Freri realizes that this prank has ended in failure.

 [Gee, I wasn’t too thrilled about it]

 [It was fresh, though. Even if you want to teach her about pleasure, she doesn’t really know what pleasure itself is yet, does she? I’m not sure if I’ll be able to absorb her magic power until her body is a little more fleshed out]

 Ignorance alone is not enough to ignite the fire. That was Shinji’s honest impression after receiving the service from Sophira.

 [Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to eat you properly. I’ll take responsibility for that. Flair, you will help too]

 [I said I want to be put now… Ahhhh, I can’t help it. All right-noja!]

 Freri approaches Shinji, undoing the shoulder straps of her dress and revealing her large breasts, and Flair undoes the shoulder straps of her dress, revealing her large breasts, though not as large as hers. In front of Sophira, who steps back so as not to get in the way of the girls who are nipping at him from either side, Shinji’s genitalia is encased in their breasts.

 As for Shinji, his mouth is filled with ecstatic sighs as his cock is squeezed by their soft breasts.

 [You can keep cumming until you can’t cum anymore]

 [Shinji, you must save some of this for me-noja~♡]

 Shinji smiles at the two girls as they say conflicting things, and enjoys a double breastjob. The sight of him proudly served by Freri and Flair makes Sophira realize once again that Shinji is the head of this group.

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