Wizard 524

Chapter 524 Sophira Pledges Her Loyalty

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 Sophira, the white-haired girl named by Freri, was entirely driven by the orders she received. Her reason for existence was to work for Tenshou Country as her mother ordered, and she did not even question it.

 She trained as ordered and fulfilled her duties as ordered. She cut those whom she was ordered to cut, kidnapped those whom she was ordered to kidnap, and even silenced a co-worker who was unable to move because she was ordered to keep a secret.

 By chance, Sophira was not killed by Emily’s attack, but she did not feel lucky, and it was natural for her to try to commit suicide as she was ordered to do.

 However, everything changes as Sophira’s brain and body are forced to experience a pleasure that blows away all the orders she has received.

 The pleasure burned her brain, and then having her mind peeked into, and being injected with memories of a completely different set of values, Sophira was forced to break away from the existence of merely carrying out orders.

 However, Sophira has hardly had any experience in thinking for herself. She is still doing as Freri tells her to do, but she is being educated to be independent after her transformation into a succubus.

 For Sophira, who is new to everything, Freri’s education is new, and has expanded her world greatly. She has learned to feel various emotions, which has given her a desire to be selfish, and has changed her desire to live.

 Sophira is now most interested in the Loyalty Ceremony. She is a clone, but she is still a human being.

 As her emotions grew, she developed s*xual desire, one of the three major human desires, and the sight of the lewd scene unfolding before her eyes subconsciously aroused her body to a heightened state.

 ”Double breastjob, just like you wanted, Shinji. I even don’t need to ask you if it feels good, since yours is so hard~♡”

 ”Yes, it feels good, Flair…”

 Flair, who had been serving after Sophira, moved her hands up and down her wheat-colored breasts and rubbed Shinji’s cock against them. Even Sophira, who has no knowledge of the world, feels her heart pounding at the sight of the woman’s face that Flair shows to Shinji.

 [Maybe, it’s Shinji’s fault that my breasts have gotten so big.]

 [I think you just look like your mother. Kuh, that’s good…!]

 Sophira doesn’t know that Freri and Shinji are talking to each other through their thoughts. But Freri is smiling beautifully as she serves the erect cock with bigger breasts than Flair’s, and Shinji seems to be enjoying the service without saying a word to her.

 Then, as they continued to serve each other enthusiastically, not caring that Sophira was watching, Sophira sensed that the girls were truly loyal to Shinji. At the same time, she senses that Shinji places a reasonable amount of trust in them.

 (This is the feeling of envy…?)

 Shinji’s current face is obviously different now from his face when he was served by newcomer like her. But despite the fact that she understands that this is inevitable, her budding heart gives Sophira a blurred feeling.

 Now, in front of her, Shinji and the others move on to the next act. Freri and Flair, not shy in front of Sophira, get down on all fours side by side in front of Shinji, their asses facing him. Behind them, Sophira is mesmerized by the presence of Shinji’s cock, which is swollen as if it is on the verge of ejaculation.

 It was hard to believe that it was the same cock that Freri had shown Sophira in her dream. The thought of that thing in her mouth makes her heart beat faster and makes her crotch wet without her knowing it.

 ”Nnh~♡ Shinji’s cock is coming in-nojaaaa~♡ it’s so big… oh, this is good… nojaaaa~♡”

 ”Oh, Flair’s vagina is so warm…”

 Shinji gripped Flair’s waist and moved his hips slowly as if he was tasting her vagina, which he had inserted for the first time in a long time. Flair’s vagina, the spirit of fire, is warmer than a human being’s, and the secret jar filled with her love juice is an exquisite thing that feels good just to be inserted into it.

 On the other hand, Flair, who feels the movement frustratingly, shakes her hips on all fours, turns her face back and looks at Shinji pleadingly. Her tight vagina and her gestures were begging for more.

 Seeing this, Shinji’s mouth twisted into a smile and his hips slammed into her ass, and her glutinous buttocks caught the impact, causing Flair to arch her back and scream from the pleasure of being penetrated deep inside her vagina. Flair shuddered with pleasure as the hard pistoning began, and her cries of pleasure were uninterrupted.

 [Shinji, me too.]

 ”Yeah, I know.”

 In response to Freri’s pleading, Shinji removes his hands from her waist and inserts his index and middle fingers into her wet vagina. Shinji caresses her wet vagina, which is so wet that two fingers can easily fit inside, and Freri herself shakes her hips.

 ”Ah, ah~♡ It’s so deep~♡ It hits in the back~♡ Shinji~♡ Ah, haa~♡ I’m cumming, I’m cumming-noja~♡”

 ”Okay. I’m going to pound you until you cum.”

 ”I’m gonna cum~♡ I’m cumming~♡ Cumming-noja~♡ Ah~♡ Khhh~♡”

 The pleasure, which penetrated from her vagina to her head for the first time in a long time, made it easy for Flair to climax. Shinji watches Flair’s back as she climaxes and shudders with his cock pushed deep into her tight vagina, but does not ejaculate.

 Flair’s face, which is so much in love with him that even Sophira can feel how happy she is, makes her swallow her mouth with bated breath and watches her.

 (Does it feel so good? I’m so, so envious…)

 Sophira continues to watch Shinji and the others as they continue to fuck each other, changing the insertion point from Flair, who continues to raise her ass up even though she is trembling, to Freri, who keeps shaking her hips. As expected, Freri also seemed to be happy with the ritual (s*x) with Shinji as well as Flair.

 Sophira, who watches, clenches her fists. She feels a woman’s hunger that cannot be satisfied just with the acceptance of the Loyalty Ceremony. And then she thought.

 If she can be useful to Shinji, she can do the same ritual (s*x). Maybe she could fill her emptiness with this happiness.

 As Sophira gazes at Flair and Freri, who are enjoying their womanly happiness to the fullest, her budding selfishness makes her pledge her loyalty to Shinji from the bottom of her heart.

 After that, the ritual (s*x) that unfolds in front of her as she suppresses her aching body continues until Shinji ejaculates inside their vaginas.

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