Wizard 526

Chapter 526 Shinji Shares Information with Tsubaki

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 That night, Shinji summarized Kuroumaru’s suggestions for the soldiers’ equipment and their requests during the daytime, and conveyed them to Tsubaki with telepathy. The timing of the meeting was after work and before Tsubaki went to bed because of her request.

 […So, I’m going to give the armor to Kuroumaru-san and his soldiers]

 Even though Tsubaki have learned how to exchange thoughts properly, she still can’t exercise it while doing other things as Shinji does. If she is alone and does not concentrate on her thoughts in a calm state, she may lose her train of thought.

 In contrast to Tsubaki, who is sitting on the futon in a thin yukata before going to bed, Shinji is exchanging thoughts while eating his dinner. After the meeting with Kuroumaru, Shinji and Iris had been working together to analyze the magic of Tenshou Country, and they had lost track of time, which had caused them to be very late for dinner.

 [On the surface, I sold the foreign armors to Kuroumaru-san, who is a personal friend of mine. Well, since Garoumaru is also using his personal funds, he cannot be blamed for the sale.]

 [Kuroumaru’s troops alone will require a good number of men. But will that be all right?]

 [Yes. However, we can’t deliver them all at once, so we will distribute them in the order that they are produced. Before that, I will ask you to check the prototypes.]

 Shinji borrowed a set of equipment from Kuroumaru, including a soldier’s spear, breastplate, and arm and leg armor. Since it would take time to learn how to use the equipment if he lent different equipment, he plans to have the equipment made in a similar shape to the one used by the soldier.

 Shinji’s impression upon borrowing the soldier’s equipment and observing it up close again was that it was of a quality that a rookie adventurer could buy with his meager funds, and that the breastplate, in particular, was not worth trusting his life to.

 In fact, it is said that it is easy enough for a military officer like Kuroumaru to pierce a breastplate made of only a thin layer of steel. It is the same meaning as that a breastplate is useless in front of a person who can handle magic.

 (Garoumaru’s soldiers were better equipped than this, but the material was the same. The lack of strong monsters means that there are few materials that can be used for armor. In my original world, there are plenty of better ones than this one.)

 For example, the robe Shinji wears is made of a fabric woven with threads produced by a big spider monster that can only be defeated by a party of high-intermediate rank adventurers, making it very strong and tough. The fabric cannot be cut by ordinary blades, so even if this world’s soldier’s spear pierces it, it will be blown away by the impact, but will not pierce his skin.

 So, thanks to the existence of monster, there is a wide variety of equipment, even if it is not of the high quality used by advanced adventurers (Shinji). It is very easy to select a reasonably priced item of higher quality than a breastplate made of iron.

 However, Tsubaki, who did not know the situation, misunderstood that Shinji was spending a huge amount of his own money. She feels that she owes a great debt of gratitude to Shinji, who can do what she cannot do, and she feels that she was right in her decision to ask for his help.

 [If you are ever in need of funds, please let me know. I have some assets of my own.]

 [Yes, I will ask for your help then.]

 Tsubaki has no doubt about the quality of the armor Shinji will provide. The only concern she has is…

 […What if Garoumaru wants it too?]

 [l’ll decline because Kuroumaru, who signed the contract first, has priority. But if Garoumaru were to mention it, he would express his displeasure with the purchase itself. He has family ties to the family of his birth.]

 Well, if Shinji tries to switch Kuroumaru’s equipment just because the ones he brought are of higher quality, Garoumaru’s supporting mother who runs a business wouldn’t keep quiet. But as there are many craftsmen under his business, Garoumaru cannot take actions that would deprive them of their work.

 Anyway, a faction leader must not deviate too far from what his followers want.

 Kuroumaru’s friends dream of the way of life of the former farmer as he moves up in the world. He says that many of his followers who fight with him are of low status. Therefore, if Kuroumaru, who has risen in the ranks, plays up his status, he will lose the support of his friends.

 On the other hand, Garoumaru’s supporters are the high class and merchants, and the merchants want something in return for their support. If Garoumaru acts against their interests, there is a possibility that they will switch sides. Therefore, it can be assumed that Garoumaru will be forced to make a move to protect his existing interests.

 [If this is the case, I will consider a reply to Garoumaru’s complaint. I won’t let him interfere with Kuroumaru.]

 [Yes, please do that. If the owner of the castle says no, the purchase itself will not be possible. Please let you, the princess, deal with the situation in the castle.]

 Shinji’s intention is conveyed to Tsubaki, and she too considers what she can do to help. Unlike when she was only concerned about the future of her country, Tsubaki’s willingness to take action to secure a better future for herself is very high, and her motivation can be felt by Shinji.

 [Yes, I’ll keep a close eye on him.]

 [Please do so. Tomorrow morning, I’m going back to my home country to start preparations. So, see you later.]

 [Ah, Shinji…]

 Shinji was about to cut off the connection as soon as he had completed his requirements, but Tsubaki stopped him as soon as she could. Responding to the thought, Tsubaki senses that Shinji is waiting for her without disconnecting, so she sends the words that come to her mind, not without a reason.

 [Thank you for your hard work. Good night, Shinji.]

 […Yeah. Good night, Princess.]

 After she finishes her greeting, the connection between their thoughts is broken, and Tsubaki pats her chest. She doesn’t know why she called out to him as soon as she did. And it is a matter of course that they part as soon as they have done what they need to do.

 However, laying skin on skin is a special act that only married couples are supposed to do. By doing this with Shinji, Tsubaki has established a special position for him in her life. It was impossible for her not to be conscious of the man with whom she had had s*xual intercourse for the first time, the man who had carved a world of sensuality into her body that she had never known.

 The feeling was not favor, not love. It is not a feeling that a princess of a country is allowed to have, but it is a feeling of being attracted to a person of the opposite s*x, which is probably the most appropriate word.

 Turning her eyes away from the noise caused by the act of devoting her pure blood for the sake of her country, Tsubaki lies down.

 ”…I am the princess. I have a duty to protect the people.”

 Tsubaki falls asleep immediately. Normally, sleeping should help her to calm down, but Shinji’s lewd crest has been engraved on her, and she is drawn into Freri’s succubus dream.

 As a result, she is trapped in a pseudo dream in which she experiences s*x with Shinji for a long time. When Tsubaki wakes up in the morning, she finds that the futon mattress is in such a mess that it looks as if she has wet herself.

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