Wizard 527

Chapter 527 Shinji and Hiyuri’s deal

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 The next morning, Shinji returned to the Wolf family home and asked Christina for some work outside. The task assigned to him was to travel to a village of beastmen located beyond a mountain road from the eastern town of <Este>, where Hiyuri, the fox beastman leader whom Shinji and the others had visited before, was in charge.

 Shinji, who had made an appointment in advance, used the lewd crest as a marker to teleport to the reception room of the main building where the leader of the village lived. It was the same room where Shinji and Hiyuri had been intimate in the past.

 Despite his sudden appearance, Hiyuri, who was waiting for Shinji in the reception room, loosened her cheeks and smiled as soon as she saw his face.

 ”Long time no see, Shinji-san”

 It had been a long time since Shinji had seen Hiyuri, but he felt that she was just as beautiful as he remembered, if not more so.

 Her long golden hair is lustrous and her fluffy fox ears and tail look soft. Her dress, which had a deep neckline, emphasized her hourglass figure that he had felt when they were in each other’s arms, and the cleavage she made as she bowed lightly made her look even more seductive.

 ”It’s been a while. And you look even more beautiful than before. It seems like the village is running smoothly under your management”

 The quality of the dresses worn by Hiyuri is clearly better than before, indicating that the village’s recovery had been successful and that funds were abundant. According to Clara, her observer, Hiyuri was taking the lead seriously, and everyone recognized her as the next leader.

 ”Yes. The villagers’ lives have not returned to normal, but the difficult situation is over and stable. Although, we’ve used up most of my brother Fuukei’s hidden money, so our savings are low…”

 ”Well, if you’ve used it up, you can always save again. If it’s Hiyuri, you can do it”

 ”Yes…♡ I will continue to do my best. If it is possible, I’d like to trade with Wolf territory for the benefit of our village… but that’s a conversation for another time”

 Thanks to Hiyuri’s generous investment in the village, its reconstruction has progressed faster than anywhere else around it. This is the result of the bold use of secret funds that should not have existed in the first place.

 As a side note, Fuukei’s brainwashing is still ongoing, and he remains the hardest working man in the village’s reconstruction. Thanks to that, a woman in the village fell in love with him and married him.

 [I heard that Hiyuri-san gets hit on a lot, but she doesn’t date anyone. I wonder why, Shinji-san~?]

 Ignoring Clara’s happy voice that interrupts the conversation with a thought, Shinji sat down at the table, where several small dishes were placed, each with a small amount of booze appetizers. As he looked over the delicious dishes, Hiyuri, who was seated next to him, handed him a glass, which she carefully filled with sake.

 The distance between them was quite close, and their shoulders could touch if they leaned in a little. As she leaned in close to pour the sake, a faint sweet scent of flowers emanated from her. If Shinji shifted his gaze from his glass, he could look down at Hiyuri’s deep cleavage, and her plump tail swayed lazily as she sat.

 ”First, please have a drink, Shinji-san”

 ”Thank you, I’ll have one”

 The sake is good, and the glass quickly emptied, but Hiyuri smiled and poured a second glass whenever their eyes met. Her genuine hospitality made Shinji feel comfortable and at ease.

 ”Thank you. As for trade with Wolf Territory, I don’t think it would be a problem. It’s a matter of profit and the content of the trade, considering the distance”

 ”I’ll gather some proposals and let you know. Can I count on you then?”

 ”Sure. Of course. Just send me a message through telepathy”

 ”Thank you very much…”

 He had no objection to to becoming the intermediary between the village and the Wolf territory. Rather, He was happy to propose a mutually beneficial trade to Alvin.

 ”As for that other matter, progress has been made. First, I want the materials for one person. If they like it, they’ll ask for more”

 ”Thank you very much. Then, I will deliver the materials to the Smith Workshop in the Este town”

 Hiyuri received a small bag with the agreed-upon amount of money in it. After checking the contents, she stands up from her seat, opens the door, and sticking only her upper body out into the hallway to give instructions.

 ”If you like the material, that would be great… but there are a lot of them. It would really help if Shinji-san could buy them”

 Shinji nods in response to Hiyuri’s words as she sits down again, and thinks of the giant ants that will be used as the material. Shinji’s attention was drawn to the corpse of a dead ant monster that had been infesting the mine and had to be exterminated together.

 After destroying the nest with boiling water and disposing of the majority of the ant corpses as research materials for the adventurer guild or as equipment for adventurers, there were still a vast number of remains left with no use. Although the dismantled shells and other materials had no practical use, they were deemed too valuable to dispose of, resulting in a pile-up in the village’s warehouse.

 However, the tough outer shells of the ants could serve as armor that could easily withstand low-quality spears. Besides, Shinji realized that the mandibles of the ants could also act as a spear capable of piercing through thin iron armor. As a result, he proposed a deal to Hiyuri, who was in need of money, and she agreed on a contract to sell a considerable amount of ant remains at a very reasonable price.

 For Hiyuri, the large order from Shinji is a great opportunity to sell the materials she has been holding in reserve at once, and for Smith’s workshop, it is a good opportunity for the apprentice blacksmith to practice their craft. In addition, the materials are from monsters this world and was best suited for Kuroumaru’s armor, so they cannot be prepared in the other world, and Garoumaru (his enemy) will not steal the manufacturing process.

 ”Let me try to ask someone to buy it somehow. I hope the negotiations go well. Hiyuri better pray that the deal goes well”

 ”Fufu, sure, I’ll pray for that too… But then, we still have some time before the villagers deliver the materials to the Smith’s workshop, do you want to keep talking?”

 Shinji looks up at Hiyuri, who is looking at him for a response. He wrapped his arms around Hiyuri’s slender waist and pulled her close, and her tail happily curled around his back. It takes two hours to unload the cargo from the warehouse, load it onto the wagon, and deliver it to the workshop, so there was more than enough time for us to get under each other’s skin.

 As the son of a succubus, he couldn’t just leave her alone like this, especially when she reacted in such a cute way.

 ”Are you sure you want to just talk to me?”

 ”Um, if it’s okay with you…♡”

 Hiyuri blushed and hesitantly expressed her desire to be held. Shinji nodded in agreement.

 It had been a while since they last met, and Hiyuri, the fox girl, had done her best to rebuild her village. The story continues.

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