Wizard 528

Chapter 528 Hiyuri’s 2nd Time, Part One

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 At Hiyuri’s desire to be held, Shinji began to move his hands down to her thighs, and he began caressing it with his palm over her dress. The firm and yet supple texture of her thigh pleased Shinji.

 On the other hand, Hiyuri pressed her body against his, blushing as they gazed into each other’s eyes. Her smile conveyed a sense of security, as if she had no doubts in the world, even as she willingly submitted to Shinji’s touch on her breast, creating a feeling of dependence.

 His gentle touch, as if checking her reaction, however, changes to a more lewd touch in which the shape of her breast changes and he rubs it. Hiyuri, who feels pleasure from the breasts, couldn’t help but twitch slightly, causing her fox ears to move.

 ”Shinji-san…I want to kiss you…mmh~♡”

 Hearing Hiyuri’s cute whisper, Shinji immediately pressed his lips to hers. Her arms wrap around his neck, and Hiyuri closes her eyes, fully concentrating on the kiss. Her lips were moist and elastic, and their charm was enough to make Shinji want to kiss her repeatedly.

 ”Ahh~♡ Kiss, it feels so good…♡ mmh~♡”

 As they exchanged kisses, Hiyuri seeks the lips of her collaborator (Shinji), who has given her the ability to manipulate two people in order to rebuild the village, and offers her own lips to rub against his. Their passionate kissing included exchanging saliva with each other tongues, and she was intoxicated with a feeling of happiness.

 Thanks to Shinji’s help, even though it was outside the law, she was able to rebuild her beloved homeland. Without him, Hiyuri would not be here today, having eliminated her brother’s scheme and elevated herself to leader.

 Perhaps she could have been happy in her new home, but Hiyuri prefers to act as the leader now. She was pleased that she could make deals that were beneficial to both her and Shinji, using the monsters that had once brought the village to the brink of disaster. Being able to trade as equals made her eyes twinkle with joy.

 ”Kiss~♡ Kiss, slosh~♡ Lick~♡ Slurp~♡”

 Through her sensual tongue work, Shinji could feel her love without needing words. However, Hiyuri, who understands each other’s position, does not say those words. That’s why she expressed her feelings by kissing him.

 ”Nfu~♡ Ah, Shinji-san…♡ That place…♡”

 ”You’re already so wet. Just like before, you produce so much love juice.”

 The hand that was caressing her thigh pushed up the skirt of her dress and slid her shorts aside, teasing her secret place with his fingers. His words, which reminded her of their one-time encounter from a long time ago, made Hiyuri’s vagina even wetter with anticipation.

 ”Mmm…♡ Your finger~♡ Ahh~♡ Insert it already…♡”

 ”It’s the second time, isn’t it? I have to loosen you up properly.”

 ”Ngh…♡ Yes… I haven’t let anyone touch me since then… Ahh…♡ Shinji-san was the only one who saw me naked…♡ Ahh…♡”

 It was too easy to imagine why someone as beautiful as Hiyuri, who also held the power of being the leader in the village, was sought after by many men. So, her words, which seemed to emphasize the fact that Shinji had her all to himself, only fueled his sense of superiority.

 Last time, Freri was the initiator, and Shinji’s embracing of Hiyuri was a part of that process. Now, however, Shinji feels that he not only lived as a succubus’s son, but also felt the desire to turn this body, which could be called the finest, into his s*x friend of his own volition.

 And now, amidst the squishy, lewd sounds, Hiyuri feels her climax coming from Shinji’s intense fingering. In addition, without complaining about Hiyuri’s persistent requests for kisses, Shinji intertwined his tongue with hers.

 [What a passionate kiss~♡ Normally, the feeling of not seeing each other for a while should be subsiding, but it’s getting hotter and hotter. Shinji-san is a sinful man~♡]

 Clara, who has been watching Hiyuri, knows. She knows that she has overcome many difficulties by manipulating Fuukei and Folt while rebuilding the village. Each time, she felt that taking Shinji’s hand was the right decision, and her feelings continued to grow.

 And there were a certain number of foolish men who would not give up even when Hiyuri refused, but because Clara had worked behind the scenes to keep them out of the way, until today Hiyuri had not been touched by any man but Shinji.

 Although it went beyond her assigned duties, Clara had obtained Freri’s permission for Shinji to have relations with other women as well, and her job had become a combination of surveillance and protection, unbeknownst to him.

 [I didn’t intend for things to go this far, but since I was the one who instigated this wrongdoing, I thought it would be best to settle for a mutually beneficial relationship.]

 [A woman who has come out of her shell is strong~. Even if it’s a bad thing, Shinji-san saved this girl, and that won’t change. Let’s keep quiet now~♡]

 Clara’s thoughts are interrupted so that Shinji can concentrate on Hiyuri. He disregarded her, leaving her to keep watch so that no one would come near the entertainment room, and proceeded to pleasure Hiyuri in her most sensitive areas to bring her to climax.

 (Oh~♡ I’m going to… come…♡ I’m going to come with Shinji-san’s hand…♡ I’m coming, I’m coming~♡)

 Now, Shinji not only stimulated her mouth, but also her erect nipples, over her dress. Because of this, Hiyuri’s hips trembled as she experienced sensations more intense than anything she had experienced through masturbation during their time apart, leading to a powerful climax.


 Finally, the tongue stops twirling, and Shinji hold her as she clings to him, and slowly pull his fingers out of her tight vagina. From the chair on which Hiyuri was sitting, a pool of her love juice had formed, and it was clear how much she had been feeling.

 ”Haa, haa~♡ It feels amazing…♡ Mmm…♡ Are you going to do it here… Ah…♡”

 Finally releasing her lips, Hiyuri regained her breath and followed Shinji’s instructions to stand up and place both hands on the table. She arched her back and presented her rear while Shinji positioned himself behind her, pressing his exposed p*nis against her secret parts. Squelch…♡ lewd sounds could be heard as their genitals met, heightening Hiyuri’s anticipation to its peak.

 ”Please…insert it…ahh~♡ I want you to…insert it…♡”

 Her tail wagged in anticipation while her ears were folded in submission. To her pleading, Shinji’s p*nis was slowly inserted into her wet vagina, which was waiting for the insertion with all her heart.

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