Wizard 529

Chapter 529 Hiyuri’s 2nd Time, Part Two

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 After a long time, Shinji’s p*nis entered Hiyuri’s tight vagina, causing a slight discomfort. As he grabbed her slender waist and pressed his hips onto her soft buttocks, the tip of his p*nis pushed against her cervix. The sensation of a thick and strong p*nis being inserted into her was something that Hiyuri had been waiting for, and her fox tail was wagging with joy.

 But since this was only the second time they had s*x, Shinji didn’t move until Hiyuri’s body adjusted to his size. Besides, he would continue to trade materials with her for equipments in the future, so he needed to be gentle with her to make her his s*x friend.

 ”Mmm…♡ Shinji-san, I want to kiss…♡ Nmu~♡”

 As Shinji removed his hands from her waist and hugged her from behind with both arms, Hiyuri, who feels the warmth of love on her back, turned around and begged for a kiss, and Shinji obliged while caressing her smooth stomach.

 ”Mmm, mmh~♡ *Kiss,* haa…♡ Lick lick…♡ Ah, my breasts… Ah, mmm~♡ *Kiss, kiss*…♡”

 Her tail swayed back and forth as it wrapped around Shinji’s torso, and Hiyuri aggressively entangled her tongue with his. Shinji, on the other hand, untied the strap of her dress from her shoulders, revealing her large breasts, and he squeezed them firmly. She moaned in pleasure as he kneaded her soft breasts, making her vagina tighten.

 ”Your breasts, they feel so good. They’re getting hard.”

 ”Ah, yes…♡ Shinji-san’s fingers, feel so good too…♡”

 With both fingers, Shinji lightly teased and played with Hiyuri’s nipples, causing her eyes to become watery with heat. But unsatisfied with the weak pleasure, she licks Shinji’s lips pleadingly, wanting him to give her more.

 At her pleading, his hips start to move, and the slow rocking of his hips begins. Shinji slowly tastes her entire vagina, using his hips to remind her of the pleasure he had shown her body when he took her virginity, teaching her the shape of his p*nis with his thrusts.

 ”Mmm~♡ Ah, slow down…♡ that feels good…♡ ah, yes~♡”

 After a few thrusts back and forth, Shinji finds Hiyuri’s weak spot and rubs it relentlessly. To keep Hiyuri from collapsing in pleasure, he poked her gently in the back of the vagina, pinching her nipples with both fingers.

 The current pleasure Hiyuri felt was different from the intense experience of her first time. It spread slowly throughout her body, consuming her with every wave. And in the midst of the sounds of their lovemaking, Hiyuri reached climax.

 ”I’m cumming~♡ Ahh, haa…♡”

 Her body shuddered and tightened around Shinji’s p*nis, but Shinji did not ejaculate. Instead, he held onto her breasts and enjoying the moment while feeling her vagina pulse and contract around his p*nis.

 After experiencing the afterglow of pleasure, Hiyuri’s vaginal folds tightened around Shinji’s p*nis as if to envelop it. Meanwhile, Shinji fondled Hiyuri’s breasts, kissed her neck, and bringing heat to her body once again, causing her to place both hands on the table in anticipation of what was to come next.

 Shinji grabbed Hiyuri’s waist again, and the piston motion began once more.

 ”Ah, ah, ah…♡ Ah, amazing~♡ Ah, ahh~♡”

 Hiyuri’s body perfectly received the intense thrusts that made her reminisce about her first time. Her plump butt jiggled as Shinji’s hips slammed into her.

 ”It’s too much~♡ Ah~♡ I’m going to~♡ ah~♡ cum again~♡”

 Hiyuri shook her head from side to side, trying her best not to collapse. Her brain was fried by the pleasure Shinji’s p*nis was giving her as it gouged her vagina, and she couldn’t move, still sticking her butt out.

 ”You can cum if you want. Holding it in just makes it harder.”

 ”I want to cum together…♡ ah, no, no…♡ ahhhh~♡ I’m cumming, I’m cumming~♡”

 As Shinji pushed his p*nis deep into her climaxing vagina, Hiyuri arched her back. There is no sign of ejaculation at all, and the s*x continued with Hiyuri being taken advantage of.

 Last time, Shinji had ejaculated inside Hiyuri to establish a bond between them. And he did not need to hold back his ejaculation, but simply ejaculated as she climaxed. However, this time, his goal was to turn Hiyuri into his s*xfriend. He needed to teach her that there was no better man for her than him.

 ”Haa~♡ haa…♡ ahh…ah~♡ Shinji-san, you’re so big~♡ and it feels so good~♡”

 The repetitive climaxes reduced Hiyuri’s mouth to mere moans and gasps. And unable to support herself with her arms, she rests her upper body on the table, and Shinji continues to pound his hips into her protruding ass, thoroughly impressing her with the muscularity of his p*nis.

 (This is too much~♡ This feels too amazing~♡ I’ve been cumming non-stop~♡♡)

 The intervals between Hiyuri’s climaxes are getting shorter and shorter, and she keeps cumming. Now, once she experienced this kind of pleasure, she knew she could never be satisfied by any other man except for Shinji.

 ”I’m gonna cum…!”

 ”Cum inside…♡ cum inside me…♡ aaahh…♡”

 Sploosh~♡ spurts~♡

 Finally, Shinji pushed his p*nis deep inside her for the final time and ejaculated with such force that his semen filled Hiyuri’s uterus. The amount of semen surely have impregnated her if there was no contraceptive magic, and the sperm that cannot be contained overflows from the joints and stains the floor.

 Even though they couldn’t be together, this kind of s*x given by Hiyuri’s favorite partner gave her a pleasure that she didn’t think she could get anywhere else. She pushed her hips back against him, taking in his seed as deep as possible, squeezing it out with her vaginal muscles.

 Hiyuri’s mind was completely blank, and her mouth hung slack, speaking helplessly of how great it was to have s*x with Shinji. But only Hiyuri was satisfied. Shinji’s p*nis remained hard and continued to assert itself inside her.

 But then, the gentle movement of his hips, and the p*nis that remains thrusting, do not allow Hiyuri’s body to cool down anytime soon.

 ”Since we still have time, is it okay if we keep going?”

 ”…Yes~♡ Please fuck me more, more, and more~♡”

 There is no way that Hiyuri can refuse Shinji’s invitation, and her already weakened mind became even more undone. And thus, Hiyuri climaxes over and over again, and smiled with a lewd expression of happiness as she receives Shinji’s sperm. They also don’t forget to change positions and continue to make love as long as time allowed.

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