Wizard 530

Chapter 530 Request to Durin(1)

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 Hiyuri, who had engraved pleasure thoroughly with a p*nis that could make even succubi scream, fixed her appearance while still feeling lightheaded with bliss. Satisfied both physically and mentally, Hiyuri didn’t try to stop Shinji, who was about to bring great profits to their village, nor did she express her feelings towards him.

 After all, she had a feeling that there would be another opportunity, and she was right. As long as the trade relationship between Hiyuri and Win-Win continued, Shinji intended to find a chance to sleep with her

 Then, after telling her to rest and get in touch with him soon, as well as reminding her to order additional equipment, Shinji teleported to the back of the Smithy workshop where Durin is staying.

 He sends her a message that he has arrived, and Durin, Smith’s wife, appears at the back door. Her body had few bumps and her gray hair was braided into three braids. She looked almost the same as when Shinji had seen her before, and she greeted Shinji with a cheerful smile.

 ”Long time no see, Shinji-san. I’m glad you came with good news. Can you show me right away?”

 ”Oh, yes. I want you to make something like this.”

 ”Leave it to me! But, this is a really shoddy job. Even a beginner would do better, and the apprentices at the workshop make better stuff.”

 Durin takes one look at the spearhead Shinji gave her and chuckled in amazement. She had seen countless weapons and armor every day, not only the excellent ones made by her husband but also those made by other shops or brought in by adventurers. Although the spearhead was a common item in the Soukai Country, Durin agreed with Shinji that his evaluation was appropriate in this world.

 ”So the plan is simple. I will sell the spearheads.”

 ”I see. It’ll be good practice for our apprentices to make them. And if your client buy all of them, it’ll be a big help to us. But I don’t need to know where they came from or what happened to them. Is that okay with you?”

 ”Yes, that’s right. I don’t want to cause any trouble for Smith’s workshop.”

 Durin, who saw the spearhead as well as the breastplate, knew that there was clearly a reason for this. Nobody made weapons or armor without any materials that could improve the quality, such as materials extracted from the carcasses of monsters or magic stones. Even if it is a practice piece made by an apprentice.

 ”I trust you on that. Shinji-san is the type of person who keeps his promises.”

 ”Well, I haven’t even sent a thought to you until today, as promised, have I?”

 Durin knew that she could enjoy a peaceful life thanks to Shinji’s keeping the secret of their affair. After their last time together and parting ways, Durin had not had s*x with him since. Even if she was not satisfied with s*x with her husband, Smith, and she was suffering from a sense of frustration, she would not invite Shinji for an affair. It was taboo to break a promise with a businessperson like Durin.

 ”Well, if that’s not the case, I won’t take the job. What is necessary for business is trust and confidence. I’m scared to receive a large order from someone who lacks those qualities.”

 ”It hasn’t been officially decided yet. If my client doesn’t give me their nod, it’ll be the end of it.”

 ”There’s no way our product can lose to theirs. Well, I can’t guarantee that they’ll sell well if the quality isn’t good, but Shinji-san should be able to sell them skillfully.”

 ”Haha, I’ll do my best not to disappoint your expectations.”

 As Durin continued her conversation with Shinji, who was smiling and exuding confidence, she struggled to maintain her composure and prevent her face from turning red. But despite her best efforts, Durin couldn’t help but feel a throbbing sensation whenever she was around Shinji.

 (Dang. Being around this guy makes me feel a little…@)

 After reconciling with her unfaithful husband Smith, Durin had no reason to continue her affair with Shinji, which had only been a means of getting back at him in the past. She is very happy with her current environment because her remorseful husband Smith has become a good husband.

 Except for one thing: the tingling in her body.

 But now that Durin’s body had discovered an undeniable affinity with Shinji’s p*nis, which is more more pleasurable than her husband Smith’s p*nis, her body is no longer completely satisfied with her husband. She had tried changing positions and altering her eating habits, but nothing could compare to the ecstasy she experienced with Shinji

 Nonetheless, Durin had remained faithful to Smith, but only because she had convinced herself that she no longer desired another man. That was until Shinji came back into her life.

 Now, she unconsciously stroked the mark of her lust, which had been engraved onto her body. She knew that it wasn’t Shinji’s magic that was making her so aroused – it was her own uncontrollable desires that had been building up within her all along.

 (I’ll stop cheating from now on. I thought I decided to quit… and yet, I…)

 If only one more time… Durin’s mind is filled with such a foolish thought. That’s how much s*x with Shinji has taken root in her mind as a sweet memory.

 And for Shinji, although he could easily seduce this married woman, Shinji intentionally ignores her silent signals. Besides, as the son of a succubus, he should remind her of pleasure and happiness, but all he wants right now is to get the equipment he needs. The longer she delays returning to the workshop, the later the apprentices will start working on the equipment.

 ”Then please contact me when you have finished. TThe sooner, the better.”

 ”Got it. Leave it to me.”

 ”Thanks, I appreciate it.”

 Shinji breaks off the conversation, and Durin lets out a relieved breath. She regains her composure and responds curtly before returning to the workshop.

 (Well, there will be plenty of opportunities later.)

 Shinji thought as he looks at Durin’s plump ass as it sways and sways, and then disappears in a transition to finish the rest of the work assigned by Christina.

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