Wizard 531

Chapter 531 Busy Shinji – Alvin’s Crisis

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 The next day, Shinji bought the finished spearheads and armor set from Durin and visited Soukai Country’s training ground. The spearheads and armor made from the material of a large ant monster with sharp mandibles and a hard outer shell attract the attention of Kuroumaru and other executives and soldiers.

 They proceeded with a performance evaluation, and the results are a surprise to everyone in Soukai Country.

 The spearhead made with mandibles that can bite through an adventurer’s armor easily penetrated Soukai Country’s armor and buried itself to the hilt. Even when Kuroumaru’s subordinates tried using it, the result was the same. The sharpness was so good that everyone feared it.

 The body armor, which is made of an outer shell that resists even the pickaxe wielded by miners and the sword of adventurers, is so hard that the blade is defeated by the spear of Soukai Country rather than pierced by it, and yet it is light. It even had a conical helmet that could deflect arrows. It was a threat with its amazing performance.

 Seeing this, it is no wonder that the decision to adopt it was unanimous. Kuroumaru was fearful of how much such excellent items would cost, but he resolved to do it for the sake of protecting his comrades. However, Shinji explained to him that it was an investment to fulfill Tsubaki’s wish, and Kuroumaru felt relieved.

 Shinji immediately informs Hiyuri and Durin that the adoption had been decided and requested the creation of 1,000 sets. He asked them for Kuroumaru and his immediate unit. Hiyuri, who was not a businessman unless he was excited by this great business opportunity, moved his men to collect ores from the mines and sent them to the smithy with the materials for the demons, and Durin gave the materials to the apprentice smiths to start making equipment.

 Since it would take some time to make a large amount of equipment, Shinji proceeded to do what he needed to do in the meantime.

 First, Shinji and Iris, they needed to recreate the magic similar to Tenshou Country’s <World Gate> to rescue his adoptive parents. Shinji, Iris, Freri, Flair, Lila, and others continued to investigate and test, but they could not fully reproduce it.

 However, they made some progress, and they were able to create black holes at both the entrance and exit within a very short distance of about 10 meters, allowing them to move through. The only remaining problem is how to create an exit in Tenshou Country.

 Next, Tenshou Country, which had been quiet since the defeat of the reapers, began to send troops to the front-line fortress in the territory they had taken from Soukai Country. This was a report from a Soukai Country soldier guarding the fort, and the information came from Iwao to Tsubaki and from Tsubaki to Shinji.

 Kuroumaru was ordered to lead a unit and monitor the enemy’s movements on the battlefield, while Garoumaru was tasked with defending the capital city. Although Kuroumaru faced a significant risk of losing his life on the battlefield, he had no choice but to stand on the front lines if he wanted to earn military merit and become Tsubaki’s husband. Of course, Garoumaru, who held the advantage, had the luxury of waiting for Kuroumaru to fall in battle.

 Shinji really wanted Kuroumarou to stay in the capital until the equipment was renewed, but Kuroumaru had to accept the order that it was necessary to send troops to the front lines. So, he asked Clara to keep watch so they could switch their strategy quickly if needed.

 In addition, Shinji also has a job as a vassal of the Wolf family. The job of a treasurer is especially demanding, as there is no room for mistakes in the numbers, and the details of the job can be nerve-wracking.

 It is no exaggeration to say that Shinji’s mind is constantly occupied, and the more days pass by, the less time he has to spare. It is hard to tell at first glance, since he tries to hide it from the public. However, Alvin, Milis, and Renka, who have been with Shinji for a long time, have somehow guessed it.

 Among them, Renka is the only one who can guess that the reason for Shinji’s absence is that he goes out at night on a request from the goddess. Because of it, it is natural for Renka, who is worried about Shinji, to ask her childhood friends Alvin and Milis for advice.

 ”What’s this, Shinji is acting fishy too. If he had told me, I would have thought about how to distribute the workload.”

 The three of them were sitting around a table in the lord’s room while Shinji was working in the vault, hunched over his desk.

 ”Seems like it’s something he can’t ask us to do. Even though I said I would help if there was anything I could do, Shinji won’t take me with him.”

 ”If Renka-chan can’t do it, it might not make a difference if me or Al-kun ask. But just in case, we’ll ask Shinji-san later too.”

 ”Let’s try that. Thank you, Mil.”

 Renka, who had been leaning on the table with a discontented expression, finally smiled thanks to Milis’ consideration. Alvin, on the other hand, looks at his wife (Milis) and Renka as they begin to talk, and wonders if Shinji’s work can be temporarily entrusted to someone else.

 (I remember Chris saying she could do bookkeeping. If she can take Shinji’s place for a little while, she could replace Shinji… but then I’d have to ask without revealing the secret about the apostle)

 Although they were not yet married, Alvin already considered Christina to be his wife. On the one hand, he doesn’t want to keep secrets from his beloved wife (Chris), with whom he has been in love many times, but on the other hand, he also couldn’t just tell about Shinji without his consent.

 (Maybe I’ll talk to Shinji tonight… but he seems busy, so I’ll hold off on asking him to record Mil again)

 Since then, Alvin has watched the crystal recordings of Milis’s lewd behavior several times. It was very exciting and progressing, but the excitement would gradually fade away if he watched the same scene over and over again. However, Alvin still believed that Shinji and Milis were keeping their promise, and now, he had the desire to see his other wife being taken again, so much so that he wishes he had another recording crystal.

 Perhaps it was wrong for Alvin to have such a wicked desire to make his other wife sleep with someone else. And because of it, he found himself in the biggest crisis of his life.

 ”Al-sama…. What does this mean…?”

 Christina asked, surprised as she found a crystal recording of Shinji and Milis. After the question, Alvin looks into Christina’s eyes, who is waiting for his answer, and tries to think of an excuse.

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