Wizard 532

Chapter 532 Christina’s Consent

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 Christina found the recording crystal by chance. It was happened when she visited Alvin in his office to discuss business, but he was not there, so Christina decided to wait for him to return.

 Seeing the desk which was obviously left in the middle of the work, Christina does some simple tidying up, such as arranging the materials piled up on the desk and putting the books back on the bookshelf.

 (Is Al-sama using the bathroom… Oh?)

 While she is sorting books by spine number, she finds a small box at the back shelf. She picks up the hidden box and opens the lid to find a recording crystal inside.

 (Could this be Al-sama’s…?)

 Christina guessed that the contents were probably lewd. The fact that Alvin, a serious man, had such a lewd image in his possession surprised her, but it was understandable if he was a healthy boy.

 Although she would never do such a thing as to expose someone’s private life, her curiosity about her future husband’s possessions and Alvin’s tastes got the better of her, and Christina took out the recording crystal from the box.

 Upon activating the recording crystal with her magic power, the images she sees are unexpected and shocking.

 Milis is moaning lewdly under Shinji’s hands in a room of Wolf’s mansion, a place that Christina has seen before. Listening to their exchange, in which Milis speaks in a way that Alvin is conscious of seeing, Christina, who is unaware of his peculiar fetish, is only more and more confused.

 (Why did Al-sama have these images? It is as if Al-sama wants her to do it. Could it be that Jin is messing with Milis-san? I’m with Jin too, and if that’s the reason, Milis-san is too, right?)

 You’re a good girl and I want to hold you. Shinji said so. And then he corrupted Christina. From her point of view, Milis is also an attractive woman, and it seems strange that Shinji has not made a move on her.

 In the video, Milis’s face is that of a sensual female, and the way she is made to moan by Shinji is very passionate. The way she is held by Shinji without showing any sign of reluctance, and the way she sometimes looks at the crystal in the recording, makes it clear that she is trying hard to be held by Shinji for Alvin’s sake.

 (Is this what Al-sama wants…? It is not fitting for the head of the family to let his wife be embraced by a stranger when he has no heir yet. If there is a reason, I must find out…)

 Because of this, Christina decides to ask Alvin directly about the unspoken matter. She puts back the recording crystal and leaves the room, treating Alvin as usual when he returns. She continues to work, and after Milis and Renka leave the office, she visits Alvin’s room again.

 In front of Alvin, whom he does not expect that she found the recording crystal, she takes out a small box from the bookshelf, the recording crystal, and asks him about the contents of the box.

* * *

 ”Al-sama…. What does this mean…?”

 Alvin’s face became tightened as he was questioned with no excusable evidence. He was so upset that he could not even question why she could have found it, and his mouth was repeatedly opening and closing in a speechless state.

 ”I am sorry that I looked inside without permission. However, due to the sensitive nature of the information, I must hear an explanation from Al-sama directly. I am the second wife who will marry Al-sama and become a part of the Wolf family. This is a significant issue that concerns the future of the family.”

 ”I know, okay. I knew it was something bad, so I kept it hidden from Chris.”

 ”If you knew about it, then why did you do something like this?”

 Christina’s face shows her confusion, as if she does not understand what is going on in Alvin’s mind, and Alvin himself can do nothing but to give up. He feels very embarrassed to talk about his very particular fetish to be aroused by the sight of his wife being held by someone else, but at the same time, he is fascinated by the hopeless and immoral pleasure (netorase), and he is curious to see how Christina will react to it.

 For Christina, who had never even heard of cuckoldry, Alvin’s confession comes as a bolt from the blue.

 She listens to Alvin’s explanations that contraceptives magics are used, that he does not force her to do so, and that he takes precautions to prevent problems at home, but to be honest, she can’t really grasp what he is saying and it slips through her mind from right to left.

 Alvin is a leader, a strong and good-looking young man, and a good man who is willing to work hard and learn for the good of his people even though he is a nobleman. So she had thought that he was a supportive husband, starting from love at first sight. However, the vision of a future where they would prosper together with the Wolf family was shattered by a shocking event.

 This hobby is fatal for the head of a noble family. If anyone else finds out about it, it will be fatal. That is what Christina had to decide.

 ”Al-sama… Does anyone else besides Milis-san and Shinji-san know about this?”

 ”Of course not… Something like this, I can’t tell anyone else. I don’t intend to. I’ll just keep it to myself. I won’t even take it out of this room.”

 ”Please do… This would become a scandal that must not be known to anyone outside. Except for Shinji-san, who is Milis-san’s partner.”

 ”I’ve never thought about it. Shinji is the only person I can trust. Shinji never breaks his promises. Actually, no one knew about this until Chris found out.”

 Because of his love for Milis, Alvin will not entrust Milis to any other man but Shinji. It is because of Shinji, the man he has fought together for their lives, that Alvin feels safe in his cuckoldry. It is because of a very warped but solid trust.

 But most people would not believe this nonsense. And Christina, as a noblewoman and as the second wife, should have made a firm stand against Alvin’s cuckoldry to correct his cuckoldry.

 However, Christina also has a physical relationship with Shinji. Shinji’s character and personality, his words of working for the prosperity of the Wolf family, and his actions. She knows firsthand that Shinji is not trying to destroy the Wolf family through their many interactions.

 ”…I still don’t fully understand, but I understand Al-sama’s feelings. Please hide the recording crystal in a more secluded place. I believe Al-sama’s words.”

 ”Chris, does that mean…”

 ”If it’s Milis-san and Shinji-san, they won’t tell anyone…if they keep the secret, I’ll allow it.”

 Alvin couldn’t help but stare at Christina, who had a troubled expression as she furrowed her eyebrows. He had not expected her to easily understand and agree to his request, and he was disappointed because he had planned to persuade her. But Alvin didn’t have the composure to think that it was because Christina had been seduced by Shinji that she was being so accepting.

 ”Thank you, Chris…”

 ”No… um, Al-sama, do you want me to…?”

 Christina, who had recovered first from her deep turmoil, remembered Shinji’s words. “If it’s about Alvin, you don’t have to worry. In the end, everyone will be happy.”

 (So this is what Jin had said before.)

 Behind her blushing and shyly asking, she understands. If Alvin had a cuckolded fetish, there would be no one unhappy even if Christina slept with Shinji.

 Christina, who had already fallen into temptation, was fascinated by the forbidden act with her former lover, and only wanted to push it further, as Shinji would have wanted.

 ”Is it okay?”

 Unaware of Christina’s thoughts, Alvin swallowed his saliva at the unexpected question. He makes Shinji embrace not only Milis but also Christina. The taboo of making a noblewoman like her fall into temptation was even greater than making Milis sleep with him.

 Just imagining it made Alvin feel hot in the groin. His twisted fetish was taking a further turn.

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