Wizard 533

Chapter 533 One Step Towards Further Depth

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 Once the work at Wolf’s place was done, everyone gathered for a meal and Shinji was stopped by Alvin

 ”What’s up, Alvin?”

 ”I wanted to talk to you. Let’s walk and talk”

 Shinji nodded at Alvin’s words and they began walking side by side

 ”Are you going out again today? It seems tough”

 ”Yeah, it’s been a bit of a hassle. Did Renka tell you?”

 It was no surprise to Alvin that Renka had told him that he was going out all night, so he kept smiling without hiding it as they continued their conversation.

 ”Yeah, you’ve been looking difficult lately. If you don’t want to talk to us about it, it must be because of your situation. But don’t be shy, okay? Let us know if you need help”

 ”I tried not to show it, but did it really show on my face?”

 Shinji laughed bitterly, and Alvin raised his eyebrows with his fingers and slightly tilted his eyes to show that he looked like that.

 But Shinji apologized for not being able to say exactly what was bothering him, and thanked Alvin for his concern. As soon as Alvin realized the situation, however, he stopped prying. Shinji’s position as an apostle of the Goddess was invaluable in creating and keeping secrets.

 While talking, they arrived at Shinji’s room and entered. As soon as they walked in, Shinji saw Alvin bowing with his hands clasped, and he began to realize that his bad feeling from the hallway was correct.

 ”Sorry! Chris found the recording crystal!”

 ”What are you doing, Alvin…. That’s not good, we need to talk to Christina-san once”

 ”That’s okay! I explained it to her and she understood!”

 Shinji folds his arms and ponders with a troubled look on his face, though he is fine with being found out since he has already corrupted Christina. Alvin, who doesn’t know anything about it, felt awkward, thinking it was his fault.

 ”You did a good job of convincing her. I thought it would be impossible”

 ”The condition is not to let it go outside. I cannot tell anyone except for Shinji and Mil”

 ”That’s the right answer. I’ll keep it to myself as well. Luckily, it was Christina-san who found it. And it’s better to hide it where the maids won’t see them”

 ”I really didn’t feel like living..”

 Alvin, realizing Shinji’s calculations were correct, nodded in agreement and took his advice. But then, he took a deep breath and spoke calmly to Shinji, trying to keep his heartbeat from accelerating from the tension.

 ”…Shinji, I want you to do this with Chris, too”

 Even though he has a serious look in his eyes, but because of the words he says, his s*xual fetish even worse. And Alvin was overwhelmed by regret and desire.

 ”No, I don’t think Christina-san would agree..”

 ”She gave us permission! So it’s okay!”

 ”I can’t believe it… that Christina-san…”

 In fact, Shinji had already heard from Christina that she had allowed Alvin to play the “cuckold” game using the Lewd Crest. But Alvin, who explains to Shinji’s skeptical eyes that include feelings of surprise and confusion, does not think that everything is being foreseen. Instead, Alvin could understand why he couldn’t believe it. Christina’s agreement was unexpected. However, Alvin asked for the reason behind it.

 (Chris said, “If that’s what you want, my dear.”)

 Alvin remembers that Christina had said something that seemed to show her competitiveness with Milis before. He does not want his two beloved wives to compete with each other; he wishes for them to get along. However, it is still nice to feel loved by both of them at the same time.

 Being held by someone else is a scandalous and immoral act, which is why the feeling of being loved is both distressing and joyful. Because of this, Alvin had not even considered that Christina and Shinji were already in a physical relationship.

 ”Really, they’re too good for me. I’ll do anything for Mil and Chris”

 ”Okay, okay, I get it. With your dedication, the Wolf family will be safe. If Christina-san says yes, then I’ll say yes”

 Shinji shrugs his shoulders as if to say thank you for the meal as Alvin smiles shyly at him. At his colorful reply, Alvin’s smile turns sly.

 ”Oh…please, Shinji…”

 From the way Alvin smiles, which is not like his usual cheerful and bright self, Shinji sense that Alvin has taken another step towards the depths of cuckoldry

* * *

 Meanwhile, just like Alvin had chased after Shinji to talk, Christina also chased after Milis and they ended up alone in Christina’s room.

 Although Christina only saw the cuckoldry without kissing and with contraceptives on the recording crystal, she understood through her own experience with Shinji that he wouldn’t keep his promises. At the same time, she is convinced that Milis has already been corrupted.

 Thinking that Milis wouldn’t confess even if she was asked directly, Christina made up her mind and showed her own lewd crest on her body as proof that Shinji had already taken her as well. Unsurprisingly, Milis easily confirmed that she was also Shinji’s woman and revealed her own emblem that shone pink when she pulled up her clothes.

 Christina is convinced that she has arrived at the truth as she had expected. If it were the old her who hadn’t fallen, she would have been surprised and in despair at this terrible situation.

 But now she understands Shinji’s intention correctly. She knew that his goal was not to appear in high society but to live a free life in the background to further the prosperity of the Wolf family.

 Christina can only smile with a mixture of amazement and admiration at her childhood sweetheart’s ability to create a situation that is wicked, seamless, and by the time she realizes it, it is too late. Seeing her smile, Milis understands that Christina has also chosen to have done it with Shinji behind his back.

 Milis is not uncomfortable that Christina, who fell in love with Alvin at first sight and became his second wife, made such a choice, because she also understands it. Because she experiences it. She knows the greatest female pleasure that can only come from having done it with Shinji.

 Therefore, Milis smiles a provocative smile without any sense of shame. It is a s*xy smile that even Christina of the same gender would be moved by.

 ”By doing this, Chris-san is same as me, right? ♡ …By the way, there is something that would make Shinji-san very happy…♡”

 Milis whispers to Christina, who stares back at her as if captivated by her eyes.

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