Wizard 534

Chapter 534 Invited by Milis and Christina

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 The next day Shinji continued to work in the treasury. A mountain of documents had been piled up by Christina since the morning, and it was clear that they would be packed for the rest of the day.

 ”I won’t be able to finish it in a day… It would have been different if Alvin had helped me, but he ran away.”

 It’s no wonder that he muttered such a hateful soliloquy. Alvin, who is not good with numbers, has fled from the mansion, saying he was asked by Christina to go outside. Renka, who tried to help, was also said she has outdoor job and left the mansion, seeming guilty.

 ”As for Alvin… I’ll keep Tina’s matter on hold indefinitely… He should be frustrated to his heart’s content.”

 Shinji stares at the ledger with fixed eyes. The sound of the pen running echoed in the quiet room, and he continued to work silently. Despite his complaints, he keeps on working, and time passed without him noticing. Just then there is a knock at the door and Milis’s voice is heard.

 ”Shinji-san, may I come in?”

 ”Sure. Is Christina-san with you? It’s the first time you two have come here together.”

 ”Yeah, that’s right… now that you mention it.”

 Following Milis, Christina walked into the room and the door closed. Milis wore a light blue day dress she would wear when staying at the mansion and Christina in her usual dress walked up to Shinji.

 However, Christina’s behavior is strange. She looks very uncomfortable and her cheeks are red as if she is holding back her embarrassment. Milis smiled broadly at Shinji’s puzzlement.

 ”As you can see, I am busy with Christina-san’s work.”

 ”Chris-san and I are here to help you. Right, Chris-san?”

 ”Yes. Shinji-san, it’s a lot of work for you to do by yourself… so we planned to help you from the beginning.”

 ”Well, you should have said that from the beginning. If there were three of us, I wouldn’t have been in such a hurry…”

 Shinji, who was about to break down, put down his pen. With their help, he would have more than enough time to spare, so he got up from his seat to take a breather, and Milis moved.

 ”Shinji-san, please take a seat on the sofa. Do you want something to drink? I’ll get you one. I’ll make Chris-san’s drink, too.”

 ”Yes, please. Thank you.”

 Christina brought the materials from the desk to the table so Shinji, Christina, and Milis could work together. As Shinji sat back on the sofa and stretched, Christina sat next to him

 Shinji looks at his side and Christina looks away, which was an unusual behavior for her. Although she seemed uncomfortable, it was hard to tell what was wrong. So, he tries to put his hand on her slender waist, and her delicate shoulders trembled slightly.

 ”Are you being more intimate than before because of what happened yesterday?”

 ”It’s not just Al-sama, but I also found out that Mil-san is being held by Jin too. I wonder myself why I didn’t notice it until yesterday. If you’re messing with me, you must be messing with her too.”

 ”I’ve been extra careful not to let Tina find out. If this were a little while ago, you would have kicked me out, aren’t you?”

 ”I’m just turning a blind eye to it. If this will affect the Wolf family in any way, I won’t show mercy.”

 ”I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen. I want the Wolf family to prosper too.”

 ”…I trust you, Jin.”

 Shinji and Christina look very intimate as they whisper to each other without Milis being able to hear. Milis, who brought the drinks to the couple, looking at them so closely that it wouldn’t be strange if she thought they were engaged, and it is no wonder that Milis, who did not know that the two had known each other since childhood, wonders why.

 ”Shinji-san and Chris-san, you are getting along very well with each other… perhaps a little too close. Is there something going on?”

 ”That’s a secret. Isn’t it, Christina-san?”

 ”Yes. Let’s start working.”

 ”Ugh, I’ve been avoided…”

 Shinji didn’t plan to tell Milis about his relationship with Christina. After all, it is easy to imagine that she would have mixed feelings if she knew about their relationship after her relationship with her childhood friend (Alvin) had been ruined. And he believed it was better if fewer people knew he was Jin Valensia. Shinji had even asked Christina to keep it a secret.

 But from Milis’ point of view, it is not interesting that it was kept secret. On the one hand, Milis has been a saffle much longer than Christina, but on the other hand, she knows that if he doesn’t want to talk about it, he won’t talk about it. Shinji could feel Milis’ piercing gaze as he sampled the drinks and sweets she had prepared.

 ”Mmm, delicious. The sweet pastry soaks into my tired head…”

 ”When you’re feeling tired, sweet things are the answer. I made something you said was delicious before.”

 ”I like Mil-san’s sweets too.”

 Smiling, Christina enjoyed the treats without prying into Shinji’s exhaustion because she doesn’t know he is an apostle. So, it doesn’t occur to Christina that she should reduce the amount of work she assigns him, but when Shinji looks at Milis, who knows what’s going on, and thanks her, she smiles with satisfaction.

 Shinji assigns work to Milis, who sits on the left, and Christina, who sits on the right, after comparing their progress. Although Christina’s sometimes restless pace is a little slower than usual, the three of them work together to complete the job in no time at all, and they finished the job quickly.

 ”Okay, I think I can handle the rest on my own now that we’re done here. Thank you, Milis, Christina-san.”

 ”I will stay with you until the end. But before that, why don’t we take a break and relax?”

 Milis gently placed her hand on Shinji’s left thigh. Due to his foster parent situation, Shinji hadn’t been able to have done it at the Wolf mansion. Naturally, Milis was also s*xually frustrated because Alvin couldn’t satisfy her needs.

 Christina’s hand also placed on his right thigh. This caused Shinji’s eyes to shift from Milis to Christina. She, too, had not been with Shinji, and her desire was pent up.

 The reason why Christina followed Milis is that they had agreed in advance to do a double service. This is why she assigned work to Alvin and Renka and kept them away from the Wolf residence.

 ”Mil-san told me you like double service. You also said you were feeling tired. So, please leave it to us.”

 ”Not only that, we have also prepared something like this…♡”

 Milis lifted the skirt of her dress and revealed not only her healthy thighs but also her crotch to Shinji. The white underwear she is wearing is frilly and pretty, but was also an erotic underwear that included the indecent parts, which are usually covered up, with no fabric. Seeing her golden pubic hair, Shinji’s gaze was fixated and he became fully erect, bulging out his pants.

 ”I knew it…♡ You really like naughty underwear. Shinji-san, who loves maid costumes, must also love them. Chris-san is wearing them too…♡”

 With her words, Shinji finally understood why Christina was uncomfortable. He wanted to see what kind of underwear she was wearing and wished for Christina to reveal it to him. Unable to suppress this desire, Shinji asked Christina to show him.

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