Wizard 535

Chapter 535 With Alvin’s Wives, Part One

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 Christina, sitting next to Shinji, shyly lifts the skirt of her dress, revealing a different design of underwear than the white ones Milis wears, which expose private parts that should be concealed.

 The black underwear made of sheer fabric only covers the important areas and leaves very little to the imagination. The thin side straps of the underwear hardly seem to be there at all, and Shinji understands why Christina appears unsettled.

 ”It seems Christina-san is quite daring.”

 ”Well, actually, these are Mil-san’s underwear.”

 ”They’re brand new, just bought. I haven’t even shown it to Al-kun yet…♡”

 As Milis, sitting to Shinji’s left, leans in and whispers in his ear, his p*nis twitches. Even through his pants, it’s evident that it has grown larger. Milis exposes this impressive sight to the open air. The sight of a fully erect p*nis that has brought pleasure to many women captivates both Milis and Christina’s gaze.

 ”You both look great. I’m sure Alvin would be thrilled.”

 Shinji’s hand reaches Milis’ private parts, tracing her exposed labia with his fingers. Perhaps due to the excitement of being watched and their expectations, she is already moist, and his index finger easily sinks in.

 ”This design is perfect for immediate penetration. It suits Milis, who loves s*x.”

 ”Oh, Shinji-san, I’m so happy~♡ Ah… ah…♡”

 While Milis’ intimate sounds resonate, Shinji also touches Christina’s private area to his right. He gently and meticulously strokes her labia, being careful not to tear the sheer fabric.

 ”Trying to conceal it only makes it more enticing. It looks like it’s been wrapped with care. It’s a perfect fit for the elegant Christina-san.”

 ”Thank… you… ah… so much~♡ Oh, yes…♡ ah…♡ Shinji-san…♡ Kiss…♡ Ah…♡ Slurp…♡”

 Christina also leans her body against Shinji to the right. She gazes at him with dreamy eyes but is unable to fully express herself due to Milis’ presence. However, apart from her usual polite speech, her gestures are sweet, as if she were in the presence of a beloved person, and she willingly kisses Shinji.

 (Chris-san has been corrupted by Shinjia-san… Shinji-san’s naughty skills are incredible. Shinji-san, who changes Chris-san so much, is amazing…♡)

 Milis, who is unaware of the relationship between Shinji and Christina, misunderstands that Christina has been captivated by Shinji’s s*xual techniques. Even Milis, who is a reliable person and carries the pride of a noble lady in her heart, becomes just a woman in front of Shinji. This misunderstanding gives Milis more excuses to indulge in an affair and s*xual relationship with Shinji.

 As Shinji passionately kisses Christina, Milis’s hand touches Shinji’s p*nis, which she had been stroking slowly for some time. Using her thumb and index finger to create a ring, she starts stroking his shaft up and down, causing his p*nis to twitch with pleasure.

 ”Puha…♡ I’ll do it too. Fufu, it twitched. Just as Mil-san said, Shinji-san really likes being with two people.”

 ”I know, right? Before meeting Chris-san, he used to do it with several people in turns… Mmmh~♡ Mmm, mmmh~♡ chu, slurp, lick, chuup…♡”

 While Milis strokes his shaft, Christina, who had not touched the p*nis, caresses the glans with the palm of her hand, causing Shinji’s p*nis to jump with intense pleasure. Normally, this double handjob, which requires perfect coordination, should have been given to Alvin, their husbands. But now, it is not their husbands that they want to serve.

 Excited by the services of Alvin’s wives, Shinji takes Milis’s lips and rubs her inner vagina walls with his inserted finger. His thick and rough finger skillfully stimulates her sensitive spots, transforming Milis’s expression into one of ecstasy.

 (It’s a completely different face from when she’s with Al-sama… even though I saw it in the recording crystal and heard from Mil-san, but she’s really aroused.)

 As she thought so, Shinji pleasures Christina with his finger, as if in return for the glans teasing while Christina suppresses her moans and holds back her voice with her mouth. Her knowledge of group s*x is limited, having only heard about it from Milis moments ago, and she feels embarrassed to have her moans heard by another woman.

 Christina, having known about the physical relationship between Shinji and herself long before, considers it an inappropriate behavior for Alvin’s wife. However, she has experienced being gradually corrupted and succumbing to her desires due to the lewd crest, so she also feels that it is inevitable. She believes that no woman can resist Shinji’s wicked touch.

 He is a cunning but exceptionally talented magician, and he has promised to assist the Wolf family and work for his own sake. Christina finds him dependable and her eyes glisten with pleasure.

 ”Ah…♡ Mmm…♡ Chu, Chup…♡”

 ”Chu, Chuu…♡ Haa…♡ Ahn…♡ Ah, ah…♡”

 Shinji, who has two people on either side of him that everyone would envy, kisses them alternately, exchanging saliva. When he lays his lips on Milis, Christina begs for kisses on his cheeks and neck, and when he kisses Christina, Milis begs for kisses. Like a parent bird feeding its nestling, Shinji alternates sharing saliva between the two of them and guides them to climax through manual stimulation.

 The three of them intensify each other’s pleasure, and sweet, entrancing women’s voices echo in the vault room. As expected, Milis and Christina reach their limits earlier than Shinji, who is being pleasured by both of them.

 ”Ahh…♡ I’m coming…♡ I’m coming…♡ Ah, ahh…♡”

 ”Haa…♡ Ahh…..♡”

 Milis moans shamelessly, while Christina tries hard to suppress her voice. Although their responses to climax differ, their vaginas tighten and release love juices in the same way.

 Lost in the aftermath of their climax, the handjob stops. However, the p*nis in their hands remains erect and pulsating, demanding attention.

 The gaze directed at the thick and sturdy p*nis becomes even more intense, and Christina swallows nervously. But before she could make a move, Milis moved and straddled Shinji’s waist.

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