Wizard 536

Chapter 536 With Alvin’s Wives, Part Two

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 Milis, who had already engaged in group s*x with Shinji and others multiple times without hesitation, moved confidently and welcomed Shinji’s p*nis into her vagina under her skirt.

 ”Ahhh…♡ It’s big…♡”

 With the assistance of both of the girls the p*nis, swollen and pulsating from the double hand job, reached deep inside Milis’ vagina. Her body trembled with pleasure as the p*nis, which possessed the power to conquer her tight walls, elicited words from her mouth that conveyed a strong sense of pleasure.

 Milis’ expression changed to a face filled with pleasure as soon as she was penetrated, creating a different kind of satisfaction from the “happiness” Christina saw who always smiled beside Alvin. Christina, who was familiar with the same pleasure, felt a sense of being left behind rather than embarrassment about engaging in group s*x.

 ”Milis, since we’re at it, I’d like to see your upper underwear too.”

 ”Oh… right~♡ Shinji-san…♡”

 Granting Shinji’s wish, Milis released her arms from the dress straps, lowering the dress to reveal her breasts. The white bra, made of the same fabric as the panties exposing her vulva, adorned her breasts, drawing attention rather than concealing her nipples. The exposed nipples were swollen and if Shinji pinched them, Milis would arch her back and moan.

 ”What lascivious underwear. It suits Milis, who loves s*x, very well.”

 ”Thank you so much~♡ But when my nipples are pinched, I…♡ Ah! I can’t move anymore…♡ It feels so good…♡”

 ”It would be a waste not to touch them when they are so beautifully decorated, don’t you think? Come on, Milis, do your best.”

 ”Nhah~♡ Ah~♡ No~♡ Hah, hah…♡”

 While toying with her hardened nipples, Shinji gently shook her body with his hand on her waist. Milis, who was desperately trying to move her hips in sync and rubbing her secret place against him, felt frustrated because she couldn’t move as she wished due to Shinji’s relentless teasing of her nipples.

 As Shinji enjoyed playing with Milis’ ample breasts, which he couldn’t fully grasp with his hands, his sight caught Christina, who had removed the upper part of her dress, exposing her chest. Her black bra, held together by thin strings, barely concealed her nipples, creating a see-through effect.

 Enticed by the pink nipples visible in the depths of darkness, Shinji’s hands moved from Milis to Christina. Her firm breasts, coupled with skin that clung to his moist hands, made Shinji believe that “beautiful breasts” were truly meant for her.

 ”Mmm, haah, Shinji-san…♡ Kiss, kiss, lick, slurp, chup~♡”

 Christina’s hands rested on Shinji’s cheeks as their lips met. Their deep kiss, entwining their tongues, repeated itself right before Milis’ eyes. Now that her nipples were free and she could focus on the p*nis thrusting into her vagina, Milis began moving her hips up and down while gazing at Shinji’s face, his face consumed by the kiss.

 ”Ah, ah, ohh~♡ Hitting the right spot…♡ Shinji-san’s p*nis feels so good…♡ Haah, aah~♡”

 As she sensually moved her hips, her large breasts bounced up and down in sync with her body, captivating Shinji’s attention. As he observed her swaying breasts out of the corner of his eye, he could barely contain the feeling of imminent ejaculation, confronted with her seductive tightness and skillful movements in the cowgirl position.

 ”Nchu, chu, nfuh, haah~♡ Shinji-san, touch my breasts…♡ Aah, more…♡ Nnchu, jyuru~♡”

 Not to be outdone by Milis, Christina engaged in an even more intense deep kiss. She intertwined her saliva to his abundantly, and she rubbed her breasts against his hands, hoping to captivate him even more. Her kiss was so passionate that one could almost see heart-shaped marks floating before her eyes.

 (I wonder if Chris-san likes Shinji-san…? She seems more passionate than when she’s with Al-kun… Ah! It feels so good!~♡ Peniis is amazing!~♡)

 Milis couldn’t help but question the enraptured state of Christina, who seemed to surrender not only her body but also her heart. But her thoughts were swiftly washed away by the pleasure of Shinji’s p*nis thrusting into her depths.

 Indeed, Christina’s heart was deeply shaken when she learned that Shinji was Jin Valencia, feeling a fateful connection. Nonetheless, she didn’t forget her duty as a noble daughter, prioritizing the prosperity of the Wolf family over her personal feelings, supporting the Wolf family as Alvin’s devoted second wife. Besides, the pride of a noble daughter and her affection for Alvin undeniably existed within her.

 But, during their affair, she expressed her emotions without reservation, showing her love through actions rather than words. Milis, as a woman, couldn’t possibly fail to notice. However, her thoughts were completely incapacitated by Shinji’s powerful thrusts.

 Pound…♡ Pound…♡ Pound…♡ Pound…♡

 Their synchronized movements intensified the pleasure Milis experienced. Each time she lowered her hips, an electrifying sensation surged from her vagina to her brain, and Milis thrust her hips with abandon.

 Shinji’s arousal is also at its peak, as he receives the same passionate kisses and lewd courtship dances from his wives that Alvin, the husband, would normally be receiving. Then, while devouring Christina’s lips, he thrusts his hips and shoots his load into Milis’ womb.

 Spurt…♡ Spurttt…♡

 ”Ahh~~♡ Amazing…♡ It’s coming out…♡”

 Milis received Shinji’s seed in her uterus and reached climax. Experiencing orgasm while feeling the force of ejaculation deep inside her was a vivid and profound pleasure unique to s*x with Shinji. Her voice is enchanting and glamorous, and she feels nothing but happiness. At the same time, she lowered her hips, her vagina twitching in an attempt to extract as much seed as possible.

 It was the very essence of a female seeking to conceive an excellent offspring, and Christina couldn’t help but feel envious of Milis’s captivating figure even in the aftermath of climax.

 ”Shinji-san, me too…♡”

 Then, because there was no shame in having s*x right in front of her, with flushed cheeks and teary eyes, Christina begged for Shinji’s p*nis, and he lowered Milis from his lap.


 First, it was Milis-chan’s turn.

 And then, a threesome with Christina down below for round three.

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