Wizard 537

Chapter 537 With Alvin’s Wives, Part Three

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Next to Milis, leaning back on the sofa with an ecstatic expression, Christina connects with Shinji in a face-to-face sitting position. The p*nis p*nis, which fills Milis’ vagina, remains firm even after releasing plenty of semen. And now, just by inserting this exceptional hardness, Christina experiences sweet ecstasy.

「Christina-san, please show me your underwear.」

Although Shinji’s words are polite, Christina understands that it’s the way he speaks to acquaintances. Despite knowing that he has to hide their old relationship because Milis is present, she reluctantly takes off her dress. It feels terribly sad to her.

Nevertheless, her body remains honest to the pleasure, and her nipples become erect. The skimpy, translucent fabric, which only hides that part, entices the gaze toward the pink depths. Unable to resist, Shinji instinctively brings his mouth to Christina’s breasts.

「Mmm…♡ Ahh…♡ You sucked Mil-san’s breasts… And now, hmm, is it mine t…♡」

「I’m not comparing or anything. You both are beautiful. Black suits you well, Christina-san.」

「Thank you…♡ I’m glad I wore it~♡」

Shinji admires Christina’s breasts, which maintain their beautiful shape even under the almost string-like bra, and he lovingly caresses her nipples with his tongue until the fabric becomes soaked. Meanwhile, Christina responds with a smile to his praise.

「Mm…♡ Huh…♡ Mmm…♡ Haah…♡」

Christina’s gentle movements, as she skillfully moves her hips, differ from Milis, who desires intense pleasure. Her movements draw circles and rock back and forth. These selfless motions, driven by her desire to prolong the pleasure of having s*x with a beloved man, allow her to savor the p*nis inside her vagina and send waves of sweet pleasure to her brain.

(I want to call him Jin…♡ Ahh…♡)

She immerses herself in pleasure, but she feels frustrated that she can’t call him Jin. This dissatisfaction is evident in her behavior, whether she is acting lewd or being docile, and Shinji, who enjoys her breasts, can’t possibly overlook it.

『I’m sorry, Tina. We can’t let Milis find out. Though, it’s fine to use telepathy instead.』


When Shinji connects their thoughts to ensure Milis doesn’t find out, Christina’s eyes widen, and they become moist. He perceives her understanding of her silent complaint and admires his clever resolution, which makes her heart race and her vagina tighten. And now, Christina’s gaze directed at Shinji is filled with love.

『Jin…♡ Connecting with you feels so good…♡』

Devoting herself to their telepathic connection, Christina wriggles her hips in silence, indulging in pleasure. Her dripping wet inner depths are hot, and Shinji’s feeling of ejaculation gradually intensifies. However, if they continue with this leisurely pace to enjoy s*x, Milis, who was lost in the afterglow of climax, regains her focus.

「Shinji-san, it’s not fair that it’s only Chris-san. You’re the one who made me like this…♡ Ahh…♡」

Interrupting the two, who seem deeply in love, Milis embraces Shinji from the side. She presses her large breasts against him and traces the outline of his chest with her fingers, displaying a sulking demeanor. Shinji’s fingers move from Christina to Milis, and when he inserts them into her semen-filled vagina and stirs them squelchingly, she lets out a sweet moan.

「Do more…♡ Nmm…♡ Kiss…♡ Mmm…♡ Lick…♡ Slurp…♡ Haah…♡ Kiss…♡ With your fingers, Shinji-san…♡ Aah…♡」

While being caressed, Milis kisses Shinji. As the kissing partner switches from Shinji to Milis, she demonstrates a passionate deep kiss that is more than enough to make Christina misunderstand that 「Milis likes Shinji.」 In this situation, where both of them misunderstand, they compete to please Shinji.

It was a scene that seemed like a competition for love. However, the person they are directing their affection towards is not their husband (Alvin) but their affair partner (Shinji), and they have misdirected their emotions. Their heads are completely devoid of Alvin’s image, and no one can stop these lascivious married women from dancing provocatively in this place.

To begin with, Shinji is the one taking the initiative. He is the one who steals, after all. He only complies when Milis and Christina express their desire to serve him. But if the other parties were to start competing, he wouldn’t remain passive. Therefore…

「Ah…♡ Ah…♡ Ah…♡ Ah…♡ Amazing…♡ Shinji-san…♡ Shinji-san…♡ Shinji-san…♡ Nn…♡ Haan…♡」

In no time, Shinji takes control. He positions Milis and Christina side by side in front of the sofa, making them stick their backsides out, and proceeds to penetrate them alternately from behind.

「Ha…♡ Aan…♡ Ah…♡ Just… a little… more…♡ Ahh…♡ Shinji-san, harder…♡」

Both girls feel their heads filled with pleasure due to Shinji’s strong and experienced movements, as if he is teaching them that they are his women. Contrary to their initial intention to compete, they have become obedient females in front of Shinji.

「Nnn…♡ I love this…♡ Nakadashi (Cumming inside)…♡ I love it…♡」

With this, Shinji embraces his role as a son of succubus and pleases the girls in the way they desire. He fulfills Milis’s preference for the 「doggy style」 position and ejaculates inside her.

『Jin’s is coming inside me…♡ It’s warm~♡』

And in the missionary position, Shinji ejaculates inside Christina, melting her eyes with pleasure. As he withdraws his p*nis from her trembling body, with her legs stretched out straight and her body shivering, he inserts it into Milis once again.

「Ah…♡ Ah…♡ Shinji-san…♡ Shinji…♡ Ah…♡」

「Ah…♡ Haah…♡ Ah…♡ I’m…♡ I’m going to… come again…♡」

Now, Shinji couldn’t help but feel excited in the face of this situation, where he took turns to pleasure Milis and Christina, indulging in their desires with the ultimate blonde beauty. He had invested a lot of time and effort into making this situation a reality, and now he was filled with a sense of unparalleled forbidden pleasure and excitement.

After thoroughly indulging in each other, Shinji’s exhausted mind, worn out from helping his adoptive parents, had recovered to the fullest. He felt a sense of fulfillment that made him believe he could overcome any challenge given to him by Goddess Arian, no matter how difficult it might be.

「It was amazing… Thank you, Milis. Thank you, Christina-san.」

Having finished the main event, Shinji sat back down on the sofa and expressed his gratitude to the two women sitting at his feet. Blushing cheeks and mesmerized eyes, they smiled while continuing to pleasure his p*nis with their tongues. Despite the ups and downs along the way, they had managed to heal Shinji, just as they had initially intended.

「「You’re welcome…♡ Mmm…♡」」

They kissed the object that had given them so much pleasure. Milis and Christina, who had fallen into depravity, let their minds wander to the lewd and sinful life that was likely to continue in the future.

(Al-kun, I wonder what kind of request you’ll make next…)

(For Al-sama’s sake, we’ll have to record it on the crystal…♡)

The two wives, addicted to illicit affairs and s*x with Shinji, eagerly awaited their next opportunity. Shinji continued to gaze at their transformed and lascivious selves with a satisfied expression.


From Christina-san’s turn to the grand finale, both of them had fallen completely. Shinji was a bad guy (though it was a bit too late to realize that).

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