Wizard 538


Chapter 538 Alvin’s Distorted Lordly Life

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 Several days had passed since Alvin’s wives had embraced the forbidden pleasure without his knowledge. After finishing his work, Alvin rushes back to his room and sits on his bed.

Today was supposed to be the day he would make love with Christina, but she wasn’t in the room. Instead, Alvin held a crystal recording that had been handed to him by Christina.

(There should be an image of Chris inside…)

Alvin felt an even greater excitement than when he first asked Shinji for a cuckold play. His heart throbbed painfully, and a sticky sweat trickled down his back.

Starting from her love at first sight, Christina, a noblewoman who eventually became engaged to Alvin, was someone he relied on. Not only was she trustworthy, but she also had deep affection for him. She also aroused Alvin’s p*nis, which had grown twisted, with her active approach to s*x and her enchanting figure.

Of course, Alvin cherished Christina, who called him Al-sama. That’s why he wanted to witness her debauchery. Following the twisted desires awakened by Freri, Alvin infused magic into the recording crystal in his hand.

『Please make sure to keep your promise.』

『I don’t think I’ll break it when we’re recording. I don’t want Alvin to get angry with me either.』

The recorded image was projected onto the wall. Shinji and Christina were in one of the guest rooms where they had previously recorded their affair with Milis. The video began with the two of them conversing in front of a neatly prepared bed.

Wearing contraception, no kissing. It was an act they had long since completed, but Alvin continued to watch them make their promises, oblivious to the truth.

『It’s better to do it from behind.』

『Yes, that way you won’t be seen more than necessary.』

『Then, I’ll do as Christina-san says.』

Christina sat between Shinji’s legs, sitting cross-legged. The words they exchanged were firm, and Christina’s actions of distancing herself from Shinji’s chest were suitable for two people who, despite getting along well, still worked together while occasionally arguing. Though they hadn’t even begun foreplay, the atmosphere made one wonder if he could already bring out the lewd side of Christina from here.

Of course, such thoughts were groundless.

『Mmm, ah… Hah, nn, mm… Ah, a little… Hah, mm♡』

『Come on, don’t try to hide.』

Shinji’s hands, coming from above Christina’s dress, touched her swelling breasts, lifting them up. Shinji’s caress, which started gently, thoroughly adored her breasts, quickly turning Christina’s face crimson.

『Haa, fuu, nn… Ahh… Haa, mm♡』

『Don’t try to cover up like that.』

The fabric covering her breasts was removed, and her bra, now loose, was hanging by the shoulder strap, leaving her breasts exposed. Shinji, who knew exactly which parts of Christina’s breasts felt good, touched them with precision, and the image of her on the screen was now resting her back against Shinji’s chest, only emitting sweet sounds.

(Is Chris… getting turned on too quickly? Shinji, aren’t you too skilled?)

Alvin, with his pants down and his already erect p*nis in hand, watched as Christina’s legs naturally spread apart, and Shinji’s fingers reached her secret place. Christina, who had already lost her composure due to the breast caresses, couldn’t stop his hand as it played with the entrance to her secret place inside her dress, stifling her moans.

『It feels so good… Ahh… It’s not fair… Ahh… Haa, mm♡』

Alvin’s member swelled significantly at the sight of Christina being toyed with by Shinji’s fingers, despite her efforts to conceal her pleasure. Alvin is so excited that he can’t stop himself from rubbing his cock up and down, but he doesn’t realize that Christina in the image is having a telepathy with Shinji and begging him for his cock as soon as possible.

『W-Wait…♡ Please…♡ Oh, no… Ahh…♡』

『Are you about to climax? Then, lift your face. Let Alvin see it as well.』

『Ugh…♡ It’s embarrassing, Al-sama…♡ Sorry…♡ Ahh~~…♡』

Shinji gently lifted Christina’s chin and turned her face towards the recording crystal. Her flushed face, teary eyes, saliva dripping from her mouth, and the lewd sounds she made were all conveyed to Alvin, causing his breath to grow ragged.

Alvin was captivated, unable to look away, as Christina, unable to resist the pleasure Shinji was giving her, was pushed over the edge and brought to climax by his touch. Despite the scene being only halfway through, Alvin’s excitement had reached its peak, as if he would ejaculate any moment.

『There’s no need to apologize. This is what Alvin desires. It’s better not to hide your face. Don’t you agree?』

『Well… Because I just climaxed…♡ Ahh…♡』

『If you’ve seen Milis’ footage, you’ll understand, right? Now, let’s focus on the recording crystal.』

To ensure the lingering pleasure of her climax, Christina nodded as instructed by Shinji and stared at the recording crystal. Alvin felt as if their gazes were intermingling, even though Christina’s gaze remained fixed on the crystal.

Behind Christina, on all fours, Shinji attached a contraceptive to his p*nis. The extraordinary size disappeared inside her skirt, which was lifted up. Alvin swallowed hard as he observed Shinji gripping Christina’s slender waist and her waiting to be penetrated.

『I’ll insert it slowly…』

『Don’t…♡ Ahh…♡ No…♡ It’s so… Big…♡ Ahh…♡』

With each thrust, Christina’s eyes, which had sharpened in determination, dropped in surrender. When Shinji’s p*nis penetrated her moist entrance, her hips trembled. The sound of their connection echoed, conveying Christina’s pleasure to Alvin.

『Is Christina-san skilled enough to easily take mine in her inside too? Impressive, aren’t you?』

『Please…♡ Don’t say unnecessary things…♡ Ahh…♡ Ahh…♡ Ahh…♡ Haah…♡』

Shinji’s slow and deliberate movements began, using the entirety of his robust p*nis, stimulating Christina’s vaginal walls and granting her irresistible pleasure. As he thrust into her, Alvin saw Christina’s face transform into that of a woman enraptured by pleasure, something he had never witnessed during their own s*xual encounters.

『Ahh…♡ Ahh…♡ Please…♡ Stop…♡ Ahh…♡』

(Chris… Even Chris… When she’s embraced by Shinji, she makes such… such an erotic face…)

With each thrust from Shinji, Christina’s well-shaped breasts jiggled. Even though he heard her plea to stop, Shinji didn’t halt his movements. The sounds of their connection conveyed to Alvin that Christina was genuinely enjoying herself.

『Uhh~♡ Please stop~♡ Ah~♡♡』

『It seems Christina-san prefers it deep, huh?』

Especially when Shinji pressed his hips against her buttocks, causing her to push her hips forward as if urging him to bury his p*nis deeper, Alvin was astounded by her response, something he had never seen during their s*xual encounters.

『Huu…♡ Huu…♡ Ahh…♡ Huu…♡』

Christina tried to endure the pleasure, her breathing becoming erratic, but her hips bounced lightly as she experienced a small climax. Shinji, still full of confidence, changed his rhythm, eliciting further reactions from her.

As Shinji rubbed against Christina’s shallow and deep spots, she could only moan and yield to his will. She maintained her position on all fours, seemingly focused solely on staring at the recording crystal. It was evident that she was making an effort for Alvin, who was watching the footage.

『Keep watching the recording crystal. I’ll be wrapping it up soon.』

『Ah…♡ Ahh…♡ Ahh…♡ Haa…♡ Ahh…♡』

Shinji’s words, spoken in a calm and steady manner, seem to suggest that it is easy for him to make women moan. The sound of his vigorous thrusts, which can be called passionately contrary to his words, resounds.

Pound~♡ Pound~♡ Pound~♡ Pound~♡

The piston-like motion of the man’s thrusting seems too strong, but Christina, who receives it, can only let out sounds of pleasure. Shinji’s movements, firmly gripping her waist, have seamlessly merged with Christina’s own movements.

『Ah, ah~♡ This… is amazing~♡ It’s incredible, ngh~♡』

Christina’s face, completely absorbed in the moment, has become incredibly flushed, unlike anything Alvin has ever seen. Due to the lewd crest hidden by Shinji, she is unable to express her feelings in definitive words. Otherwise, her explicit state is so intense that Alvin will blame her of exposing their relationship.

『Nn ah~♡ Ah, ah~♡ Haa~♡ I can’t take it anymore♡ Ah, haa~♡ No more, no more~♡』

(Chris, Chris, Chris…!)

Alvin senses that Christina is reaching the peak of ecstasy. At the same time, he starts stroking his own p*nis. Overwhelmed by the significant difference in their masculinity, he discovers a more alluring side of his wife, Christina, and his heart becomes a mess, compelling him to stroke himself in accordance with his desires.

『Mm, ah~♡ I’m coming~♡ I’m coming, coming~♡ Ahhhhh~♡』


Christina lets out a sweet cry as she is struck by an exceptionally forceful thrust. Pressing her buttocks against Shinji’s waist, her trembling hands support her body, causing her back to arch and her entire being to tense up. The elegant Christina, who would never do such things, reveals an obscene yet beautiful face with her tongue sticking out in the throes of orgasm.

While observing her experiencing profound climax and surrendering to pleasure, Alvin also reaches his own climax. He ejaculates even more than when he first watched the cuckold play with Milis. The sinful and devastating pleasure entwines his mind, leaving him in a daze.


Alvin, who had been lost in his thoughts, snaps back to reality, and almost simultaneously, the image ends, and the light from the recording crystal disappears. What emerges in his satisfied heart is an indescribable sense of contentment.

「That was amazing…」

Just recalling the sight of Christina indulging in lewd acts beyond his imagination causes Alvin’s deflated p*nis to stir again. He can’t help but feel inferior to Shinji, who was able to bring out such lascivious behavior in Christina with just one encounter, but as long as their hearts are firmly connected, he believes there is no shadow on their love. The relationship between Shinji and Christina in the video appears to Alvin as a conqueror and the unconquered, lacking the sense of emotional connection.

In reality, after the filming, they engage in unprotected s*x with copious amounts of internal ejaculation and even embrace each other for a deep kiss. Alvin never dreamed that the two of his wife were having a threesome with Shinji while he was out of the house.

(That was amazing… But…)

「I wonder if I could see it right in front of me…」

Alvin mutters to himself. Human desires know no bounds, and his thoughts yearn for even more extreme situations as he indulges in fantasies while tidying up.

The next morning, when Christina comes face to face with Alvin, she lowers her head in embarrassment. Seeing her face turn red, Alvin considers that she may be feeling guilty for succumbing to such lewdness. He gently touches her shoulder, thinking that maybe she feels the guilt of indulging in such desires and says,

「Can you look up, Chris? It was even better than I imagined. …Thank you for doing this for me. I love you.」

「Al-sama… Yes, me too.」

Upon hearing words of heartfelt gratitude, Christina lifts her head, her relieved expression visible to Alvin, who breathes a sigh of relief. Knowing that he has correctly guessed her feelings, he understands that since he involved her in such unusual desires, it is essential to convey his gratitude and affection. Without mutual understanding and affection, the 「cuckold play」 would not be possible.

「Today’s work is in the office, right? Let’s go together.」

「Understood, Al-sama. Regarding today’s schedule…」

As Christina discusses today’s plans, Alvin walks alongside her in the hallway. Just seeing her profile while they talk brings back memories of the image from last night.

(I want to see it closer… Not just recorded, but actually being embraced. How can I make that happen?)

Alvin’s distorted desires continue to grow. He ponders how he can get his wives to accept it, unaware that both of this wives have already fallen for Shinji.

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