Wizard 538 5

Chapter 538.5 Main Character Introductions (as of the end of Volume 13)

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Shinji – The Reliable Older Brother-Type Netori Protagonist
 The protagonist of this story, 21 years old. He is a wizard who has made a contract with the spirit of flower, Freri. He only feels the desire to have s*x when it involves stealing someone else’s partner, and he has a maid fetish.
 But then, he deviated from his initial plans and ended up falling in love with Renka. Lately, he has started to feel that he can have s*x with someone other than his targets, but he still prefers Netori. Due to an increase in his saffles, his p*nis is in full operation mode (his own doing).
 Additionally, he was appointed (forced) as a apostle of the Goddess and developed Functional Enchantment Magic, which allows him to even make succubi moan. Although he comes from a noble family called the Valencia family in the Oeste, he has cut ties with them. Now, he is searching for a way to travel to another world to find the succubus couple who raised him since he was a child. He revealed his secret to Renka and made a renewed commitment to live as a son of a succubus, overcoming a major failure.
 He was taught a magic spell by the goddess that allows him to travel between worlds, bringing him one step closer to his goal. In order to resolve the disturbance in Hatayama, he finally reveals to Alvin and Milis that he is an apostle. He serves the Wolf family and takes charge of their finances. He had a wedding ceremony with Renka.
 It was revealed that he had met Christina when they were children. He changed his approach based on her reaction and decided to incorporate her into his plans. He stepped into the world of conflict and recruited Hayate, whom he helped, as his subordinate.
 He finally finds his adoptive parents and, in order to rescue them, maneuvers to make use of the Soukai Country and forms a contract with Tsubaki.
 Alvin Wolf – The Boy Swordsman Who Awakened to Netorare Fetish
 The leader of the Running Wolves, 18 years old. He has short black hair and wields a two-handed sword. He prefers lightweight armor for its agility and excels at swift movements and bold attacks. He has a handsome face and a rough yet friendly personality. He values his lover, Milis, and enjoys drinking. However, he has never participated in womanizing or gambling activities.
 He becomes Emily’s disciple and gives an engagement ring to Milis. He is delighted to be able to rent a party house.
 He realizes his feelings for Renka, but she is already in Shinji’s arms. Although he regrets it, he decides to work hard for the new happy future that Milis describes, where the four of them will be together as a married couple.
 He is shown erotic dreams by Freri. As a result, he becomes aroused when he sees Milis being touched by Shinji.
 He finally acknowledges his Netorare fetish and asks Milis to receive a massage from Shinji. He wins the martial arts tournament and becomes famous overnight.
 His accomplishments are recognized, and he finally gains the title of Knight, becoming a noble. At that time, he receives the family name “Wolf” from the king. His fetish also becomes more powerful, and he manages to make Milis have s*x with Shinji right in front of him.
 He establishes the Wolf family and has his own house. He officially becomes engaged to Christina.
 He fulfills his long-awaited dream of climbing Hateyama and surpassing his parents. He realizes that Milis has changed after being embraced by Shinji and his fetish reaches its peak. However, Milis remains his most beloved person.
 He is attracted to Christina’s proactive behavior, which was instilled in her by Shinji. He returns to his hometown in triumph, vows to have a wedding ceremony with his beloved Milis, and bring prosperity to the Wolf family.
 He comes across a certain play called “NTR (Cuckold) Report” and further distorts his fetish. To make matters worse, he starts fantasizing about making Christina experience NTR.
 Christina discovers Alvin’s NTR fetish. However, she saves him with her tolerance(?), and Alvin’s fetish becomes even more distorted and developed.
 Milis Wolf – The Fallen Priestess of Pleasure
 Healer of the group. 18 years old.
 She has beautiful long blonde hair that reaches her waist, and her weapon is a staff. She is a priestess who wears blue robe. She has a cute face despite being somewhat short, with a body shape that appeals to guys, with a well-endowed chest and curvy buttocks. Milis has a calm and reserved personality, relying on her boyfriend Alvin and looking up to Renka like a big sister.
 Due to her involvement with Shinji’s intimate desires, she has been marked with a Lewd Crest. She has become Shinji’s convenient s*x friend, engaging in passionate encounters driven by this crest’s arousal. She secretly engages in s*xual activities while hiding it from Alvin. She particularly enjoys being pleasured by Shinji from behind with his well-endowed p*nis.
 Her affair has become an immoral affair, and now Milis can’t imagine a life without Shinji’s “p*nis.”
 She is happy that Shinji and Renka’s relationship has become public, allowing them to go on double dates.
 She accepts Alvin’s Netorare fetish and begins to hope that their relationship with Alvin as her love and Shinji as her physical pleasure provider might become officially recognized.
 Alvin becomes an aristocrat, and thus acquires a family name.
 Shinji embraces her in front of Alvin, and she experiences an experience that satisfies her body and soul.
 After that, in order to help Alvin, she assists in seducing Christina and even encourages more extreme acts.
 She realizes that she prioritizes Shinji’s pleasure over Alvin’s and begins to succumb both mentally and physically. Nevertheless, she still loves Alvin, and she finds herself unable to reject the desire for Shinji to impregnate her.
 Milis, who adores Shinji’s “p*nis,” has a wedding ceremony with Alvin. She is overjoyed to have the opportunity to celebrate her marriage with the person she loves before leaving her hometown, accompanied by her best friend Renka.
 After that, as a result of Alvin further distorting his own fetishes, Milis becomes able to be embraced by Shinji with Alvin’s approval. She can openly embrace her promiscuous nature without worrying about Alvin’s reaction and actively exploits the situation.
 Learning that Christina has also succumbed to Shinji, Milis feels a closer bond with her. They spend more time talking and laughing together, which brings a smile to Alvin’s face.
 Renka – Shinji’s Wife
 Scout and archer of the group. 19 years old.
 She has medium-length red hair and wields a bow and a dagger. Renka wears green clothing as a ranger. Her face is remarkably attractive and well-proportioned. She has a balanced and appealing figure, with a slightly larger bust. Renka has a strong sense of responsibility and is assertive. She acts like a big sister to Alvin and Milis, trying to protect them due to being one year older. She secretly has feelings for Alvin but struggles to express them directly, often resulting in arguments. Alvin, however, remains oblivious to her feelings.
 …or so it was supposed to be.
 Renka has completely fallen for s*x with Shinji. She now finds joy in serving him intimately. She particularly loves intimate and affectionate s*x in a face-to-face position.
 While she pities Milis for her affair, Renka prioritizes Shinji and becomes his secret accomplice. She has been convinced that it’s natural for Shinji to have a s*x friend, but she is aware that she is the only one loved as a girlfriend. In fact, Shinji shows affection toward Renka but refrains from being intimate with Milis.
 Living together with Shinji brings Renka great happiness. She longs for their relationship to be public, which would bring her even more joy.
 Renka knows all of Shinji’s secrets. They discuss their roles as a married couple and reaffirm their love for each other.
 She attends a gathering with the Goddess faction and becomes friends with Miko Arian. She introduces Shinji to her family in her hometown, has a joint wedding ceremony with Milis, and officially becomes Shinji’s wife, both in name and reality. She couldn’t be happier.
 Their newlywed life goes smoothly, and they are incredibly happy.
 Charlotte – Corrupted Future Innkeeper
 The poster girl of “Hidden Dragon Inn”.
 She has light brown hair, a lovely face, and a slightly larger bust. She has a lover named Morse.
 Although she accepted Morse’s marriage proposal, she has no intention of ending her affair with Shinji. She is deeply involved with him. She agreed to Shinji’s request to have a child through surrogacy. She married Morse.
 She safely gave birth to a child with Shinji. The name is Talis, a girl who looks just like Charlotte. At one point, she considered ending her relationship with Shinji, but she was drawn back in.
 Nanaka – Married Woman
 Former party member of Shinji.
 She has purple hair tied in a ponytail at the back.
 Her chest is small, but her plump lower body, suitable for easy childbirth, is attractive.
 Her husband is Haruto. Their daughter is Hana.
 She takes care of Hayate and has gained a more comfortable life. She is impregnated by Shinji and is currently pregnant with their second child.
 Emily – Corrupted Warrior of Love
 Former party member of Shinji.
 She has shoulder-length blonde hair and a very cute face. She is short and has a childlike figure.
 She has feelings for Shinji. She is very strong.
 She becomes Alvin’s mentor and starts acting together. She awakens to the joy of being dominated by Shinji during s*x. As a result, she has become a love-crazed warrior who moves according to Shinji’s desires. She doesn’t have a favorite position (any position with Shinji makes her happy and satisfied).
 She receives guidance on s*xual techniques from her friend Freri. Thanks to that, her skills have improved tremendously, especially her fellatio, which is top-notch. Her sense of s*x is also genius-level.
 She embarks on a journey to the world of conflict together with Shinji.
 Akane – Head Maid of the Wolf Family
 A former adventurer from the same hometown as Alvin and the others.
 A nun with dark red hair.
 Her party was destroyed, and she was saved by the “Running Wolves” party. She left her hometown and became a nun in a wilderness town. Shinji not only helped her overcome her fear of men but also taught her the pleasures of s*x, and she became addicted to s*x with him. She feels dependent on Shinji.
 She is hired as the maid in charge of the “Running Wolves” party house. She is a super maid capable of household chores, but she prioritizes Shinji and meticulously removes any traces of s*xual activity on the premises.
 As the head maidof the Wolf family, she is in charge of four maids and servants. She also serves as the housekeeper of the Wolf family and has the second most influential voice after Alvin and Milis. Shinji remains her top priority.
 She forms a cooperative relationship with Neru, who was embraced by Shinji.
 Freri (full name undisclosed) – Shinji’s Contracted Spirit
 A girl with a cute face, green hair, and green skin, wearing a white dress. She is about the same height as Milis and has a slight figure. She looks young.
 She strictly follows Shinji’s instructions and is silent. She rarely speaks. Flowers bloom in her green hair when she is happy.
 She is not a pure spirit but a half-succubus, half-spirit. Her mother is a succubus, and her father is a flower spirit. She has a very good affinity with Shinji’s magic. She is one of the few girls who can manipulate Shinji with her seductive s*xual skills inherited from her mother.
 She grows up to be a beautiful girl, balancing her youthfulness and beauty. Her hair remains green, but it grows to shoulder length. Her pale green skin has become whiter, closer to that of a succubus. Her breasts have grown larger, just the right size to be squeezed with both hands, and her waist and buttocks have become more curvaceous, making her more feminine.
 She teases Alvin because it’s fun for her.
 And thanks to that, she successfully instilled a masochistic attribute in Alvin. She is childhood friends with Shinji and is working to educate Eve and Clara to become full-fledged succubi.
 With the power of the Goddess, she grows into a high-level spirit.
 Her breasts grow significantly, giving her an enchanting beauty. Her surface personality remains the same. The succubus elements become more prominent, and she also has a tail, although she usually hides it. She is delighted with Shinji’s semen, which has become even more delicious.
 She trains Sophia and keeps her as a pet.
 Flair – the Spirit of Flames
 Flair was a high-level spirit who had a contract with Minato. Currently, she is free because Minato has passed away. Flair has wavy black hair, tanned skin, and a stylish appearance. She is a skilled fighter with powerful abilities in fire magic and martial arts.
 She was marked with the lewd crest by Shinji and violated, even forced to declare her defeat. Her favorite position is doggy style. Although she would never admit it openly, Flair’s pride is overpowered by the pleasure of Shinji’s intimate moments, which she finds irresistible.
 Under the orders of Goddess Arian, Flair becomes Shinji’s accompanying spirit. Shinji’s kindness softens her attitude, making her quite easy to manipulate.
 Reflecting on the excessive s*x she had with Marie and Sylphy in a harem scenario, Flair regrets pushing Shinji too far for his energy.
 Flair joins Shinji in the world of conflict, offering her assistance.
 Lila – the Eldest Sister of the Three Sisters
 Lila is the eldest of the three elf sisters. Her role is that of a scout. She has a quiet and timid personality and beautiful long blonde hair tied back. She also has a very large chest. For a long time, she was enslaved by Minato’s charm, but now she is free and has formed a new party called the “Green Travelers” with her sisters, starting their adventure as adventurers once again.
 Lila feels grateful to Shinji for helping her sisters. She experienced incredible happiness during their s*xual encounters to break the charm, and she secretly desires to experience it again. Her body has surrendered to the point where she eagerly seeks pleasure from Shinji, as her latent abilities rival Freri’s, which could pose a danger if not careful.
 Lila confesses her deep love to Shinji but is rejected. However, they become friends with benefits, and she promises to bear his child.
 During the Hatayama incident, she assists Shinji at his request and supports Iris.
 Lila embarks on a journey to the world of conflict alongside Shinji.
 Lili – the Second Sister of the Three Sisters
 Lili is the second sister among the three elf sisters. Her role is that of a shield. She has a cheerful personality and is not shy around people. She has small breasts and her blonde hair is tied into a side ponytail on the right side.
 Although she was forcefully violated by Shinji when she was under the charm, she feels no resentment as he saved her. Despite being under the charm, Lili vividly remembers the pleasurable sensations caused by Shinji’s intimate moments.
 Lili and Shinji enter into a friends-with-benefits relationship. She is astonished by her sister and Shinji’s determination to have his children.
 During the Hatayama incident, she cooperates with Shinji as per his request.
 Lili sets out on an adventure to the world of conflict with Shinji.
 Lilu – the Youngest Sister of the Three Sisters
 Lilu is the youngest of the three elf sisters. Her role is that of an attacker. She has a cheerful personality and is not shy around people. She has small breasts, and her blonde hair is tied into a side ponytail on the left side. She has a tomboyish style.
 Similar to her sisters, Lilu was manipulated by Minato under his charm, but now she is free. Together with her sisters, she forms a new party called the “Green Travelers” and resumes their adventures as adventurers.
 Lilu was forcefully violated by Shinji when she was under the charm, but she holds no ill feelings as he also helped her. Although she was under the charm, Lilu vividly remembers the intense pleasure she felt from Shinji’s internal release.
 Lilu and Shinji enter into a friends-with-benefits relationship. She was the one who proposed the idea of having all her sisters impregnated by Shinji.
 During the Hatayama incident, she cooperates with Shinji as per his request.
 Lilu embarks on a journey to the world of conflict alongside Shinji.
 Miko Arian – Goddess Arian’s Miko
 A miko belonging to the temple of Goddess Arian, she belongs to the winged race known for their mystical beauty. She has pure white wings growing from her back and beautiful white hair that extends to her waist. She is dressed in a white robe that exposes a lot of her skin.
 When she first met Shinji, who became her apostle, she formed a favorable impression of him. Under the influence of Goddess Arian, they engaged in intimate activities under the guise of healing. The goddess certified Shinji as her exclusive partner and urged Arian to pursue him relentlessly.
 She requested the goddess and was granted permission to marry Shinji. She feels incredibly happy that her husband accepted her.
 She met Renka and they became friends. She enjoys pampering her husband.
 Her childhood name is Ariel. She fulfills her wish to have a date in town using Shinji’s developed .
 Goddess Arian – Guardian of the World
 A goddess who manages multiple worlds. The appearance of her main body is unknown.
 She is a mysterious goddess, constantly busy with delivering prophecies and possessing priestesses. It is rumored among her subordinates that she enjoys teasing spirits, priestesses, and apostles as a hobby.
 She was engrossed in battling enemies from the outside world during the succubus incident.
 In order to pass on magic to Shinji, she performed a magic ritual and came to know the pleasures of being a woman. She also realized that s*x can be a wonderful experience.
 Finally, she reveals her true form to Shinji. She has incredibly beautiful long silver hair, ample bosom, well-rounded buttocks, and a slender waist—a perfect embodiment of a man’s ideal. While she normally possesses the wings of light, which symbolize the power of a goddess, she can temporarily make them disappear to prevent any accidents. She dresses in a white chiton and miniskirt, exuding irresistible charm.
 She spends her days engrossed in her relationship with Shinji, giving him special attention that can be considered more than just ordinary.
 Iris – A Witch in Love with Shinji
 A witch from the same hometown as Alvin. She had an argument with her father, Galeo, and ran away from home.
 She is a young girl with blue hair tied with a white ribbon into twin tails. She wears a magician’s robe and pointed hat, along with a miniskirt and knee socks. She has a slender figure and beautiful breasts.
 After Shinji helped her in a dangerous situation, she developed feelings for him and aspired to become his second wife.
 She refused a certain proposal from Shinji and advised him against it. Later, they discussed their feelings, and she expressed her determination to continue pursuing him. Although Shinji was concerned about her strong will, she endured and did not give in.
 She learned that Shinji is an apostle and a succubus child who has relations with various women. Although she felt bewildered, Iris, who has the approval of the goddess and possesses a flexible mindset, did not reject Shinji’s way of life. She continues to show her affection as before.
 She demonstrates exceptional magical talent and successfully advances her research in the magic of time. Afterwards, she embarks on a journey to a world of conflict with Shinji.
 Shizuku – The Apostle of the Goddess
 A reincarnated individual sent by Goddess Arian. She has long black hair that reaches her back, thin-framed glasses, and light blue eyes. She used to be a high school student. She wears a clean work uniform and has a well-proportioned figure. She is in a romantic relationship with Hayate.
 As an apostle, she was deemed useless by Goddess Arian and entrusted to Shinji. Frustrated by her inability to acquire magic as she desired, she performed a magic ritual out of impatience and engaged in a physical relationship with Shinji.
 Her body is gradually being corrupted through three s*xual encounters. Hayate falls in love with another man, causing Shizuku even more distress. Although she dislikes Shinji, she becomes submissive to him during s*x, unable to resist. She becomes a frail high school girl.
 She chooses Eve as her partner and decides to live her life as an apostle fighting alongside her. Her romantic relationship with Hayate is peacefully resolved, and they become friends.
 She has grown to the point where Shinji requests her assistance.
 Hayate – The Apostle of the Goddess
 A reincarnated person transported by Goddess Arian. She has short ponytailed black hair that doesn’t reach her shoulders. She used to be a high school girl with medium-length hair. She wears a swordsman-style outfit with a miniskirt. She has a beautiful face, leans towards being pretty, and has a good figure with a slightly large chest.
 She is currently living a rehabilitated life under Shinji because she is not useful as an apostle. She works as a shopkeeper at Heliotrope while learning the basics of being an adventurer and is satisfied with her current situation. She has a girlfriend named Shizuku but falls in love at first sight with Alvin.
 She asks Shinji for help in parting with Shizuku on good terms. Afterward, she confirms that Chris has feelings for Alvin and gives up. At that time, she is hypnotized and ends up repaying Shinji’s favor with her body. Although she initially takes the lead during s*x, she misunderstands Shinji’s acting and now has no resistance to s*x.
 She breaks up with Shizuku and chooses to live as a regular citizen instead of an apostle. She enjoys her job at Heliotrope and leads a fulfilling life, even though she complains about being busy. She becomes addicted to s*x with Shinji and wishes to continue their relationship in exchange for her knowledge of the other world.
 She is surprised to find that her knowledge of the game from her original world comes in handy.
 Her knowledge of the other world is recognized, and she becomes one of Shinji’s subordinates.
 Marie – The Water Spirit
 A high-ranking water spirit contracted with the apostle Shizuku under the orders of Goddess Arian. She wears a blue dress with the same design as Flair. Her style, body features, and facial appearance resemble Flair, and they are often considered sisters without any discomfort. Her skin is pale, and she has a low body temperature.
 She temporarily follows Shinji because Shizuku, her contracted partner, is under Shinji’s care. She has a physical relationship with the apostle Shinji, and she finds s*x with him very pleasurable and wants to continue enjoying it in the future.
 She confirms the compatibility among all the spirits through a harem s*x experience.
 Sylphy – The Wind Spirit
 A high-ranking wind spirit contracted with the apostle Hayate under the orders of Goddess Arian. She wears a light green dress with the same design as Flair. Her style, body features, and facial appearance resemble Flair, and they are often considered sisters without any discomfort. Her skin is fair.
 Unaware that Marie has had a physical relationship with the apostle Shinji, she diligently monitors Hayate. She eventually has a physical relationship with Shinji. She thought she was frigid, but Shinji discovers her erogenous zone, her anus, and makes her experience her first orgasm through his techniques. She regrets having squeezed out too much semen through harem s*x.
 Yoriko – The Vessel of the Goddess
 A miko who served the gods of another world. She was captured by the Running Wolves. She wore revealing priestess robes. She had ample breasts, plump buttocks and thighs, soft white skin, a beautiful face, and was almost like a succubus. After being interrogated by Shinji, she fell into a hypnotic state and was taken away by Goddess Arian.
 It was revealed that she has a special vessel constitution and underwent reeducation as the vessel of Goddess Arian. In the process, her vagina was adjusted exclusively for Shinji, and she fell completely. As a side note, she was surprised to find that her vagina was full of Shinji’s semen after lending her body to the goddess for a magical ritual.
 Christina Beltz – The Young Lady of the Beltz Family
 The daughter of the prestigious Beltz family in Oeste. She is a beautiful young lady with long blonde hair. She received a noble education as a proper noble young lady. Although she has a mischievous side and tends to run away from the mansion, she mostly stays indoors, resulting in a beautiful body with flawless white skin. She has a decent figure with good proportions.
 She falls in love with Alvin and moves to Medio’s villa. Her body is being developed and trained in lewd dreams. She confessed her feelings to Alvin and fully supported him in becoming an honorary knight. She is delighted to be able to help her beloved.
 She officially gets engaged to Alvin and reaches the pinnacle of happiness, but her body is corrupted by Shinji. Her body succumbs to pleasure, and she is completely unable to resist the situation.
 Although she finally unites with Alvin, her trained body does not find satisfaction in s*x with him. While being manipulated, she tries to lead Alvin, but it doesn’t work.
 Unconsciously, she finds herself seeking the pleasure of being embraced by Shinji.
 She realizes that Shinji is the same person as Jin Valencia, whom she met when she was young, and recalls her childhood love. As a result, she allows access not only to her body but also to her heart. She becomes Shinji’s ally and supports him in his movements.
 She learns about Alvin’s Netorare fetish and discovers that Milis has already fallen. She experiences voyeurism, group play, and sinful acts, becoming more and more obsessed with Shinji.
 Eve & Clara – Apprentice Succubi
 Eve and Clara were former humans who became succubi, serving as high-class prostitutes in Oeste. Eve had white hair and fair skin, while Clara had black hair and a wheat-colored complexion, making them a contrasting pair. Both possessed remarkable figures with ample breasts and alluring curves, arousing the desires of men. They became apprentices under the direct command of a goddess and trained under Freri to become full-fledged succubi.
 Under the scheme devised by Shinji and Freri, Eve assumed a false position as an apostle apprentice and seduced Shizuku.
 Clara, on the other hand, was tasked with monitoring two individuals, Folt and Fuukei, under Hiyuri’s guidance.
 Himeno – The Lovesick Samurai Dragon
 Himeno, a dragonborn hailing from the dragon village in the valley, was the leader of the high-ranking adventurers known as the “Dragon Horns.” She had a slender physique, neither tall nor short, and possessed a distinctive pair of dragon horns emerging from her smooth, pink hair. Himeno had mastered the art of wearing traditional kimono and hakama attire, wielding a sword as her weapon of choice. She visited Medio to participate in a martial arts tournament, driven purely by her love for combat. Her party members, Ichiro, Jiro, and Saburo, accompanied her as loyal companions.
 Having a fiancée named Mitono, Himeno realized that they shared mutual feelings after she opened her heart honestly. However, her young and naive heart was manipulated by Shinji, leading to a series of “firsts” offered to him.
 Thanks to Shinji’s guidance, Himeno reached a high level of skill in s*xual techniques. Additionally, her highly sensitive body, recognized by Shinji himself, possessed an inherently lustful disposition. Despite longing to be united with Mitono as soon as possible, Himeno returned to her hometown with newfound knowledge of s*x.
 Durin – The Smith’s Wife
 Durin, a dwarf, was the wife of Smith, the owner of the “Smithy Workshop” in the town of Esté. She had a petite and well-toned body, lacking any noticeable curves. Her healthy, lightly tanned skin complemented her beautiful long gray hair, which she styled into three braids at the back of her head. Durin’s attire consisted of an off-shoulder crop top and pumpkin pants.
 After discovering her husband’s cheating, Durin left home and encountered Shinji while drowning her sorrows in alcohol. Falling victim to Shinji’s hypnotic magic and sweet words, she engaged in an adulterous affair. Unable to forget her affair with Shinji, Durin succumbed to their physical relationship once again, completely falling under his control.
 Durin took on the task of crafting weapons to be exported to the world of conflict’s country.
 Folt – The Brainwashed Catgirl
 Folt was a maid serving a family in a settlement near the town of Esté. She was a cat-like beastkin with gray fur, possessing a reasonably attractive face and long hair that reached her waist. Dressed in a modest maid outfit with long sleeves and a long skirt, Folt had a well-endowed bust and a shapely rear.
 Having a deep love for money, Folt served as the mistress and collaborator of Fuukei, the heir to the family leadership. However, her interference with Shinji led to her downfall, resulting in a merciless defeat. Folt became subjected to hypnosis and bounded by the Lewd Crest, making her unable to resist Shinji and Hiyuri.
 Hiyuri – The Foxgirl Supporting the Village
 Hiyuri, the daughter of one of the clan leaders in a settlement near the town of Esté, was also the younger sister of the future clan leader. Representing the beastkin community, she possessed an alluring appearance and an appealing figure. With golden hair styled in long locks, she captivated the men of Medio with her ample breasts and well-groomed fox ears and tail.
 Accepting Shinji’s invitation after thwarting her brother’s plot, Hiyuri, accompanied by her brother and the maids, gained effective control over the settlement. She accomplished the village’s reconstruction and established a trade relationship with Shinji.
 Enrica Dionisi – Wolf Mansion Maid
 Enrica Dionisi, a daughter of the Baron Dionisi, belongs to the Beltz faction. She has long, light gray hair that reaches her back and carries an air of gentleness. She is slender and has a very beautiful posture. Her main responsibility is taking care of Alvin and Milis.
 Terentia Ralof – Wolf Mansion Maid
 Terentia Ralof, a daughter of the Baron Ralof, also belongs to the Beltz faction. She has long, pale purple hair and sharp, determined eyes, giving her a cool beauty. Her chest is quite large, and she has a healthy body that seems comfortable to embrace. She primarily takes care of Alvin and Milis.
 Shuro – Wolf Mansion Maid
 Shuro is an apprentice maid who grew up in an orphanage. Due to extreme shyness, she hides her blue eyes behind long brown bangs. Despite being petite and delicate, she was overlooked in terms of cuteness when she was at the orphanage because her hair was too long. She is capable of handling various household tasks. However, her manners and etiquette are still immature, so she strives to improve every day.
 Neru – Wolf Mansion Maid
 Neru is an apprentice live-in maid who became a widow at a young age. She has an average figure and ties her black hair at the back. Despite being inexperienced, she works diligently and earnestly, finding solace in a hair ornament left by her late husband. She becomes a collaborator of Shinji in the Wolf Mansion after being falsely accused of theft and suffering the consequences.
 Lindsay – Wolf Mansion Gardener
 Lindsay is an apprentice gardener, characterized by her red hair. She has twin braids, a tall and slender figure, and a sun-kissed, healthy complexion. Her personality is bright and cheerful. She wears a navy-blue overall, a straw hat, and gardening gloves. Along with her father, Flick, and mother, Claf, she takes care of the Wolf Mansion’s garden.
 Iren – Manager of the Hateyama Branch Archives
 Iren is a staff member working at the adventurer guild’s Hateyama branch. She appears expressionless, but she has emotions. Her lack of expressiveness is a result of a lingering illness. She has blue hair and a well-defined face with a good figure. Due to her great-grandmother being a mermaid, she is heavily influenced by mermaid blood and possesses significant magical power. She has a preference for older individuals and is in a relationship with Mizer. She was saved by Alvin’s parents in the past and managed to find closure in her feelings after the Hatayama incident.
 Tsubaki – Princess of the Soukai Country
 Tsubaki is the only princess and the daughter of the ruler of the Soukai Country, Lord Iwao. She has long, glossy black hair that reaches her back and a cute face that still retains some childishness. She likes colorful kimonos and favors a silver hairpin. She maintains a slim and beautiful posture, taking precautions to hide her body shape. However, her breasts are large when undressed. To counter the invasion of the Tenshou Country, she forms a contract with Shinji and offers her virginity to receive the Lewd Crest. In order to prevent the downfall of her country, she aims to become the Queen of Shadows and chooses Kuroumaru as her partner. Shinji shatters the conventional wisdom of the war-torn country, which regarded procreation as arduous, as Tsubaki experiences the pleasure of being thoroughly pampered during s*x.
 Sophira – Assassin from the Tenshou Country
 Sophira is an assassin sent from the Tenshou Country but is defeated. She wears a white haori, dogi, and hakama, all in white, and a featureless mask. Her breasts are barely noticeable. She is a replica of a high-ranking member of the Tenshou Country and was educated to fulfill orders, resulting in a lack of individuality and poor conversational skills. After her defeat, Freri educates her and helps her improve. She pledges loyalty to Shinji.
 Morse – The Young Master of the Hidden Dragon Inn
 He married Charlotte, the poster girl of the “Hidden Dragon Inn.”
 He is unaware that his wife has been seduced and impregnated by another man, Shinji.
 He is very happy now that their daughter has been born.
 Haruto – The Owner of The “Heliotrope” Accessory Shop
 He used to be Shinji’s adventurer comrade. He treasures his wife, Nanaka, and their daughter, Hana. However, he is unaware that Nanaka has succumbed to Shinji’s training and is carrying his second child.
 Gildeo – Guild Master of the Medio branch of the Adventurer’s Guild

 A middle-aged human man. He is strict against any form of cheating and is a highly respected veteran adventurer with strong support from his peers.
 Mitono – Himeno’s Fiance
 A young man with golden hair and magnificent dragon horns. He deeply understands Himeno and loves her, wishing to build a prosperous future together. However, he is unaware that Himeno is being developed by Shinji.
 Uthman – The Cook of the Wolf family
 He has a pleasant demeanor and an ordinary appearance with black hair and eyes. In his thirties, he previously worked as a cook for the Beltz family and has ample experience. He is now in charge of the Wolf family’s kitchen.
 Homac – the Stablekeeper of the Wolf family
 He is a slightly chubby unmarried man in his twenties. As the son of a ranch owner who purchased horses, he blushes easily and has no immunity to women.
 Mizer – The Branch Chief of the Hateyama Adventurer’s Guild
 He appears youthful in his forties with a well-built body. He has short black hair with a clean and slightly mature face. Despite his actual age of 52, he is a former top-ranked veteran adventurer.
 Milis’s family
 The people from Milis’ family run a pharmacy in Nizio. Her father, Caserta, is a middle-aged man with short, neatly styled blonde hair. Her mother, Sheena, also has blonde hair and the same hairstyle as Milis. She has a very large chest, making it clear that she is Milis’ mother. Her brother has not appeared yet.
 Renka’s family
 The people from Renka’s family run a berry farm in Niitio. Her father, Prato, is an average-built middle-aged man. Her mother, Quila, has red hair and a similar appearance to Renka. Her brother, Vent, is only mentioned by name and voice.
 Iwao – The Lord of Soukai Country
 He governs the nation. Having lost his heir, he plans to marry off his only daughter, Tsubaki, to ensure a successor.

 The larger the person on the left!
 Goddess Arian (H) ← Miko Arian = Yoriko = Milis (G) ← Lila = Freri (G) ← Akane = Eve & Clara = Terentia (F) ← Charlotte = Hayate = Hiyuri (F) ← Renka = Flair = Marie = Sylphyi = Iren = Tsubaki (E) ← Christina = Folt (D) ← (Paizuri’s Wall) ← Shizuku (C) ← Nanaka = Iris = Himeko = Neru (B) ← Lili = Lilu = Enrica = Lindsay = Sofira (A) ← Emily = Durin = Shuro (AA)
 Information Organization:
 -People who know that Freri is a half-spirit, half-succubus
 Goddess Faction: Goddess, Miko, Flair, Marie, Sylphyi, Eve & Clara
 Shinji Faction: Emily, Lila, Lili, Lilu
 Running Wolves: Renka
 -People who know that Shinji is the Apostle of the Goddess
 Goddess Faction: Goddess, Miko, Flair, Marie, Sylphy, Hayate, Shizuku, Eve & Clara, Evil Priest
 Shinji Faction: Freri, Emily, Lila, Lili, Lilu, Iris
 Running Wolves: Renka, Alvin, Milis
 -People who know about Eve and Clara’s survival
 Goddess Faction: Goddess, Miko, Flair, Marie, Sylphy
 Shinji Faction: Freri, Lila, Lili, Lilu
 Running Wolves: None
 -Information on Lewd Crest and Hypnosis
 Lewd Crest: Milis, Emily, Akane, Lila, Lili, Lilu, Shizuku, Durin, Iris, Folt, Hiyuri, Hayate, Yoriko, Neru, Christina, Tsubaki *Succubi are listed separately
 Hypnosis: Renka (Accepts lovers), Himeno (Practice partner for H), Hayate (Repaying favors with her body), Folt, Fuukei (Brainwashed and submissive, unable to resist Hiyuri), Yoriko (Must serve the Apostle)

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