Wizard 53

Chapter 53 Making Lila into a Collaborator

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 ”I’m so sorry…!”

 Lila, who has adjusted her clothes on the bed, is bowing her head.

 Shinji smiled bitterly and told Lila to stop bowing. He also called Emily, who had been waiting for him, and Shinji tried to reestablish order.

 ”I didn’t stop you either, so let’s call it a mutual decision”

 ”I know, because I was held all night too. Shinji is unequaled…♡”

 ”All night long…”

 Gulping, Lila’s throat gurgled.

 Even if the atmosphere is strange, it will not help the conversation, so Shinji choked to get the attention of the two.

 ”It’s a little late for that. I’m Shinji. This is Emily”

 ”I’m Lila. …I don’t think we’ve greeted each other properly”

 Lila sits back down and smiles bitterly. Emily also says hello to Lila.

 ”I’m sorry about the first time. Now… let’s talk about Minato”

 Charm magic seems to have been completely lifted, and Lila’s expression turns sour when Minato’s name is mentioned.

 ”I’m going to make sure he never touches my girl again. And I need your help with that”

 ”What exactly are you going to do…?”

 ”I’ll get rid of him”

 Lila gasped at Shinji’s immediate response.

 ”If it weren’t for Charm eyes, I could do it with a harsh punishment.”

 ”… Your sisters… You said you were going save them…, right?”

 A pale Lila turned a clinging gaze to Shinji. Shinji smiled gently back at Lila.

 ”I’ll release them before that. I want Minato to die alone. It’s going to be a little forced, but… just like before”

 ”D, do you mean s*x?”

 ”It’s forced, so it’s rape”

 Shinji explained the reason to Lila, who froze.

 Charm eyes are more powerful than Charm magic.

 It’s impossible to make people lose faith in Minato like he did with Lila. She has been made to fall in love with him to such an extent.

 If Shinji want to override the feeling of love with something stronger, pleasure torture is the easiest way to do it. Of course, the twins would resist, so it would be rape.

 He will rape them so thoroughly that they can no longer think. He said, “I’m going to make them fall into a state of pleasure and overwrite the state of their love for Minato”

 ”Voluntary release is the best, though. If I do it in front of Minato’s eyes, there’s a chance he’ll release them during the process”

 Shinji thought back to Minato’s attitude, thinking that he was the type of person who would reject a girl who had been raped by someone else.

 In the end, if he uses a hypnotic magic to imprint the state of pleasure corruption, the twin elves will remain free from Charm eyes. Because hypnosis magic does not work while Charm eyes are active, so he has to give up the fact that their body is already developed.

 ”Is there any other way…?”

 ”I can’t think of any. Even if Lila-chan doesn’t cooperate, we’re going to do it on our own. I just hope you don’t get in the way”

 When Shinji looked at Emily, she nodded with a smile.

 Lila’s thoughts were not quite coherent.

 What Shinji is trying to do is a very bad plan.

 She felt like he was in a different league than Minato, who was a small-time villain that will satisfied to do whatever he wanted for the moment.

 Lila could see that Shinji was already prepared to kill Minato and to be blamed for the rape of the twins. No matter what anyone said, Shinji seemed to have the strength to carry out his plan.

 Emily, who gazed at Shinji with an enraptured face, was no doubt an accomplice.

 Lila couldn’t say anything and turned her head.

 ”You can’t say you’re going to cooperate, right? Because what I’m going to do is kill and rape people. Just pretend that you don’t know. When all is said and done, your sisters will be returned to Lila-chan.


 Shinji’s hand was placed on Lila’s head. His hands began to gently stroke Lila’s head. Lila felt calmer and calmer every time Shinji stroked her. At the same time, she began to ask herself if she could really trust him with everything. She began to ask herself.

 Shinji’s hypnotic magic guided Lila’s thoughts, forcing her to choose whether or not she was ready.

 What Shinji is doing is undeniably evil, but as a result, her precious sisters will be saved. She wondered if she should just sit back and watch Shinji, a stranger, try to save them when she, her sister, should be the one to do so. And.

 (There is no excuse for this!)

 Lila braced herself for weakness and mustered up her courage.

 She grabbed Shinji’s hand and raised her gaze to look at him.

 ”I’ll cooperate. I want to save my sisters, so…!”

 ”I see…. It’s a great, Lila-chan. That’s what makes you a big sister”


 Shinji’s words reminded Lila of her younger sisters, who used to call her sister and adore her.

 Courage is added to determination. She is prepared to take back her sisters from Minato, even if it means being part of the wrongdoing.

 Shinji smiled at the fact that he was able to guide Lila so well.

 Although he had said he didn’t mind either way, the success of his plan depended on whether or not he could win over Lila, the party’s scout.

 ”Also, thank you. I’ll be happy to help you if you help me, too”


 Shinji’s hand that was patting her head touched her cheek. The warmth of his hand is comforting and calms Lila’s tense spirit. She smiled, embarrassed by the touch of the man who had just made love to her.

 ”I’d like to ask you for something, but I need Minato’s magical power. I want you to collect as much blood and saliva as you can. You can give what you collect to Emily in the evening”

 ”Minato doesn’t seem to be interested in leaving the inn properly”, Shinji muttered.

 ”How do you know that…?”

 ”We’ve been monitoring him too. I’ve heard most of the conversations.”

 Shinji added in his mind, “It’s Freri who heard it, though”

 In fact, after receiving the warning, Minato was determined to make Shinji pay in the exam! Lila knows that Minato was so determined last night that he said he was going to stay at the inn until then to regain his strength.

 Lila was beginning to feel as if everything was in Shinji’s hands. Terrible and dependable. The hope that she might be able to get the twins back was becoming clearer to Lila.

 ”I’m going to stay here and get ready for the next round of arrangements. Emily, Lila. I leave it to both of you”

 ”Leave it to me!”


 Both of them responded to Shinji’s wishes.

* * *

 ”Hey, Lila! What have you been doing all this time?”

 When Lila returned to the inn, it was past noon. A grumpy Minato was waiting for her with the twins in his arms. Lila, as ever, looked apologetic and begged Minato’s forgiveness.

 ”I’m sorry… I was keeping an eye on them, when Shinji and Emily were on a date… I didn’t want to get in the way of their good mood…”

 Minato’s eyebrows shot up when he heard that Emily was on a date.

 ”What the hell? I hope they were left without anything”

 ”Yes…. The two of them left without incident…”

 ”It’s okay… Then that’s fine”

 ”I’m so happy for you, Minato-sama ♡”

 ”I have to make Minato-sama’s charm known soon ♡”

 When Minato’s mood improved, the twins rubbed their bodies against each other from both sides. Minato touches and kisses the twins with a sloppy look on his face. The sisters look enraptured and happy even though Minato is having his way with them.

 (I’ll save you…!)

 After saying “I’ll clean up,” and leaving the three of them, Lila begins to act to fulfill Shinji’s request.

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