Wizard 54

Chapter 54 Fire Spirit, Flair・Part One

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 The following day, after making Lira a collaborator.

 It was nighttime, and the sun had already set.

 Shinji, who had finished his daytime adventure, was visiting a rental warehouse on the outskirts of the city. This warehouse had been rented by Shinji for certain purpose.

 Wooden boxes for camouflage are stacked as soon as he enters the warehouse. As he walked around the boxes and went deeper into the warehouse, there is a spacious area.

 A huge magic circle was drawn on the floor, with a large number of chains placed around the center of the magic circle. The chains had a binding magic attached to them that automatically moved and bound the designated target within range.

 On the walls and ceilings, there are sheets of paper with Shinji’s original magic circle drawn on them. The magic circles had all kinds of fire-preventing magic added to them, such as <Fire Resistance> and <Fire Protection>.

 Emily, who was with him, not surprised to find that the building had taken the best fire prevention measures imaginable.

 (Even so, it would only last for a few seconds if the fire spirits were so resisted)

 Shinji felt that the power of the spirit called Flair was that strong.

 But in order to get rid of Minato, Flair had to be neutralized.

 ”Emily, you know what to do, right?”

 ”Yes, leave it to me. I’ll move as soon as the chain reacts.”

 After a final check, Shinji placed the object in the center of the magic circle.

 There is a flower of <Sunflower> that prevented Flair’s magic in the battle like the other day.

 There’s also the blood of Minato, collected by Rira.

 <Summoning Spirit> is not just a magic that summons a spirit that is compatible with the user. This is also a magic that can summon any spirit desired. But there have been many accidents, most of which were caused by inexperienced wizards summoning high-ranking spirits and angering them.

 The thing that is needed to summon a designated spirit is a catalyst that contains the magic power of the spirit one wants to call and the full name of the spirit one wants to call. If someone wants to summon a spirit that has already been contracted, the contractor’s magical power is additionally required.

 Spirits are a race for whom names are important.

 A spirit’s name has power, and simply incorporating it into a magic circle will increase the power of the magic. However, if it is incorporated without the permission of the spirit, it will not have any effect.

 With the consent of the spirit, the magic that incorporates the name and increases its power is affinity magic.

 On the huge magic circle that Minato deployed the other day. Shinji confirmed that Flair’s full name was written on it.

 Of course, Shinji’s affinity magic had Freri’s full name on it as well, but the triple magic circle, including the decoy, made it impossible to read.

 (It should be common knowledge, but… it’s kind of tenuous, isn’t it Minato? You don’t have enough knowledge for fighting ability)

 As long as he decided to kill him, there was no point in worrying about it, and Shinji abandoned any further speculation. What is important is the result that he has everything he needs to summon Flair.

 The catalyst is a flower that continues to prevent Flair’s magic and contains magical power. The magic power is drained from Minato’s blood.

 And then Shinji chanted Flair’s full name.

 ”Come, Flame Aria Lioneia”

 The magic circle on the ground emits a dazzling light…!

* * *

 Flair frowns at the sensation of being summoned.

 (Hey… I told you to contact me before calling me at night…)

 A spirit can’t be rejected if it is summoned by the contractor. Flair responds to the summons, thinking of complaining about it for now.

 ”Minato! Why you call me at night…?!”

 The place where Flair was summoned is in the middle of the magic circle that Shinji prepared.

 A large number of chains that had been placed on the ground rushed at once to capture Flair. The chains wrapped around Flair’s entire body, who had been caught completely off guard…

 ”It’s naive!”

 Flames erupted from Flair’s body with tremendous force. Although the chain melted in a second or so, it lost its binding power. But for Emily, one second is enough of a gap.

 Emily’s full power swing with her iron club comes at Flair’s head. It is impossible for Flair to avoid it, when she is standing still and releasing the flame. However, it did not directly hit Flair’s head.

 ”It was a close call”

 ”Ara, as expected of spirit…!”

 Flair was able to catch the iron club that was approaching at high speed with a white feather. Although the impact caused the feet to sink, it did not cause much damage to Flair.

 ”So? Whose permission have you obtained to touch me?”


 Shinji, who had approached behind Emily’s threat, had touched Flair’s stomach. Flair glared at Shinji with a look of deep displeasure on her face. She tried to use her magic to burn the insolent man…

 ”Affinity magic <Forced Engraving>”

 ”Haaaaaan ♡♡♡”

 Flair fainted in agony as she made a charming sound. While her body trembled, she fell on her ass. Naturally, there is no way to create a flame, and the magic power that Flair tried to use dispersed.

 ”No, no way… ♡ I… ♡ I have been engraved on my womb… ♡”

 Flair visually confirmed the uncomfortable sensation she felt on her vagina, and was astonished to see the existence of the engraved lewd crest.

 Spirit has a strong resistance to magic. So, normally the crest can’t be engraved unless her magic power is reduced. But.

 ”My Freri is half spirit, half succubus”

 ”It’s not good… ♡ Nnnn~ ♡♡♡ Stop~ ♡ Please stop it~ ♡”

 The power of the succubus’s lewd crest easily breaks through the spirit’s magical defenses.

 <Forced Engraving> is a magic that uses the power of Freri’s succubus to engrave a lewd crest on the person she touches. Flair was doomed as soon as Shinji touched her.

 Shinji sent his magic into the crest, and Flair continued to writhe and shake her body. Her womb reacts by itself, and her underwear is soaked with her love juices as they gush out of her private parts.

 Her instincts demanded the semen of the man in front of her, but she suppressed her instincts with her pride as a spirit.

 ”Nywhat is… ♡ Your purpose… ♡”

 ”I wanted to cut down Minato’s maximum strength. Why would a spirit like Flair make a contract with a man like that?”

 The crest tries to erode Flair’s body, but Flair uses all her magic power to resist and suppress the erosion. It is a terrifying mental power.

 But when Shinji’s hand slips inside her dress and presses on her soaking wet underwear, she slumps back.

 ”Nn~ ♡ Don’t touch me…♡ I’ll forgive you… ♡ If you let me go now… ♡ I’ll forgive you for the lewd crest… ♡ So… ♡ Please stop it… ♡”

 Flair tells Shinji while furrowing her brows in pleasure.

 Flair’s pride is hurt when she makes the wrong move, but there’s nothing she can do about it unless she does something about the lewd crest.


 ”What… did you sayyyyy ♡♡♡”

 With a single push of his finger, he shifted her soaked underwear and inserted his finger directly into her vagina. Shinji’s fingers are constantly stirring inside the vagina.

 With the pleasure doubled by the lewd crests, Flair will continue to receive Shinji’s manhandling while exposing her pathetic face.

 Flair desperately tried to grab Shinji’s arm to make him stop, but with no strength at all, she was unable to resist.

 Over and over again, Flair lightly climaxes. Each time, she spurts out her love juices, it’s soaking Shinji’s hands.

 ”Nnn~ ♡♡♡ Cumming… I’m cumming… ♡ ♡♡ I can’t stop cumming-noja… ♡♡♡”

 Finally, he stimulated Flair’s G-spot, she climaxed wildly, her body shrinking. She lost her strength and immediately clung to Shinji’s arm, who was right in front of her.

 ”Hah~… ♡ Hah~… ♡ Hah~… ♡ Hi… ♡”

 ”See, I’ll do it again if you don’t answer my question, okay?”

 Flair was afraid of Shinji, who had a nice smile on his face.

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