Wizard 540


Chapter 540 Tsubaki’s Blossoming of Immorality, Part One

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 Shinji had put in considerable effort to make Tsubaki spend her days in his arms.

 Ever since she was carved with the lewd crest, Tsubaki has been having lewd dreams. The dreams consistently revolved around her first experience with Shinji.

 Freri showed Tsubaki explicit scenes to corrupt her, but being unfamiliar with magic, she didn’t suspect anything because her encounters with Shinji were too vivid and pleasurable. Despite feeling ashamed, she didn’t find it suspicious.

 As the heat accumulated inside her body, whenever Tsubaki exchanged thoughts with Shinji daily, she couldn’t help but become conscious of him as the opposite s*x. However, as the princess, she had a strong determination to restrains herself. She knew those feelings were forbidden in order to nurture love with Kuroumaru, whom she would eventually marry.

 The only opening available to Tsubaki was under the pretext of “for the sake of the country.” Carving the lewd crest to exchange thoughts with Shinji became her core desire. By repeatedly exchanging thoughts, demonstrating the use of other magic right in front of her, Shinji could speculate that the intelligent Tsubaki might also inquire about the possibility of using magic, not just thoughts.

 In reality, Tsubaki did express her curiosity just as Shinji suspected, which led to their second physical encounter under the guise of teaching magic.

 ”Sure thing. Princess has the potential to use a certain level of magic.”

 ”Really? That’s good to hear…”

 Shinji, who visited her sleeping quarters after it had turned dark, placed his hands on Tsubaki’s shoulders as she sat on the bed. The voice of relief carried a tinge of charm as the magical power flowing from his hands caressed her entire body, causing a tingling sensation and a slight sense of pleasure.

 The magic Shinji intended to teach Tsubaki was one he frequently used—a spell for monitoring or eavesdropping on someone. Shinji uses flowers as his magical medium, but only with the help of a flower spirit named Freri. He arranged the magic so that Tsubaki’s pet birds or squirrels could serve as substitutes for flowers, but he worried if Tsubaki had enough magical power to use it.

 In the end, his worry was unfounded. However, compared to the small magic used in everyday life, such as starting a fire, the magic he was teaching consumed much more magical power and required precise control.

 Therefore, if he persuaded her that a magic ritual was necessary, Tsubaki had no choice but to accept it. Although she had never heard that physical intimacy could be used as magic practice, she had indeed been able to exchange thoughts after the lewd crest was carved into her vagina. Shinji had never lied about magic, so she chose to entrust herself to an expert.

 And now, it was the first time he visited her room at night since carving the lewd crest. They no longer needed to meet directly unless it was for creating an alibi, as they could now exchange thoughts. Tsubaki’s body, which had unconsciously anticipated this encounter, stirred up the heat that had been building with just the fondling of her breasts. Shinji had claimed her second virginity (breast).

 ”Ah…♡ mmm, all the way…♡ mmm…♡”

 Despite some time passing since her first experience, Tsubaki’s vagina easily accommodated Shinji’s big cock. When his cock entered her vagina deeply in the missionary position, she averted her shy face.

 Still, her tight walls clamped around his cock seductively. Shinji was tempted to thrust his hips right away and imprint pleasure upon her body, but he restrained himself and remained focused on teaching.

 ”Are you ready? Concentrate on your vagina… Do you understand? My magical power is interfering with your magical power.”

 ”Mm, somehow…♡ Ah, ah…♡”

 ”Complex spells require precise manipulation of magical energy. You must refine and control the magic within your body, manipulating it at will. First, imagine gathering the magic into a focal point, just above your vagina.”

 Shinji’s hand touches the smooth skin. Aware of their connection, Tsubaki’s face grew even redder. Nevertheless, she followed his instructions, albeit clumsily, and concentrated magical power in her vagina.

 ”You’re doing well, princess. Keep maintaining it.”

 ”Ah, ah…♡ Yes, I’ll try…♡”

 Shinji’s guidance continued, and Tsubaki’s magical training progressed under the intimate atmosphere of the night.

 Shinji gripped Tsubaki’s slender waist and slowly pulled back his hips before pushing forward again. A moan escaped Tsubaki’s lips as her tight vagina was stimulated by Shinji’s impressive cock, causing her collected magical power to scatter. The interruption in concentration was due to the sensations within her vagina, and she couldn’t resist the pressure of Shinji’s magical energy that penetrated along with his p*nis.

 ”Once again, focus, Princess…”

 ”Yes…♡ ah…♡ mmm…♡”

 On the second attempt, Tsubaki managed to maintain her magical power without dispersing it, partly because Shinji had eased up to accommodate the magic she gathered. With each thrust, the sensation of the p*nis entering and exiting caused a slight breathlessness as it compressed the magical power inside her body. The collision of magical energies resulted in a gradual depletion.

 As Shinji’s magical power pushed into her, Tsubaki pushed back, sometimes pulling him closer, adjusting the pressure. She had no time to indulge in pleasure. But weak waves of delight kept her body on edge. His hand, which had left her waist, caressed her sensitive skin, guiding the flow of magical power throughout her body.

 ”That’s it, keep it up, let the magical power circulate through every inch…”

 With deliberate and lingering movements, Shinji brought Tsubaki’s magical power depletion to the brink of affecting her the next day. She is in such a state that she can’t cum, but she want cum, and her expression is so debauched that only her husband can see it.

 In stark contrast, Shinji remained entirely focused and devoid of any desire or even shyness. Internally, he struggled to contain his excitement, spreading Tsubaki’s legs wider and eagerly anticipating the lewd behavior from her, who seemed to yearn for more pleasure.

 ”…Okay, we’ll stop here today. If I push too hard, it will affect you tomorrow.”


 Shinji’s hands, which had been caressing her breasts, withdrew. Tsubaki involuntarily let out a sound, and Shinji smiled as he placed his hands on the bed.

 ”The best way to replenish your magical power is to sleep well. I’ll take my leave and handle the clean-up…”


 As Shinji slowly pulled back his hips to remove his cock, Tsubaki, driven by a sense of loss and overwhelming desire, couldn’t help but speak up.

 Tsubaki had the conviction that she would never be satisfied by masturbating after bidding farewell to Shinji. Though it was improper for a princess, the intensity of her s*xual desire was preventing her from sleeping properly. The excuse she reflexively clung to was Shinji’s words about the importance of a good night’s sleep. In order to prevent any misunderstanding, she reassured herself and released her grip on the bedsheets, placing her hand on his shoulder.

 ”I can’t sleep like this… Please, I’m begging you…♡”

 ”The magic ritual is over. Are you sure about this?”

 Did she understand that by seeking more, she was willingly engaging in s*x? Shinji’s gaze questioned her, and Tsubaki nodded, albeit modestly, but with certainty.

 Perceiving it as her consent, Shinji began removing his clothes. His expression transformed into the face of a man eager to embrace an alluring woman, and he thrust his half-erect cock back into her.

 With a slick sound, he penetrated her depths. The pleasure of being filled without the interference of magical noise reverberated powerfully through Tsubaki’s mind. Her grip tightened around his shoulder, a sign of anticipation. It was impossible for Shinji not to be enthusiastic in the face of such expectation.

 ”Ah…♡ ah…♡ yes…♡ ah…♡”

 He firmly grasped her slender waist, unleashing his pent-up desires with masculine hip movements. As the princess shed her mask, lewd moans poured out from Tsubaki’s lips. Her sensitive body, kept on edge by prolonged anticipation, secreted more and more love juices with each thrust. Her exceptional and well-deserving vagina tightened around Shinji’s cock, even on the second round. As the world’s best cock continued to thrust into a better-fitting vagina, Tsubaki’s lascivious talents blossomed.

 (Feels good…♡ Feels so good…♡ More…♡)

 Tsubaki’s hips lifted as if expressing her inner thoughts, and Shinji’s smile grew deeper. In an effort to grant her desires, he showcased vigorous hip movements, causing Tsubaki to surrender willingly to pleasure.

 Afterward, Tsubaki experienced multiple climaxes until Shinji ejaculated inside her. She expelled all the pent-up desire and repeatedly gasped for breath with a relieved expression. Shinji gazed at her face until she calmed down.

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