Wizard 541


Chapter 541 Tsubaki’s Blossoming of Immorality, Part Two

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 Once the boiling desire had been relieved, Tsubaki regained her composure. She felt a sense of refreshing relief as her days of pent-up frustration disappeared, though she regretted agreeing to the intimacy due to her position as a princess.

 Still, Tsubaki believed it wouldn’t be wise to indulge in excessive behavior in the future magic rituals. She had realized unconsciously that she might fall into irreparable depths if she continued with the magic rituals.

 The following day, her thoughts changed as Shinji told her to bring the squirrel she was raising. By using the magic “Mind Reading” that she learned from the last night nakadashi the night before, Tsubaki succeeded in reading the squirrel’s mind. The ease with which she acquired the magic left her somewhat dazed.

 (How can it be so easy to learn new magic?)

 She had learned simple magic to light a fire in her daily life from her mother when she was young. Having witnessed her mother use magic in front of her many times, Tsubaki had struggled and failed numerous times to learn it. Therefore, she thought it would take considerable time to master the magic Shinji used.

 Yet, in just one night, she could learn new magic by receiving nakadashi. This fact made her recognize the tremendous power of foreign magic once again.

 [For now, there are four more to learn. The magic to convey intentions, temporary subjugate, visual sharing, and auditory (hear) sharing. With these, even Princess will be able to gather information within the castle.]

 As they couldn’t talk about sensitive topics in front of the maid, they exchanged their thoughts telepathically while engaging in light conversation. Showing such clear results, there was no choice but for Princess to acknowledge him. In fact, Tsubaki even thought she should willingly accept Shinji and acquire the foreign magic.

 She had already dedicated herself to the country. Although she felt sorry for her future husband, the benefits of being intimate with Shinji were overwhelming. Considering the benefits, the fact that Shinji is only teaching magic one-sidedly and gaining nothing becomes her concern, and when she visits him just before the third magic ritual, she find out that she has already given her life for the sake of her future husband.

 [Don’t worry, I’ve seen the princess naked, which normally no one but her husband can touch or see.]

 With a smile, Shinji replied, and Tsubaki understood that Shinji found value in embracing her. She found solace in the idea that the reason Shinji, a wizard with no patriotism or loyalty, supported the Soukai Country was because she was there. She even felt a sense of satisfaction at Shinji’s taste for beautiful women who followed him.

 After that, Tsubaki became more proactive in their intimacy, without resorting to flattery, but rather by asserting her status and granting permission. Having been educated to uplift men, she was adept at reading slight changes in their expressions, and when she sensed that Shinji wasn’t entirely satisfied, she would prompt him for further intimacy.

 [Haa… haa…♡ There’s still… time, right? So… I’m fine…♡ You can do it one more time…♡ nngh…♡]

 Shinji also detected the changes in Tsubaki and used them to his advantage. He guided her, gradually increasing the acts she could accept, and extended the time they spent in post-magic ritual intimacy.

 [From behind…♡ Ah, so deep…♡ Ah… robust…♡]

 He developed her vagina while she was on all fours.

 [Does it feel good when I squeeze it between my breasts? Hmm, I see…♡ because Shinji wishes it, I’m doing it specially…♡ Ah, it’s on my face…♡]

 And then, Tsubaki engaged in paizuri using her breasts, which were too large to fit in both hands.

 [You’re amazing…♡ You’ve ejaculated this much, and yet, you’re still hard…♡]

 He displayed his exceptional stamina, having released four times in one night without losing his vigor. By now, the time they spent on intimacy far exceeded that of the magic rituals.

 Thanks to the nightly training, Tsubaki was now straddling Shinji’s naked body while he lay on the bed, looking up at her. Blushing with embarrassment, she had become comfortable enough to be on top, and the sight from below was breathtaking. Shinji admired her shapely, large breasts and flawless skin, relishing the feeling as she lowered herself onto his p*nis.

 ”Haah, aaahhh…♡”

 Looking enraptured as she gazed at the ceiling, Tsubaki couldn’t help but moan in ecstasy from the sensation of his cock penetrating deep inside her. Completely accustomed to each other’s bodies, she was now dominated by his cock, and the pleasure rendered her motionless as Shinji’s hands firmly grasped and gently kneaded her plump buttocks.

 ”Ah, ah~♡ Ahh~♡ It’s so deep…♡”

 Her words, escaping her mouth, were sweet and alluring. With each light thrust, the tightly clenching walls of her vagina provided an exquisite sensation, and Shinji enjoyed the moist and supple feeling as Tsubaki moved up and down.

 ”Hah~♡ Hah~♡ Ahh~♡ Nnn, haann~♡ Wonderful…♡”

 (She’s turned on completely, huh? She’s getting faster and faster.)

 Before he knew it, Shinji’s hands stopped moving, and Tsubaki began to sway her hips. Already, he was concentrating on massaging her buttocks, and the up-and-down motion was solely driven by her own movements.

 As Tsubaki’s mind became entirely consumed by pleasure, the line between public and private became blurred, and she no longer resisted indulging in the pleasure. Since any attempt to correct her behavior would only bring her back to submission, Shinji said nothing and embraced her, using only minimal words.

 Consequently, the sounds that filled the room were the rough breath of an excited man and the delicate moans of a woman enjoying the happiness of being held by a virile man.

 ”Ah, ah~♡ I’m… I’m cumming…♡”

 As she reached her climax as taught by Shinji, she arched her back, grinding her hips and pressing her genitals against him. Shinji reached for her breasts, feeling the post-orgasmic tremors and lovingly caressing her flesh, enhancing the pleasure.

 Despite not ejaculating, Shinji noticed that Tsubaki, who should have been out of the reverberation, rocks her hips again. He understood her true desire – she wanted him to ejaculate inside her. Without a word, he adjusted his grip on her slender waist and thrust his p*nis back into her depths.

 ”Ahh~♡ It’s hot inside…♡”

 Lost in pleasure from having her womb filled with his essence, Tsubaki held onto him tightly, not wanting to let go. Yet, Shinji didn’t stop and resumed his movements without seeking her approval.

 ”Nnaa~♡ Another round…? Nn~♡ Alright, just one more… ahh~♡”

 Unable to resist any longer, she gave her permission without him asking.

 And so, Tsubaki continued to improve her magic skills and, at the same time, her body was developed and trained by Shinji. Shinji found an undeniable satisfaction in corrupting the princess of a kingdom. The face he wore while delightfully watching Tsubaki’s lewd state on top of him was befitting the son of an incubus.

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