Wizard 542

Chapter 542 Stuck, A Change of Pace

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 Night after night, Tsubaki diligently practiced magical rituals while successfully imbuing her spells with magic. However, the daytime analysis of her magic was proving to be quite challenging. And in a separate room borrowed by Shinji and the others, Iris and the team responsible for analyzing the magic were sprawled out on the tatami mats.

 Since the reproduction of the black hole, there had been little progress. Despite their repeated attempts and trials, the scope of their understanding seemed to have reached its limits. They were utterly clueless about how to create an exit in enemy territory, far beyond the borders of their own country. Even Iris, who had been making excellent progress until the reproduction of the black hole, was now feeling disheartened by the situation at hand.

 Unable to bear seeing her like this, Shinji spoke up, “I think this is the perfect time for a change of pace. Princess suggested something nice, so why don’t we all go together?”

 In response to his suggestion, everyone agreed to take a break and clear their minds. Soukai Country’s capital city lay between two tall mountains in a gorge. As a result, there was a point at the mountain’s peak where the entire capital city could be seen. It was a restricted area owned by the country and managed as a state property due to the presence of natural hot springs. With Tsubaki’s approval, Shinji and his party decided to use this facility.

 ”Hum, hum~♪”

 ”It seems there are only animals here, probably because there are no monsters around.”

 ”I wonder if these can be used as ingredients for potions…”

 Lila and her sisters, the Elf trio, were in high spirits during the mountain trek. The well-maintained mountain path not only made it easy to walk but also offered stunning views. The flowing rivers, unfamiliar plants, and wild animals were all things they had never seen in their original world, and they walked around with sparkling eyes.

 As Shinji fulfilled his promise to show Iris some of these beautiful sights, she whispered in his ear, “Senpai, I still prefer to continue our research back at the room, desu.”

 ”We all agreed that a break is necessary, didn’t we? Taking a dip in the hot springs and giving your mind a rest would be good for you.”

 ”I understand. I’ll do as you say, desu.” Iris acquiesced, though her curious gaze toward her surroundings betrayed her true feelings. Traveling with Lila, who loved going on trips, and completing missions in various places had gradually changed Iris’s perspective on nature observation.

 Shinji was carrying Iris because she had been sleep-deprived due to her enthusiastic research. He admired her dedication, but he also wished she would take better care of herself. Introducing Iris to the caring Lila was a wise decision since even after being told, her habits hadn’t changed.

 ”It’s a shame we can’t do mixed bathing…”

 ”You’re right, especially in front of Princess. Besides, using the state’s facilities is like a reward, so let’s behave properly this time.”

 ”Yes, you’re right~”

 Emily, walking beside Shinji, pouted her lips. Tsubaki had already arrived at the destination ahead of them, assuming the role of both their host. They were going to have a meal after the hot springs, which was why she needed to prepare. However, with so many people present, there was no chance for any orgy, let alone s*x.

 Emily looked at the chain she was holding. The chain was connected to a collar around Sophira’s neck. Although the chain was more than long enough to prevent her from being pulled, it still constituted ill treatment.

 ”Question. Wouldn’t it be enough to leave me at the mansion?”

 ”We are also in charge of monitoring you, so we can’t take our eyes off you. The same reason you can’t leave the premises. You might look innocent, but we need to make sure you’re not seen outside.”

 ”Understood. I’ll shut up.”

 ”I know you have no intention of rebelling. You’ve been very cooperative with us in analyzing the magic. Besides, I’ll take it off after the hot springs, so please bear with me.”

 Sophira nodded calmly and followed behind Shinji. He felt strangely uncomfortable being watched intently from behind, and he let out a soft sigh.

 Ever since that loyalty ritual, Shinji had been feeling her gaze on him more often. Whenever he made a simple request, Sophira would eagerly respond as if asking, “Is there something you want me to do!?” Observing her behavior, Shinji couldn’t help but feel as if she had become a beloved pet dog.

 Regardless, the fact that Sophira had become even more cooperative was a desirable situation for Shinji. After refreshing themselves in the hot springs and regaining their energy, they could only hope for progress in their analysis.

 As they continued, Shinji and the others emerged from the forest. Before them stood a white fence and a wooden gate adorned with the crest of Soukai Country, making it clear that they had reached their destination. As they approached the gate, the guards signaled and after a moment, the gate slowly opened.

 ”The princess is waiting inside. Please come in,” said one of the servants who greeted them.

 Led by the servant, Shinji and the others stepped into the retreat. They walked through the meticulously maintained pine trees and a garden paved with clean, white stones. As they walked, they entered a single-story building and finally arrived at the room where Tsubaki awaited them.

 Upon entering the room, the first thing that caught their eyes was the clear blue sky. The absence of one whole wall was intentional, as it was designed to provide an unobstructed view of the capital city from this semi-outdoor room. The combination of the sky, the trees, and the town created an exquisite balance of beauty that was truly awe-inspiring. Tsubaki, standing against such a breathtaking backdrop, smiled at the somewhat dazed Shinji.

 ”How do you like it? It’s a magnificent view, isn’t it?”

 ”Yes… Honestly, I’m amazed. It’s a wonderful sight, Princess.”

 ”I’m glad you think so! I love this view too. I’ll do whatever it takes to protect this country where our people live…”

 As Tsubaki began to speak, a sound of someone collapsing was heard behind Shinji. Turning around, he saw Sophira kneeling and clutching her head while still tethered by her collar.

 ”Emily, what happened?”

 ”I-I don’t know. She suddenly collapsed…!”

 Worried, everyone else gathered around Sophira, concerned about her obvious discomfort. Unable to figure out the cause of her suffering, even using healing magic showed no improvement. All they could do was wait until she calmed down.

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