Wizard 543

Chapter 543 The Truth of an Innocent Soul

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 At the moment she faced a scene she had never seen before, Sophira was plagued by intense headaches. Unable to bear the unbearable pain, she could only curl up and hold her head with both hands, and the pain worsened. Her consciousness faded, and her vision turned pure white.

 When she came to her senses, Sophira was overlooking the town from the same room. However, her body couldn’t move, and she was dumbfounded, not realizing that these were memories shown by the soul used to create her.


 Her face moved, and she looked at her neighbor, Tsubaki. Unlike the smile she had for Shinji, she now wore a worried and anxious expression, and her hand or rather, someone’s hand gently places on her head and caresses it gently.

 [Don’t make such a face. Tenshou Country is strong, but it’s waging wars with various countries. This invasion is one of them. There shouldn’t be any surplus in their forces… There’s still a chance of victory.]


 Those words were lies. Tsubaki’s older brother, Take, believed that the invasion began because they judged that Tenshou Country had gathered enough power to annex Soukai Country.

 In front of her, the capital of Soukai Country stretched out. It was the beloved hometown where Take was born and raised. It was a town inhabited not only by his beloved family but also by the people he had to protect. If Tenshou Country were to defeat them, the capital would be ravaged. The people would become slaves, the town would be rebuilt according to Tenshou Country’s whims, and all members of the ruling clan, including herself, would be beheaded. Tsubaki might be spared, but she couldn’t bear to imagine her fate. Nevertheless, Sophira could feel his strong will and determination to repel Tenshou Country, no matter what it took.

 [You’re wishing for our safety.]

 [Onii-sama, good luck…]

 Just as Take engraved the scenery of his homeland into his eyes, Sophira’s vision darkened. When her sight cleared, she found herself in a battlefield she knew well. Amidst the chaos of the two countries’ soldiers, Take, on horseback, was cutting down nearby enemies.

 [Young master! The right and left wings will fall soon! We should retreat!]

 [No! If we retreat from the center, everything will crumble!]

 Take shouted back to his aides.

 The vanguard of Tenshou Country consisted of slave soldiers gathered from other countries and was no match for the high-spirited Soukai Country soldiers. However, in battle, soldiers would eventually tire, and that’s when the highly trained reinforcements would attack, tilting the battle in favor of Tenshou Country.

 Everyone knows that the aftermath of Tenshou Country’s invasion is gruesome. To prevent that, Iwao chose a decisive battle at the border. Take agreed, but now that the overwhelming difference in forces had been exposed, he couldn’t help but think that a defensive battle using fortresses would have been the right choice. However, it was already too late.

 [Let the Lord, my father, escape! If the ruler is alive, we can rebuild!]

 Take declared this place as his last stand. If he turned his back, the Soukai Country forces would lose their cohesion, and the enemy would reach Iwao. Therefore, he had no choice but to remain here until the end and continue fighting. It would be a lie to say he had no regrets. He wanted to step on his homeland again, but he pushed that thought aside and shouted his sword high into the sky.

 [Cut down as many enemies as possible!]

 Take’s spirited shout spread to his comrades, and the exhausted soldiers regained their energy. Thanks to that, the Tenshou Country forces gave up on pursuing and concentrated their strength on Take. Captured by Tenshou Country forces, Take was taken to a place that Sophira knew well.

 [A lively man. With this soul, I might be able to create a special duplicate. Now, be reborn for my sake…]

 The last thing Take saw was the face of the white-haired woman, Sophira’s creator, and her laboratory. Looking at these memories, even an innocent girl like Sophira could understand.

 (He is the person who became my base body)

 It would become clear later, but with cloning, only the body can be created, and the essence (soul) does not accompany it. To use them as soldiers, the essence (soul) is essential, so Tenshou Country’s method involved extracting the soul of a person with strong magical power, sealing it under a blank personality, and putting it into the clone body.

 Although he was not aware of it himself, Take had abundant magical power and was excellent as a clone base. Moreover, it’s easy to imagine that he knows various places in Soukai Country due to his position as the ruler’s son.

 The black hole (gate) reads the memories engraved in the soul and creates an exit. It was speculated that Take’s soul could create black holes in various places in Soukai Country. In fact, Sophira had attacked many villages. If Shinji hadn’t captured her, the damage would have been even more extensive, and she might have appeared directly in the capital.

 Suddenly, Sophira felt something strange in her chest. Was it because she was in a dream? When she looked down, she saw a door with few irregularities on her flat chest. Intuitively, she understood that this door was created by her creator to seal Take’s soul deep inside her and nourish her.

 ”I want to see Tsubaki. I want to protect the country,” powerful emotions that would never fade away, even if he lost his body, were knocking on the door. Sophira spoke to Take’s soul, resisting the strong seal of her creator.

 [If you cooperate with me…]

 If Sophira, who had control of the body, desired it, communication of wills could easily be achieved. Take’s soul had been observing her actions all along and knew that the current Sophira wholeheartedly followed Soukai Country… more accurately, she followed Shinji. Therefore, he chose to accept her request, swallowing any discontent, and decided to lend his power under the condition that it wouldn’t harm Soukai Country. With a nod to his response, the scene before her darkened again.

 ”…Are you alright?”

 Sophira woke up and met Shinji’s eyes. Though she was still dazed, she could tell that this place was different from the room where she met Tsubaki.

 After Sefira collapsed, Shinji had arranged for her to be moved to another room. There was no special reason why only he was present; the others were simply bathing in the hot springs on his suggestion.

 [My head hurts… and he’s really here.]

 Not only the dull pain but also Take’s presence inside her chest, Sophira could perceive it. When Take told her that the room she was taken to was one of the guest rooms, she became convinced that the dream she had seen was not a daydream but something she should report to the master (Shinji).


 Instead of TS, they are treated as two souls in one body.


 (About half a year ago)

 - Lost the battle, Take was captured -> Becomes Sophira’s base body

 (Started training immediately, completed in about half a year)

 - Attacked several villages as the Reaper Team

 - Shinji and others visit

 - Failed attack on the capital, captured

 - Freri’s training

 - Up to the present

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