Wizard 544

Chapter 544 Shinji Doesn’t Want Immortality

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 After Shinji woke up and listened to Sophira’s story, He called back Freri, who was in the hot spring. Although Freri seemed a bit irritated because he interrupted her blissful state, her attitude changed once she heard Sophira’s story. To confirm the truth, Freri invited Sophira into the dream world.

 Plotting against Freri within the dream was almost impossible. Since Sophira had no intention of lying, she candidly revealed her inner thoughts to Freri, allowing her to learn what had happened while Sophira was unconscious.

 ’Hmm, it was very interesting.’

 ’Which means the earlier content…’

 ’Is all true. Within Sophira’s inner… hidden?… world, Take is certainly present. Thanks to that, I’ve learned various things. Magical analysis should progress as well.’

 With Freri’s acknowledgment, Shinji also decided to believe Sophira’s story. Without proof, claims about consciousness of the deceased inside are easily dismissed as baseless nonsense. Magic that interferes with the soul is rare, even in their original world, and the idea of transferring it is unheard of.

 (Just like the magic of time… no, even more than that… it’s beyond something that humans can handle. All I can foresee is an abused future. This magic must remain sealed.)

 Feeling that it’s an area humans shouldn’t delve into, Shinji tells Freri not to reveal the magic that interferes with the soul to anyone else, to prevent it from being replicated. Freri nodded, her gaze fixed on Shinji, before tilting her head slightly.

 ’Don’t you want to live a long life, Shinji?’

 ’When you get old, you can transfer your body and keep on living, right?’

 ’Yeah, that way we can stay together forever.’

 The difference in lifespans between Shinji, a human, and Freri, a half-succubus and half-elf, is different. Even as Shinji ages, Freri’s appearance will remain youthful, allowing her to watch over his descendants indefinitely.

 Undoubtedly, immortality is one of the extreme pursuits that people seek. Some wizards even become liches, undead creatures, when they feel they don’t have enough time to research. Even if Shinji pursued a long life, it wouldn’t be strange. However, when faced with Freri’s question, Shinji shook his head while laughing.

 ’I don’t have the inclination to cling to life by taking over someone else’s body. Being with you, Freri, is tempting, but I can’t use it as a reason.’

 Shinji believed that longevity is something pursued for the sake of achieving goals. He didn’t have a strong desire that he wanted to fulfill beyond his natural lifespan.

 ’That’s why, well… for example, even if something goes wrong and Alvin finds out that I’ve broken a promise and I’m caught and killed, you shouldn’t transfer my soul.’

 ’Mmm. If Shinji doesn’t want it, I won’t do it.’

 As Freri’s-sama nodded firmly, Shinji understood that she had accepted his decision, and he felt relieved. Being treated like an immortal against his will is undesirable. Despite having planned carefully to avoid detection and having prepared countermeasures for emergencies, he would rather not have this happen.

 After exchanging thoughts, Sophira, whose sleep magic had been lifted, woke up. When she noticed Shinji looking at her, she quickly straightened her posture and sat up formally. To this incredibly obedient demeanor, Shinji lightly lowered his head, almost as if he were acknowledging a well-trained dog.

 ”You don’t need to be so formal. Well, I’ll leave it to Sophira. Anyway, we have corroborating evidence, and Freri says the analysis is progressing thanks to you. Thank you for letting us know, Sophira.”

 ”It’s not a big deal.”

 From Sophira’s perspective, who values working for her master, making her master bow down would be disrespectful. Shinji can only smile at her very restless demeanor.

 ”For now, let’s rest as planned. I thought we could go to the hot springs, but… is there any male consciousness (Take) inside? Freri, can I ask you for Sophira?”

 ”Sure. I’ll blindfold her and take her there.”

 ”!? !?”

 Except for Shinji, there are Lila, Iris, and Emily, who all have affection only for him. Even though it’s just a presence (Take) within Sophira, Shinji can’t bring himself to let other men see his woman for no good reason.

 Freri, who accurately understood Shinji’s intention, suddenly sat down and lifted Sophira, who was seated, in her arms. She wrapped the extended vines around Sophira’s eyes, covering them in a spiral motion. Though not struggling, surprise escaped from Sophira’s mouth as she stiffened. Even though she couldn’t see, she turned toward Shinji, seeking an explanation.

 ”Freri will take care of everything, so relax and go enjoy the hot spring. Alright?”


 With a nod from Sophira that would have been an agreement if it were an order, Freri left the room with Sophira. Watching them leave, Shinji also left the room to enjoy the hot spring by himself.

 As a complete aside, the members who had already enjoyed the hot spring were Lila, Lili, Lilu, Iris, and Emily. Emily, who lived in the Wolf mansion where many women with ample breasts reside, felt a mysterious sense of awe at the fact that her surroundings had similar breast sizes (even though Emily’s was the smallest).

 ”I wonder if it might be more comfortable with this team over here… There’s pressure from just one person…”

 Uttering these words while gazing at Lila’s ample bosom, she seemed to receive comforting pats on the shoulders from Lili and Lilu.


 Shinji’s reaction to learning the technique of soul transference.

 He’ll probably be secured by Goddess Arian after death at least once, though he himself doesn’t know. Freri also senses it but doesn’t say anything.

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