Wizard 545

Chapter 545 Completion of Reproduction, The Day Before the Presentation

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 From the day after enjoying a leisurely soak in the hot springs and giving their bodies a rest, the analysis and reproduction of magic advanced rapidly. A significant factor contributing to this progress was the newfound ability for Freri and Sophira to exchange information from Take’s soul within their dreams.

 After thorough investigation, Freri concludes that the enemy’s leader not only transfers the right to use magic through an enchanted talisman affixed to Sophira’s back but also extracts information about the destination stored within Take’s soul.

 Once this was understood, the rest was straightforward. Fortunately, Sophira and Take have a means of communicating with will. When Sophira casts the spell of the “Black Hole (Gate),” all Take needs to do is imagine the destination. Consequently, Sophira was able to create an exit not only right in front of her but also in distant places, making her previous struggles seem like a lie.

 Using the “Black Hole (Gate)” connecting the remote mansion where Shinji and the others stay with the recently visited recuperation site, they successfully completed the test and confirmed the ability to travel back and forth. Currently, they are preparing to report the results diligently to Tsubaki.

 ”It’s a remarkably efficient system. Kidnap individuals with high magical power from enemy nations, turn them into duplicate bodies, rely on their memories to teleport into the country and weaken their national strength. The idea is from the ruler’s side, and that woman might be the royal family of Tenshou Country.”

 ”Researching magic requires money, indeed. Without grants from the country like the ‘Tea Party,’ it’s impossible for mere nobles, desu.”

 ”Exactly. Moreover, the magic used in the ‘Black Hole (Gate)’ is distinct among the magic employed in this world. Experimental research in the dark can lead to significant losses. Rather than convincing those in power to fund it, it’s more fitting when they take the lead and allocate budgets.”

 Regarding magic that involves souls, Shinji decided not to share this with Iris. Nevertheless, he needed to explain the reason why Sophira’s “Black Hole (Gate)” had initially failed.

 Shinji conveyed that it was necessary to extract the destination from the soul of the person who became the raw “Body.” He refrained from discussing the transference of souls, overwriting personalities, or the fact that Take’s soul resides within Sophira. With the reproduction of the “Black Hole (Gate)” accomplished, he decided to conclude the analysis.

 If they intend to go to a place they’ve previously visited, they can simply buy a magic book on “Teleportation” that the Valencia family is selling in their original world. With no further reason to dwell on analyzing the “Black Hole (Gate),” Iris would allocate her time to researching the magic of “Time,” her chosen theme. In exchange for her cooperation, Shinji would assist her.

 Even while chatting, their hands remained busy. To advance the research that had been stalled due to Shinji’s request, they continued to write fervently.

 Suddenly, both their hands stopped. Simultaneously, they sensed a small surge of magical power and turned toward the window, where a squirrel had perched to let the wind through. While Iris might not know that Tsubaki owns the squirrel, seeing Shinji relaxed, she also let her guard down.

 ’You found me right away, huh…’

 ’Wizards are sensitive to other people’s magic. Iris, who is next to me would’ve noticed, too. The closer the distance, the easier the detection. Putting that aside, you’ve improved, Princess.’

 ’I practiced a lot. You’re good at teaching too… ♡’

 Tsubaki sent her thoughts to Shinji shortly after being discovered, and he accepted the praise sincerely. The shine he felt from the thoughts he exchanged with her wasn’t just his imagination. She was clearly thinking of the magical ritual while saying she was teaching. The mask of the role of a princess is already quite shaky.

 ’Princess, how did it go?’

 ’I’ve arranged a reporting session for tomorrow morning. I’ve also obtained permission to enter the recuperation site. Now, it’s up to Shinji to handle the rest.’

 ’Thank you, leave it to me.’

 ’I’m counting on you. Well then, until tonight…’

 When their thoughts disconnected, the squirrel jump off the window, and the magical response gradually faded. Seeing off the squirrel, Shinji informed Freri and Lila that they would be presenting the next morning.

 Suddenly, Shinji noticed Iris gazing at him with a penetrating look. He observed Iris looking at him with a fixed gaze. For the note, Shinji had contacted his companions that he teaches Tsubaki a magic, and everyone within the group was aware that Shinji held Tsubaki close.

 ”…Senpai, you’ve made the princess your apprentice, desu?”

 ”Rather than an apprentice, I’d say a pupil. She has a decent sense, and more than anything, she’s eager for magic in a positive way. A student worth teaching, indeed. However…”

 Shinji pulled Iris closer, wrapping his arm around her shoulder. Leaning his body and resting his head on her shoulder. A gentle scent wafted from her silky blue hair, tickling Shinji’s nose.

 ”Not as much as Iris, I think. Both in terms of magical sense and eagerness. She won’t leave the apprentice territory for a while. Besides, in this world, there are no magic books, and self-study has its limits, especially given her circumstances.”

 ”…If I think that way, I’m blessed, desu. I can concentrate on what I love, magic, as much as I want, desu.”

 ”Anyway, I’m focused on researching the ‘Time’ magic too. I have to work hard to match up my excellent student.”

 ”…Senpai doesn’t seem to care about that kind of thing, though.”

 Iris knew well that Shinji was a man who paid attention to details without drawing attention to himself and prioritized practicality. His current seamless assistance to Iris was evidence that he possessed knowledge about the ‘Time’ magic. Iris speculated that Shinji was learning independently alongside Freri, and her speculation was correct.

 Even though he had acquired the ‘Time’ magic, he intended to leave the public announcement to Iris. Rather than acting superior due to being a mentor, Shinji planned to continue refining his skills. Iris continued to call him senpai affectionately and admired him. His gesture of shrugging his shoulders and smiling was a form of affirmation.

 ”…I know that you’re not neglecting your improvement either, Senpai. But if you only teach, your skills will dull, desu.”

 ”That’s certainly true. Then, would you be willing to spend some time with me?”

 Iris, who was gripping her clothes tightly, had a message that Shinji couldn’t decipher. He understood the invitation to engage in magical rituals that would elevate them both. Responding to the invitation, Shinji’s hand slipped down from her shoulder to her waist.

 ”Mm… ♡ Come, senpai… ♡”

 With a sultry smile, Iris was slowly pushed down by Shinji, who covered her. For a while, the room was filled with Iris’s sweet voice, which never faltered.

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