Wizard 546

Chapter 546 Presentation Day

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 The day after. At the royal palace of Soukai Country, the Lord of the Land, Iwao, Garoumaru, Kuroumaru and the other vassals gathered in the lord’s chamber. There was a noticeable tension, possibly due to the important discussions concerning the upcoming war.

 ”Everyone’s here. Let’s start the meeting. Tsubaki received a report about a foreign mage named Shinji, invited by Tsubaki, who has uncovered Tenshou Country’s magic.”

 Lord Iwao led the meeting. All eyes were on Tsubaki sitting beside him, and she responded with a smile.

 ”I verified its usefulness, but let’s have everyone see it. Shinji-dono.”

 The sliding doors opened, and Shinji entered the chamber. Sophira followed, then Emily. Vassals were surprised by Sophira’s lack of restraints, but seeing Emily behind her silenced them.

 Emily occasionally sparred with Soukai Country’s military officers when not guarding Shinji. She challenged the country’s norms where women were not expected to outperform men. However, those who hadn’t seen her fight remained doubtful. The outcome was clear—Emily was unbeatable.

 Shinji respectfully bowed to Lord Iwao and Tsubaki, then surveyed the vassals. Military officers associated with Kuroumaru smiled, those with Garoumaru had bitter smiles, and the neutrals showed seriousness, waiting for Shinji’s words.

 ”Let’s see the demonstration. Sophira.”

 Agreeing that explaining the magic’s theory was futile, Sophira nodded. The magical power grew stronger, and though the vassals grew wary, Lord Iwao and Tsubaki stayed calm. They knew Sophira trusted Shinji.


 ”Everyone, calm down! No danger!”

 With those words, a person-sized elliptical black hole appeared. Vassals saw it for the first time and were amazed by its dark emptiness. Some tried to leap towards Sophira, but Lord Iwao’s sharp voice stopped them.

 ”A black hole connects this place and distant lands like a gateway. Tenshou Country’s troops appeared in our country and capital due to this magic.”

 Amid Shinji’s explanation, the vassals struggled to grasp teleportation. It was strange and unknown to them. Lord Iwao and Tsubaki were the same; they had even lost words when experimenting with teleportation between the palace and recovery site.

 Shinji entered the hole (Gate) and disappeared from the chamber. As he reappeared, Kuroumaru volunteered and entered first. Excitement filled the air as he emerged, confirming the ability to travel between the palace and recovery site. Other vassals followed, testing teleportation with their body.

 With this, the tense atmosphere faded, and the chamber turned festive. As military officers, they understood the [Gate] utility and speculated about its potential. Shinji remained calm, observing the festivities neutrally.

 (Sophira is in my custody. Helping Soukai Country is temporary.)

 If it’s not for his foster parents, Shinji will have no reason to support Soukai Country. While he’ll continue with Tsubaki, he’ll break ties if things get troublesome. Concealing these thoughts, he’ll wait for Lord Iwao to settle the vassals and start discussions.

 ”Everyone should get the [Gate]’s usefulness. Also, its risks. Lord Iwao, we seeks your help to prevent internal threats.”

 ”Before the reaper squad appears in the country again, we must overcome the current situation. Luckily, this magic is very difficult to master, and very few can use it. Therefore, I am considering launching an attack through the [Gate] to capture the enemy leader!”

 Amid Lord Iwao’s forceful declaration, Shinji inwardly smirked as things were unfolding according to his plan. He listened to Lord Iwao’s speech with a feigned unawareness.

 ”If successful, we can prevent the country from being ravaged, and gather forces for the front. To defeat our Tenshou Country, which suffered a major defeat before, we must gather all our forces at the front.”

 No one objected. Lord Iwao’s words were exactly what everyone had been thinking since the major defeat. They knew it was a highly risky strategy. Still, no one tried to stop it.

 The possibility of a comeback arrived for Soukai Country, which was heading for a gradual decline. This possibility was limited to the time Shinji and Sophira were in the country. Shinji’s importance lies in explaining to Lord Iwao the need to defeat the leader of the reaper squad, now that Shinji’s task of analyzing magic was done. Lord Iwao would have no choice but to cooperate.

 As a reward for his cooperation, Shinji requested permission to seize equipment at the destination. However, he didn’t aim for exclusive use. He agreed to report what was obtained and consider transfer, with the possibility that Soukai Country might not be able to handle the captured items. Soukai Country lacked magical expertise, and Lord Iwao thought it better to benefit from Shinji, just like the [Gate].

 Yet, Shinji’s sole desire was to secure the sealed box of his foster parents. Without Freri and Iris’s request, he had no intention of actively seizing anything. He planned to destroy facilities and claim the enemy had destroyed it and fled. His true feelings were crystal clear—he wanted no involvement with dangerous artifacts like relics of dangerous individuals capable of creating clones of the wizard/witch themselves.

 ”This will be a battle that decides Soukai Country’s fate! The operation is in two days at dawn! Each commander should choose the best troops and prepare for the decisive battle!”

 ””Yes, sir!””

 In response to Lord Iwao’s command, the military officers simultaneously knelt and bowed. As the loyal retainers rose and hurriedly left the room, Shinji contemplated the final steps.

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