Wizard 547

Chapter 547 Shinji and Tsubaki’s Eavesdropping

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 As the presentation ended and everyone began to move around, Tsubaki returned to her room. She told her maid that she would rest in her room and went straight to the cage where she kept a small squirrel. While giving it food, she used magic.

 Tsubaki wanted to go around the castle and hear everyone’s reactions in person. She wanted to know how each person would respond to Iwao’s serious declaration about the fate of the country. So, she let the small squirrel out of the cage.

 Watching the squirrel leave through the window, Tsubaki sat down on the mat. She followed Shinji’s instructions, calming her mind and focusing on her connection with the squirrel. Through this connection, she could hear sounds through the squirrel, mainly the sound of the wind, indicating it was still outside.

 After a while, she started hearing the sounds of footsteps and people talking in the corridor. Those were the voices of the servants. After telling the squirrel that it is not the person she is looking for, the squirrel would move on to the next person. By changing locations, Tsubaki could hear various conversations.

 ”This is a perfect opportunity! It’s time to fulfill the desires of our fallen friends! A move that can change the game. I was curious about the outcome, but… It’s time to infiltrate enemy territory. Prepare thoroughly. There’s no room for failure,” were the motivational words that comforted Tsubaki and eased her worries.

 She had thought the neutral faction loyal to her father, Iwao, would be alright, but she had been anxious until she heard their reactions firsthand. She couldn’t imagine that those who served the country wouldn’t seize the opportunity to fight back or attack the enemy. However, relying on Shinji, a foreigner, as part of the strategy introduced uncertainties.

 ”How is everyone reacting, Princess?”

 Suddenly, Shinji, who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, spoke from behind Tsubaki. He sat down behind her on the mat and placed his hands on her shoulders. Tsubaki didn’t consider it impolite; instead, she felt her body tense up, and her ears turned red as she turned her head to face him.

 Whenever Shinji touched Tsubaki, her body reacted, anticipating intimacy and increasing her heartbeat. Despite knowing it was wrong, the pleasure she experienced each night was too tempting to resist. She had become completely captivated by the comfort and pleasure of being with a man, forgetting her responsibilities and the pressures of being a princess.

 Shinji found immense pleasure in this, realizing that he could easily lead her into a se*ual encounter. Accepting s*x for the sake of the nation, she had transformed from a duty-bound princess to a woman who eagerly anticipated the act. This was a triumph for the son of a succubus.

 ”It seems those loyal to my father have accepted the plan wholeheartedly. There’s no negativity; everyone is expressing their determination for the final battle.”

 ”That appears to be the case. Oh, I’m sorry. I needed to touch you to hear the voice you’re hearing, Princess.”

 ”I, I didn’t think you’d touch me without reason, so it’s fine. Does touching me really allow you to hear my voice?”

 ”Yes, Princess. I’ve been interfering with your magic. It seems you’re on the move now. Are you searching for Garoumaru?”

 ”Yes, he’s the one I need to be most cautious about.”

 Indeed, as Shinji had said, Tsubaki had the small squirrel search for Garoumaru. She hadn’t shown it on her face or in her demeanor, but she had suspected that he might not approve of this strategy. Without looking away from Shinji, who shared the same sentiment, Tsubaki continued speaking.

 ”If Kuroumaru performs better than Garoumaru in executing this plan, there’s a chance the next ruler’s position could change. If Kuroumaru achieves significant results to overcome the current crisis, he couldn’t object.”

 While Garoumaru’s interests aligned with the nation’s survival, it was because he was closest to becoming the next ruler. From Garoumaru’s point of view, implementing a game-changing move after taking on the role of ruler would be more advantageous. Tsubaki suspected that his lack of initiative was due to him believing he’d benefit more by securing his position through marriage to her and then taking action.

 However, Tsubaki had no idea what strategy Garoumaru had in mind to overcome the crisis. She couldn’t predict what he, someone without an exceptional asset like Shinji, would do after becoming ruler. This was entirely unexpected for Tsubaki.

 ”As the Princess says. That’s why I’ve already set my watchful eyes in advance. Garoumaru has now entered a room on the first floor. Since I’ll be sharing his voice, you can go ahead and bring the squirrel back.”

 ”Understood. As expected, Shinji. I can rely on you.”

 Shinji had replaced some of the flowers in the vases in various rooms in advance. What these rooms had in common was that they faced less-trafficked corridors, making them likely spots for private conversations. Garoumaru would be led to enter these rooms. As Tsubaki wished for the squirrel to return to the room, she began hearing the voices of Garoumaru and others through the flowers Shinji had placed.

 ’That irritating foreigner. Why doesn’t he just offer them up to me when I’m the new lord of the land?’

 ’Exactly. But in this situation, we must take action.’

 ’Yes, indeed. It’s vexing, but we must prepare. Gather capable individuals. If we contribute the most, my position as the next ruler will be unshakeable.’

 Contrary to expectations, Garoumaru, who disliked Shinji, gave straightforward instructions rather than trying to interfere. This presented a challenge for Shinji. He felt that if they had tried to interfere, they could have collected evidence to question the qualities of the next ruler.

 On the other hand, Tsubaki appreciated that Garoumaru prioritized the nation’s crisis over personal desires. Their conflicting views made it impossible for them to become partners, but recognizing that he was a capable military officer who excelled in serving the nation pleased Tsubaki as a princess.

 ’Haha! Let’s make use of the foreigner’s strategy!’

 ’Alright, then go ahead. I’ll be back later.’

 As the subordinates left, Garoumaru remained alone in the room. If he didn’t act suspiciously, Tsubaki had no choice but to rely on Kuroumaru’s performance. Just as Tsubaki was about to end her surveillance, something unexpected happened.

 ’Heh, can we really invade Tenshou Country without a hitch? If many soldiers die and the plan fails, we can also drive out the foreigners. If that happens, I’ll finally become the ruler.’

 A mocking voice reached Tsubaki, causing her body to tense up. It was someone who was confident of losing and should not have said this after giving orders to his subordinates to fight with all their might earlier.

 ’It might work out well. If the main military officers are gone, there will be few who oppose surrender. I’ll capture the Princess, convert her, and hand over the troublesome ones to Tenshou Country. Then my life will be secure. Hahaha.’

 Despite not seeing his face, Tsubaki could imagine the sinister smile that accompanied the laughter. Taken aback by his unexpected words, Shinji firmly gripped and supported Tsubaki’s delicate shoulders.

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