Wizard 548

Chapter 548 Tsubaki’s Confusion

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 Tsubaki couldn’t understand what Garoumaru was saying. Although they had different desires, she thought he was a devoted warrior, ready to give his all for the country and its people.

 For her, who was prepared to protect the country by supporting her husband even if her plan did not work and she had to marry Garoumaru, the declaration of the first candidate for the next head of country as a traitor came as a shock to her.

 On the other hand, Shinji calmly accepted Garoumaru’s words, understanding why he acted as a loyal servant. Even if he became the leader, it would be meaningless if they couldn’t compete with Tenshou Country. Shinji felt it was suspicious that Garoumaru, the expected future leader, wasn’t planning any countermeasures.

 However, if betraying the country and securing their own position was the goal, that was a different story. In that case, waiting for Garoumaru’s rule to collapse while pretending to be loyal was the best solution.

 (Thinking back, he may have acted recklessly, pretending to be shortsighted. Well, being the top candidate for the next leader has its perks.)

 Shinji became more cautious about Garoumaru, and he gently wiped away Tsubaki’s tears as she cried, realizing she had been crying.

 ”I can’t believe Garoumaru had such terrible thoughts. I didn’t see it coming… ugh.”

 Even though she didn’t have the strength, Tsubaki believed that everyone had the same desire for the country. That’s why she took Shinji’s hand, willing to sacrifice herself. It was about filling the gaps in one’s strength with hard work. These words shattered her beliefs, and it hurt deeply, even though it was just before the decisive battle.

 To Shinji, this was no joke. If Tsubaki lost hope just before a crucial moment, it could have a negative impact on the upcoming battle. Shinji, who would be in trouble if Tsubaki gave up, gently squeezed her shoulder for reassurance.

 ”Don’t worry, Princess. Garoumaru’s ambitions won’t come true. You know that everyone else is committed to helping the country, right?”


 Tsubaki remembered the voices she heard in the castle, voices of soldiers working hard despite their limitations. However, even though their hearts were heavy, their dedication gave her hope. But Tsubaki’s face didn’t brighten. She knew how capable Garoumaru was, and that he was confident in their plan failing cast a shadow over her heart. Shinji could sense her instability, and he had to do something.

 ”We plan to join the attack this time, so don’t worry.”

 ”…Really? I thought you were going to focus on defense…”

 Shinji had told Tsubaki that they would prioritize capturing enemy facilities on enemy territory. They would work quietly behind the scenes while Soukai Country and Tenshou Country were in conflict, supporting the success of the operation. Tsubaki needed to see Kuroumaru as a partner who had overcome hardships with her. Shinji thought it was better for Tsubaki to have feelings for Kuroumaru so there wouldn’t be any lingering attachment when he left the country.

 However, if Tsubaki’s potential breakdown became apparent, he couldn’t remain silent. Until he left the country, he needed to work hard.

 ”I have a lot at stake if the plan fails, so I can’t afford to let that happen. Besides, it’s annoying to let him have his way.”

 So, he claimed it was for his own benefit, but right now, it sounded like it was for Tsubaki’s sake. Tsubaki also took Shinji’s words as being for his benefit. If Shinji, whom she could rely on more than Garoumaru, was going to fight, she had no more worries. Revitalized, Tsubaki turned around and smiled naturally.

 ”We must find a way to stop Garoumaru’s scheme, no matter what. First, let’s–”

 ’–Kuku, since the princess is still innocent, I’ll teach her everything about love and relationships. I’m looking forward to it.’

 Tsubaki’s words and Garoumaru’s words overlapped, and Shinji immediately stopped his sentence. Tsubaki had heard his words full of desire, but she didn’t get angry or scared. Instead, she looked up at Shinji, her smile turning mischievous. She laughed as if she found it amusing.

 ”I’ve already denied one of his wishes. I’m no longer an innocent girl. He’ll be quite disappointed, don’t you think?”

 ”Well, since he won’t have a chance to touch you, there’s no point in worrying about it, I suppose.”

 ”Hehe, you’re right. But…”

 Pushing Shinji away who fall on his butts, Tsubaki moved closer to him and lowered her face to his groin. At the same time, her slender white fingers moved to loosen his pants, revealing his desire.

 ”Right now, I want to do something that will make him regret it. …Is that okay?”

 This was the first time Tsubaki had shown such vulnerability to Shinji, even though she had always been selfless and devoted to the country. Even if it was a meaningless retaliation and wouldn’t reach Garoumaru, Shinji had no reason to stop Tsubaki, who now wished to be embraced by him.

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